You misunderstand. We are no longer interested in buying.
―Yogar Lyste, to Morad Sumar[src]

Lieutenant Yogar Lyste, operating under the number LSM-03, was the Imperial Supply Master on Lothal, who was later promoted to Lieutenant.



Born on Garel, Lyste would eventually join the Imperial Military, where he would hold the title of Supply Master on Lothal. An ambitious young Imperial Officer, Lyste would be charged with overseeing the planet's imports and exports, as well as regulating, maintaining, and distributing products from local Imperial-controlled industries. This also included the transport of prisoners.

The Lothal insurgency

Throughout his career, Lyste would be harassed by a group of rebels known by the locals as the Ghost Crew, with each attack infuriating him to further his efforts. Shortly before the orphan Ezra Bridger joined the rebel cell, Lyste was overseeing the transference of several crates of food and blasters to the Imperial Complex when the shipment was hijacked by the Ghost crew. Lyste and the Stormtroopers under his command attempted to stop the theft of the cargo, but were powerless to prevent the rebels from fleeing on speeder bikes with the crates.

Lyste seizing the Sumar family farm

Some time later, Lyste was in the town of Kothal where he attempted to pressure local farmer Morad Sumar into selling his farmland to the Empire. After Sumar expressed disinterest in the prospect, Lyste took his troops to the farm later that day, where he forcibly evicted Sumar, his wife and their Aqualish farm helper, destroying their home with his troop transport's cannons. The farmer, his wife and the farmhand were later freed while in transit by Ezra Bridger and Garazeb Orrelios who had seen the smoking ruins of the farm from the TIE Fighter they had recently stolen.

Hosting Princess Leia

In the aftermath of the Lothal insurgency following the brutal Siege of Lothal, a large number of Imperial troops withdrew from Lothal, resulting in Lyste receiving more responsibility. Becoming a Lieutenant and acting captain aboard a Imperial Light Cruiser, he became responsible for monitoring ships going to and from the planet, along with ensuring that no dissident forces returned to disrupt Imperial rule. Unknown to Lyste, the same group of rebels that ignited the insurgency on Lothal had secretly returned to Lothal, slipping past his notice and landing on the surface, in order to rendezvous with the Alderaan dignitary, Princess Leia Organa, of whom Lyste was skeptical of due to rebel activity and a history of Alderaan's vessels being 'stolen' by rebels. Hoping to avoid such an incident, he implemented as much security as possible by dispatching a Stormtrooper detachment and using gravity locks to secure Leia's three Hammerhead Corvettes.

Lyste hosting Leia

As an added security measure, Lyste also brought in two All Terrain Armored Transports to patrol the area. After Leia insisted that Lyste temporarily hand over his own transport for a relief mission, she, along with Kanan Jarrus and Ezra, both disguised as Imperial soldiers, staged a kidnapping of the princess. After falling for the ruse, Lyste immediately ordered a scan of the nearby area to find the rebels that Leia was secretly working with. Hoping to seize Leia's vessels for the Rebellion, the rebels launched a raid on Lyste's garrison the following evening, in which they managed to "steal" the Hammerheads. Going along with the rebels' plan, Leia threatened to blackmail Lyste for his inept command of the helpless Imperial presence on Lothal unless she was compensated, and he quickly complied to do so without any hesitation. After securing a transport for her, he disdainfully discovered that his own private transport was missing.

Thrawn's Crackdown

Lyste was present at the Imperial Armory Complex when Governor Arihnda Pryce and Agent Kallus summoned the workers for a general assembly. The Lothal Imperial factory was producing a high rate of faulty vehicles that affected the Imperial Military's operations. In response, Imperial High Command dispatched Grand Admiral Thrawn to restore order to the factory and to hunt down subversives. In fact, a small rebel cell led by Ryder Azadi had been sabotaging the vehicles.

Lyste watched as Thrawn chastised the workers for their poor workmanship and forced the worker Sumar, an undercover rebel operative, to demonstrate a faulty 614-AvA Speeder Bike. The simulation caused an explosion which claimed Sumar's life. Thrawn then ordered Lyste and his fellow Imperials to detain the workers for questioning and lock down the factory. Under Thrawn's orders, Lyste order the factory workers to line up in pairs and submit themselves for questioning. However, the rebel infiltrators Ezra and Kanan managed to escape when C1-10P blew up another speeder bike. This ruse worked and Lyste ordered a disguised Chopper to report for maintenance.

Lyste and Kallus in Thrawn's Office

Ezra and his team managed to evade the Imperial security forces and steal Thrawn's secret plans from Section A2. Later, Thrawn summoned Lyste and Kallus to his office for an update on the lockdown. Lyste and Kallus found that the Grand Admiral's office was decorated with holograms of the Ghost crew, Sabine Wren's graffiti, and the helmet of a Jedi Temple Guard. When Thrawn asked them about one of Sabine's graffiti art works, Lyste responded that it was the section of a retaining wall. The more perceptive Kallus recognized it as the starbird, the markings of the Phoenix Squadron. After Lyste informed Thrawn that two of the workers had disappeared, Thrawn realized that the rebels were after his plans and sent Lyste and Kallus to secure Section A2.

However, Chopper had already downloaded the plans by the time Lyste and Kallus arrived to order a lockdown. The rebels managed to escape with the help of Kallus, who had secretly become a Fulcrum agent for the Rebellion. When Ryder's rebel cell launched a diversionary attack on the factory's east gate, Lyste dispatched two AT-AT Walkers to deal with the intruders. He reported the incident to Thrawn and requested permission to deploy more reinforcements. Knowing that the rebels would take advantage of the diversion to escape, Thrawn allowed Lyste to send an All Terrain Defense Pod that had been stolen by Ezra's team.

Following the rebels' escape, Lyste reported his account of the skirmish to Thrawn. The Grand Admiral was satisfied with Lyste's report and dismissed him before turning to deal with Kallus and Pryce.

Betrayal and Frame-Up

While commanding his Light Cruiser, Lyste led a successful operation to capture a stolen shuttle that had fled the Capital City Spaceport. When Kallus awoke, Lyste informed him that his ship was responding to a shuttle heist. After the light cruiser's bridge crew had trapped the stolen shuttle with the ship's tractor beam, Lyste remained aboard the bridge while Stormtroopers boarded the shuttle. Unknown to Lyste, Kallus discovered that the captured "rebel" was Ezra, who had come to rescue him from being discovered as Fulcrum.

When Lyste entered the light cruiser's detention block, Kallus claimed that Ezra was a Bounty Hunter whom he had succeeded in extracting a confession. Lyste then informed the ISB agent that Thrawn's Seventh Fleet had arrived in the Lothal System and had invited both of them aboard the Chimaera. Lyste was eager to be summoned for a meeting with a high-ranking Imperial commander since he wanted to showcase his successful capture of an alleged rebel operative. He also wanted to make up for the embarrassing incident involving Leia.

Lyste gave orders for his men to bring the rebel prisoner aboard a Sentinel-class Shuttle for his meeting with Thrawn. Lyste was also accompanied by the undercover rebel droids AP-5 and Chopper, who claimed to be unwilling passengers aboard Ezra's shuttle and that they had evidence to submit against Ezra. Once aboard the Chimaera, Lyste and Kallus witnessed several Imperial sector commanders including Captain Brunson and Commander Brom Titus exiting a meeting with Thrawn.

Lyste and Kallus meet Yularen

Upon reaching Thrawn's office, a Stormtrooper demanded that Lyste and Kallus submit their Code Cylinders. Lyste reluctantly submitted his after a brief protest and the two met with Thrawn and the ISB Colonel Wullf Yularen. During the meeting, Thrawn briefed them about a rebel spy in their midst codenamed Fulcrum. When Lyste expressed his enthusiasm in hunting down the rebel spy, Thrawn told him that nobody was above suspicion and informed them that Yularen would be interrogating them personally.

While chatting alone with Kallus, Lyste remarked that nobody escaped the eye of Yularen for long. After Pryce complimented Lyste for capturing the shuttle thief, Kallus manipulated Lyste into believing that the ISB was investigating Pryce as a potential rebel suspect. While Lyste was distracted, Kallus switched their cylinder codes. He then convinced Lyste to spy on Pryce. Later, Kallus contacted Lyste by Comlink and was warned by Lyste that Pryce, Thrawn, and Yularen were entering the detention block. He told Lyste to trail Pryce but to hide his movements.

Kallus then used Lyste's cylinder code to free Ezra from the Chimaera's detention block, thus framing him as Fulcrum. Kallus then obtained an Imperial Officer uniform for Ezra. Pretending to be Lyste, Ezra used a Jedi Mind Trick to convince one of Thrawn's guards to let him into his office. Inside the office, Ezra transmitted clearance codes to Kanan and [[Rex|Captain Rex. Kallus then deleted data on Atollon, which hosted the rebel base. He also reprogrammed Thrawn's Imperial Sentry Droids into assassin droids. After Thrawn narrowly escaped an attack by the sentinel droids and witnessed a disguised Ezra escaping, he believed that Lyste was the traitor.

Kallus framing Lyste

Playing into Kallus' hands, Lyste continued to spy on Pryce. When he saw her fight two Stormtroopers (who were disguised as Rex and Kanan), he believed that she was actually Fulcrum, and stunned her, which Yularen witnessed. When the disguised rebels fled onto the ship, Lyste recognized Ezra and realized that he had been deceived before being tackled by Kallus. Shortly later, Yularen arrived with reinforcements. Kallus publicly accused Lyste of being Fulcrum. Despite his protests on Pryce being the real rebel, Lyste was led away by Stormtroopers. While Thrawn and Yularen publicly accepted Kallus' explanation that Lyste was Fulcrum, the two privately doubted Kallus' version of the events. Upon seeing Sabine's art on Ezra's helmet, Thrawn deduced that Ezra was in fact the mysterious "shuttle thief" and that because Kallus tried to conceal this, he had to be the real Fulcrum. However, he decided not to apprehend Kallus since he wanted Kallus to lead them to the rebels. What happened to Lyste afterwards remains currently unknown.

Personality and Traits

Young and ambitious, Lyste exuded confidence and performed his duties, exhibiting a great amount of pride. He took his position as Supply Master, and later Lieutenant and acting captain of his own Light Cruiser, seriously and cared little for anyone standing in his way. Charged with securing land on Lothal he attempted to negotiate before resorting to force, as he was not keen on unnecessary violence, unlike many of his peers. However, when forced to use drastic measures, he did not hesitate to use force. One such example was when he was ordered to clear farmers from their land. Despite his confidence he proved unable to stop rebels Ezra and Zeb from freeing his prisoners, and later failed at ensuring that Leia's vessels were not stolen by the same group of rebels.

Unlike many other officers, he was quite understanding of the failures of his subordinates. He also showed concern for the people of Lothal during the presence of the Imperial blockade, telling Leia that he wanted to make sure that her supplies got to the impoverished citizens. Despite his preparations to secure the Hammerheads with Gravity Locks, he was outmatched by the bold cunning and ingenuity of his rebel opponents. Lyste felt humiliated by this incident and sought to curry favor with the Imperial military leadership.

Lyste was briefly shocked by Thrawn's killing of Sumar during a test demonstration but nevertheless complied with the Grand Admiral's orders to detain and question the workers. Lyste was outfoxed by the Ghost crews' escape tactics including staging diversions. Unlike Thrawn and Kallus, he lacked an appreciation for art and once described one of Sabine's starbird graffiti drawings as the section of a retaining wall.

Lyste took pride in his successful efforts to apprehend Ezra. However, he was unaware that Ezra had staged the capture in order to rescue Kallus. Lyste viewed the capture of Ezra as an opportunity to regain favor with the Imperial Military leadership following the incident with Leia. Lyste was enthusiastic about helping Thrawn capture Fulcrum. Kallus took advantage of Lyste's idealism and naivety to manipulate him into believing that Pryce was Fulcrum in order to frame Lyste. Lyste's trust in Kallus and patriotic zeal proved to be his undoing.


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