How Jedi choose to win, the question is.
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Master Yoda was the Grand Master of the Jedi Order in the decades before the fall of the Jedi Order and rise of the Galactic Empire.



Master Yoda was one of the most powerful and wise Jedi as well as the oldest and was known to rival Mace Windu in power and skill and was a member of the Jedi Council. He trained Jedi Padawans and Knights for nearly eight-hundred years, until the rise of the Galactic Empire. When the Jedi Order and the Republic fell and Order 66 wiped out the Jedi, he attempted to stop Emperor Palpatine, fighting in a ferocious duel in the Senate. However, Yoda failed to destroy the Sith Lord and went into self-imposed exile on the distant world of Dagobah.

Training of Ezra Bridger

While Kanan Jarrus was training his padawan Ezra Bridger, he told him what Master Yoda used to say: "Do or do not! There is no try." Which both of them didn't understand. After an encounter with The Inquisitor, they finally understood what Yoda meant.

Contacting Master and Padawan through the Force

During his exile on Dagobah, Yoda kept an eye on other Jedi throughout the galaxy, including those who ventured into the various Jedi Temples found amongst the stars. Yoda spoke to Kanan. Kanan had traveled to the Lothal Jedi Temple with Ezra, to whom Yoda also spoke. Ezra was in the temple in order to overcome his greatest fears; Yoda acted as an anonymous guide in helping Ezra do so and to understand why he wanted to become a Jedi and how to withdraw from the anger and the wish of revenge within him. This guidance led Ezra to receive a Kyber Crystal, which he used to build his own lightsaber. Meanwhile, Yoda counseled Kanan about his insecurities as a teacher.

Seeking Guidance

Kanan and Ezra later returned to the Lothal Temple with Ahsoka Tano in search of a way to defeat the Inquisitors. Yoda cast an illusion of the Jedi Temple Guard for Kanan, including The Grand Inquisitor as he was before the Jedi Purge. The Inquisitor forced Kanan to recognize his fears and knighted him a true Jedi. Meanwhile, Ezra pleaded with Yoda for help: despite his pacifism, the Jedi Master ultimately directed him to go to Malachor. When the other Inquisitors arrived, Yoda used the Temple Guard to distract them as the Jedi escaped. As she fled, Ahsoka turned back and saw Yoda, who waved at her: she smiled back.

The expedition to Malachor proved disastrous, but Kanan-who was blinded during the mission-came to believe that Yoda had given them a chance to defeat the Sith, but that the failure to do so was their own.

Personality and traits

Yoda was a kind and wise individual, known for his sense of humor and his willingness to listen and offer counsel. Though quick to comfort and guide, he was equally quick to warn and to express disapproval in the face of wrong-doing. In his earlier days he often used his customary walking stick to support himself while walking, though in battle it quickly became evident that he was not as feeble as he let on. Yoda, like all true Jedi, disdained the idea of violence, feeling that Jedi who resort to fighting in war have already lost.

For all his wisdom and experience however, Yoda was not without his faults and flaws. His part in expelling Ahsoka Tano from the Order after she was framed for terrorism and her subsequent refusal to rejoin the Order after her name was cleared haunted him for many years. Along with his original hope that having him mentor Ahsoka would help Anakin learn to let go failed, and in fact contributed to Anakin's fall to the Dark Side.

Powers and abilities

Despite his advanced age and small size, Yoda was very strong with the Force and was an extremely skilled warrior. Wielding a green-bladed lightsaber, Yoda was capable of holding his own in combat against opponents such as Count Dooku and Emperor Palpatine. He was also able to deflect the Force lightning of the aforementioned Sith with his bare hands, a feat he demonstrated in both duels. Yoda could also telekinetically toss aside metal pieces hurled at him by Dooku, levitate stone slabs in mid-air, or move Senate hoverpods around.

During a confrontation with Confederate forces on the coral moon of Rugosa, Yoda annihilated an entire squad of droids without using his lightsaber, and destroyed three assault tanks and their accompanying infantry single-handedly.

While isolated on Dagobah, Yoda was able to see other Jedi that were active in the Force; he could not see one that had forsaken the ways of the Jedi. He could keep in mental contact with the Jedi Temples across the galaxy, such as the one on Lothal and telepathically converse with any Jedi within them.

Yoda was able to actively have Force visions, and was not limited to spontaneous visions. However, he understood that Force prophecy was not absolute and that the future was always in motion. His visions led him to foresee the fall of the Jedi in the Clone Wars and even his own death.

In spite of all his abilities, the diminutive Jedi Master was ultimately unable to defeat Palpatine during their final duel in the Senate chamber; they fought to a draw and Yoda was forced to flee.


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  • He is voiced by Frank Oz, the same actor who voiced Yoda in the original and prequel Star Wars films, as opposed to Tom Kane, who portrayed him in The Clone Wars. He is one of two characters in Rebels to be portrayed by his actor from the movies rather than his Clone Wars voice actor, the other being Sheev Palpatine.
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