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"Wolves and a Door" is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of Star Wars Rebels. It is the seventy-first episode of the series overall. It was released in tandem with "A World Between Worlds" on February 26, 2018 on Disney XD.


Ezra and Sabine go to the Jedi Temple on Lothal...and discover that the Empire has reached it first.


Ezra showed his fellow Rebels the stone he was given, and had reason to believe the Empire was up to something terrible at the Lothal Jedi Temple. Sabine was unable to make out what the symbols on the stone meant, but believed she could make more sense of them if she saw the temple for herself. The Rebels all agreed to go ahead with this mission, but started to question on how they intended to get there. The temple was far to the north of their current location, and they had no ships. Ezra knew a way, and they followed him to a place where he called for the Loth-Wolves. Four of them showed up to give the Rebels a ride to the Jedi Temple. The Rebels got on the back of each wolf, and Chopper got carried in the mouth of one ridden by Zeb. Ready to go, the Rebels rode off on the Loth-Wolves and after few miles they disappeared into the tall grassy fields.

After a brief travel through a hyper-tunnel where they saw visions and hear voices, the Rebels found themselves a few miles closer to the Jedi Temple. At this point, the Rebels had to walk the rest of the way. As night fell, the Rebels made it to the Jedi Temple, where there was currently an Imperial archaeological dig going on. They noticed a lot of relics had been uncovered from the temple, which Sabine believed was worth checking out. Ezra and Sabine headed down to the dig site disguised as Scout Troopers. They tried to get a look at some of the stone artwork, only to be stopped by Minster Veris Hydan. He was then called back to his mobile office to answer an incoming transmission from Coruscant. Sabine and Ezra followed him, and then got Chopper to patch into the incoming transmission. Listening in, they heard Minster Hydan briefing in on their progress to Emperor Palpatine. Among their findings they had uncovered a series of ancient artwork, one representing what the Emperor identified as the Mortis Gods. Minister Hydan had reason to believe that they were the key to unlocking the temple. The Emperor was at the same time concerned. He said the death of Kanan Jarrus had altered the fate of Lothal, though how he could not say. He told Minster Hydan to proceed with the expedition with great desire to harness the secrets of the temple. Knowing the Emperor himself was involved in this plot, Hera felt the situation was far too dangerous. She said they should fall back, but Ezra said no. It was only a matter of time before they Empire had the secrets of the temple, and they came to stop them. Hera was in a moment of silence as if she was feeling Kanan's presence. Even though she was worried about losing them as well, she told Ezra and Sabine to proceed with the mission.

As the expedition continued, Ezra and Sabine came across a stone wall of very intricate artistry representing the Mortis Gods: the Daughter, the Father, and the Son. Ezra recognized the Convor on the Daughter's shoulder. Whenever Ahsoka visited them on Atollon it was always nearby. There were also pictures of Loth-Wolves. Checking a holographic copy of the stone Ezra was given, Sabine notices the hands are similar to the ones in the painting. She believes that it was a star map of some kind. The lines were like pathways and the rings were planets or doorways. Looking back at the stone sample, the hands represent different configurations. Sabine thinks the key to opening the temple starts with the Daughter, but the rest was now up to Ezra. He observed to Daughter figure up close, just as Stormtroopers marched up. Ezra hid himself, but Sabine was caught by the Troopers. They questioned her and took her for inspection as Ezra continued to observe the Daughter figure. Through the Force, the lines and rings lined together. The Mortis God figures changed positions which Ezra followed. The Loth-Wolf pictures came to life and Ezra followed them along the walls into the shadows. The Loth-Wolves then produced a ring, forming a gateway leading into the temple.

Meanwhile Sabine was brought before Minister Hydan, who recognized her as one of the Rebels. He had her restrained and ordered the perimeter to be on lock down. Minister Hydan and the Troopers found Ezra and surrounded him, but he escaped through a portal which took him inside the Jedi Temple.






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  • This episode was originally titled "Call of the Spectre".
  • This episode and "A World Between Worlds" were originally conceptualized as one episode titled "Past, Present and Future" before they were split, wherein this episode was retitled "Past, Present".
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