What do you think the Empire will do to us if they find out we're helping a Jedi?!

CC-3636 (nicknamed "Wolffe") was a Clone Trooper Commander who served under Jedi Master Plo Koon in the 104th Battalion during the Clone Wars. He was also the leader of a clone squad named Wolfpack, with whom he served throughout the war.

Sometime after the war, Wolffe was retired from service and lived with fellow Clones Captain Rex and Captain Gregor aboard an AT-TE on Seelos.


Early Life

Wolffe served as the commander of the Wolfpack, under the command of Plo Koon. At some point Wolffe had lost his right eye in a battle.

After his friend Fives died trying to convince him that there are control chips inside all the clones heads, Rex soon did some investigating, and found out the truth. He later convinced Wolffe and Gregor to remove their chips as well; preventing them from executing Order 66.


After the Clone Wars ended, the Emperor retired all the Clones, believing they have served their duty. Wolffe, Rex and Gregor then spent their retirement on Seelos in a All Terrain Tactical Enforcer and occasionally hunted Joopas for food.

Growing Rebellion

Meeting the Rebels

Wolffe-4 edd64742

Wolffe meeting the Ghost Crew.

One day, while trolling the grounds of Seelos, Wolffe was introduced to the Ghost Crew, who were sent by Ahsoka Tano to acquire locations of Outer Rim bases for the Rebel network. When Kanan Jarrus identified the clones and drew his lightsaber, Wolffe identified him as a Jedi and assumed he had come for revenge, prompting him to open fire on the Jedi. Rex managed to break up the fight before Ezra Bridger revealed that Ahsoka sent them. Wolffe later privately discussed whether or not to aid the rebels with his brothers, fearing retribution from the Empire if they did so. Unbeknownst to his brothers, Wolffe secretly tipped off the Empire to the presence of a Jedi on Seelos.

Subsequently, Wolffe drove the AT-TE as the clones and Ghost crew went hunting for joopas, using Garazeb Orrelios as bait. After successfully luring and killing the joopa, Kanan desired to get their intel and leave, though Rex convinced him to stay for dinner. As Sabine Wren was granted access to the clones' database, she discovered that one of them has alerted the Empire. Rex realized Wolffe tipped them off, who regretfully admitted to alerting the Empire to protect his comrades from persecution for helping the Jedi, as well as having hidden the messages that Ahsoka had sent Rex. Rex then managed to convince him that the Empire was the enemy. Subsequently, they discovered a probe droid had been spying on them before Rex shot it down. Afterwards, the group prepared for an imminent invasion from the Empire.

Wolffe Helmet

Wolffe driving the AT-TE into battle.

While the Ghost Crew urged the clones to come with them and join the Rebellion, Wolffe and his fellow Clones insisted on staying behind to delay the Imperials so that the Ghost crew could escape. During the Imperial assault on Seelos, Wolffe and his companions rode their AT-TE against Agent Kallus' three AT-AT walkers. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, the clones were determined to go down in a blaze of glory. However, Ezra convinced his fellow rebels to help the clones. Flying the Phantom, the rebels succeeded in hijacking one of the AT-AT walkers and using it to immobilize the other Imperial walkers; forcing Agent Kallus and his surviving crew to retreat into the desert. Following the battle, Rex joined the Rebellion whilst Wolffe and Gregor stayed behind on Seelos, taking the remaining AT-AT walker for their new home.

Helping the Lothal rebels

A Fool's Hope 01

Wolffe joins Hera to help liberate Lothal.

In 1 BBY, Wolffe and Gregor then met with Rebel Alliance General Hera Syndulla, Captains Kallus, Hondo Ohnaka, Rex, and bounty hunter Ketsu Onyo. There they asked them to join them in liberating Lothal from the Empire. Both Wolffe and Gregor agreed to join them, with Wolffe reasoning that he had followed Jedi into battle before. After sneaking past the Lothal's blockade, Wolffe, Gregor, and Kallus then assisted Ezra and the others in capturing Governor Arihnda Pryce and defeating her forces, who had assaulted the Lothal resistance's cliff base.

Liberation of Lothal

During the liberation of Lothal, Wolffe stayed behind at the Lothal rebel base with Mart Mattin and Cikatro Vizago in order to pick up General Syndulla and the other rebels once they had completed their mission to launch and destroy the Dome, the center of Imperial power on Lothal. Wolffe and his comrades were attacked and knocked out by Grand Admiral Thrawn's "pet", Rukh. However, they were saved by the White Loth-wolf. However, Rukh stole their patrol transport.

After awakening, Mart revealed to Wolffe and Vizago that Ezra had assigned him a secret mission. The rebels departed aboard the Ghost and flew into Lothal's upper atmosphere where they transmitted a signal on Frequency Zero. Though Wolffe expressed skepticism, Mart convinced him and Vizago to trust Ezra's plan. This drew a large pod of purrgil, which wiped out Thrawn's Seventh Fleet. While Wolffe and Vizago initially did not grasp Ezra's plan, they believed that it would work because it had "Ezra written all over it." After the purrgil carried Ezra, Thrawn, and the Chimaera away into the depths of space, Wolffe informed Sabine Wren that there were no Imperial ships left in space.

He, Mart, and Vizago then evacuated the surviving rebel strike team after they succeeded launching the Dome, a mobile Imperial Planetary Occupation Facility, into Lothal's atmosphere and detonating the Imperial base. This ushered the end of Imperial rule on Lothal. Despite this victory, Wolffe and Rex's comrade Gregor perished during the fighting in the Dome.

Personality and Traits

Wolffe was a practical strategist and a competent commander with naval combat experience. Wolffe was also calm and fortitude even in the midst of crisis. Despite being wounded, Wolffe refused to abandon his duty as a soldier.

Wolffe developed a sense of respect for the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka after they saved his life during the Battle of Abregado. As a Clone Commander, Wolffe was bred for combat and naturally favored combat operations over relief missions. Wolffe complied with orders to lead a relief mission to Aleen but found his escort the protocol droid C-3PO annoying and fastidious. Wolffe also had little appreciation for the eccentric customs of the Aleena species and disregarded King Manchucho's beliefs in the underground Kindalo dwellers as nonsense. Following the bombing of the Jedi Temple hanger, Wolffe and his men took part in a manhunt for Ahsoka through Coruscant's Underworld. Upon discovering the Padawan near a crate of nano-droids, he assumed that she was guilty and unhesitatingly stunned her with his blaster, despite her pleas for him to let her explain.

Since he removed his control implant, Wolffe and his fellow comrades Rex and Gregor were unaffected by the transmission of Order 66. Following the Clone Wars, Wolffe and his comrades settled on Seelos and lived in a vintage AT-TE walker. He and Gregor looked up to Rex as their natural leader. Wolffe did not want to have any dealings with the wide galaxy and hid messages that Ahsoka had sent to Rex. Wolffe had an unpleasant initial encounter with Kanan and believed that the Jedi had come for revenge. Only, the timely intervention of Rex prevented the escalation of hostilities.

While Rex and Gregor befriend Kanan and his rebel comrades, Wolffe remained aloof and suspicious of the newcomers. Believing that the presence of Kanan and his apprentice Ezra endangered him and his fellow Clone veterans, Wolffe secretly contacted the Empire. When Rex pointed out the errors of his way, Wolffe accepted Rex's chastisement without bitterness. He made up for his transgression by joining forces with Rex and Gregor to hold back Agent Kallus's AT-AT Walkers so that the Ghost Crew could escape. Wolffe came to respect Ezra and Kanan after the two returned to save him and his Clone comrades from being destroyed by Kallus.


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  • He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • Wolffe's actual age is around his late twenties or early thirties, though his biological state is likely closer to sixty, due to the accelerated aging that was genetically instilled in all Clone Troopers.
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