Vult Skerris was a human male who served as a captain and later received a promotion to commander in the Galactic Empire. His TIE interceptor featured striking red markings that symbolized his combat prowess. He was an instructor at Skystrike Academy, demanding the best from his students -- and a strict adherence to orders. He was later given control of the TIE Defender by Grand Admiral Thrawn.


The Antilles Extraction

Vult Skerris was a Captain TIE Fighter pilot who flew a TIE Interceptor. He was stationed at the Skystrike Academy on Montross. Skerris and two other TIE Interceptors took part in an attack on a rebel convoy near Teralov. Skerris and his fellow pilots wiped out the escort A-Wing Starfighters before strafing the rebel transport. The rebel pilot pleaded for mercy and stressed that they were an unarmed transport. However, Skerris was unmoved and fired a final salvo, which hit the transport's command bridge.

Later, he took part in a simulated combat exercise at Skystrike Academy. The exercise involved him and two cadets Wedge Antilles and Ria Talla flying in simulator pods. During the exercise, Skerris operated a simulated copy of the rebel freighter Ghost which destroyed Wedge and Ria's simulated TIE Fighters. Following the exercise, he took the opportunity to lecture Wedge and Ria on the merits of obeying orders. He personally addressed the two cadets and made sure that they understood his orders. Unknown to Skerris and Commandant Argin Relik, Ria was actually an undercover rebel agent named Sabine Wren - normally a crew member on the ship that had "killed" her, no less - who was on a mission to extract Wedge and two other defectors from the Academy.

When Sabine along with Wedge, Derek Klivian, and Rake Gahree attempted to escape in their stolen TIE Fighters and board a waiting Alderaan Cruiser, Governor Arihnda Pryce deactivated the fighters' solar collector panels; leaving them stranded in space. She then sent Skerris and two other TIE Interceptors to attack the rebels. Under Pryce's orders, Skerris fired on one of the cadets' TIE Fighters; killing Rake. The Imperial attack also damaged the Alderaan Cruiser, forcing the ship to jump into hyperspace.

After Sabine, Wedge, and Hobbie escaped the Academy in a stolen TIE Bomber, Skerris pursued the fugitives in his TIE Interceptor. During the pursuit, Skerris derided the cadets as young fools. While flying through Montross' atmosphere, Skerris managed to inflict damage on the TIE Bomber. However, Sabine and her friends were able to escape when her colleagues returned in their rebel cruiser. Taking off his helmet, Vult could only watch as the rebels escaped into hyperspace with the defectors.

Secret Cargo

Following the incident Skerris received a promotion to Commander and was later called upon to pilot the prototype TIE Defender into action by Thrawn in an effort to apprehend Mon Mothma, who was traveling aboard the Ghost through the Archeon Nebula. Accompanied by a pair of TIE Interceptors, Skerris attacked the Gold Squadron escort of Y-Wing Starfighters. He survived after both his wingmen perished on approach to a forming sun in the nebula, and then engaged Jon Vander and Ezra Bridger, the last two fighter pilots in the escort. They succeeded in disabling his ship with an Ion cannon, though Vander was confident Skerris would recover.

TIE Defender Elite

Following the Nebula Chase, Skerris was stationed on Lothal and placed in charge of the the program to modify and improve the TIE Defender. After he returned from a test flight the base was visited by Grand Admiral Thrawn and Governor Arihnda Pryce who were anxious to here about his improvements. Skerris welcomed them and offered to show then a demonstration. About this time a TIE Pilot spotted Bridger and opened fire on him. Skerris was surprised to see a Jedi, Thrawn identified the Jedi to be Ezra Bridger and Pryce ordered the stormtroopers to capture him. Thrawn had his Death Troopers secure the Defender. When Ezra and Sabine stole the fighter, Skerris assured Thrawn that they won’t get far because the hyperdrive is disabled. Pryce wanted to activate the kill switch, it Thrawn was eager to see the improvements to the fighter and had Skerris send 3 pilots on TIE Interceptors to peruse them. After Ezra shot down 2 of the pilots, Thrawn wondered who else is on that fighter with Ezra. When Skerris suggested that Hera Syndulla was on the fighter, Thrawn denied knowing that if it was Hera the pilots would have been already killed. After Ezra destroyed the final fighter, Sabine deactivated the transponder and Thrawn knew that Sabine is with Ezra. Thrawn had Pryce activated the kill switch which stripped the stolen defender off of it’s wings and forced it down.

Battle against Hera Syndulla and Death

Later Vult Skerris participated at the Battle of Lothal with his TIE Defender as killing two pilots of Hera's squadron, Cleat and Duke. When Thrawn ordered to him to retreat he refused, wanting to kill Hera Syndulla, Thrawn ordered an officer to open fire, Hera lost her shield and Skerris too then Hera kills him soon after.

Personality and Traits

Skerris was a ruthless pilot who was willing to shoot down unarmed opponents including rebels and defectors like Rake. He despised the Rebellion and regarded the defecting cadets as "young fools." Skerris was visibly disappointed when Sabine and the defectors managed to escape into space. He was even willing to disobey a direct order from his superior such as refusing to retreat and it would cost him his live.


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Season Three

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  • He is voiced by Mario Vernazza.
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