"Visions and Voices" is the forty-eighth episode of Star Wars Rebels. It is the eleventh episode of the third season. It is also the mid-season finale. It premiered on December 10, 2016.


On Atollon, the Rebels were going through preparations for their attack on the Imperial Factory on Lothal. During the briefing, Ezra started hearing Maul's voice calling his name. He even started to see him in the background while no one else could. As he continued to hear and see Maul, Ezra started to panic and eventually passed out the moment he saw Maul right behind him. He later woke up aboard the Ghost with his friends beside him. With everyone curious to know what was on his mind, Ezra told them about hearing and seeing Maul. According to everyone else they did not see anyone, and Hera suspected it was some kind of Force vision. Ezra decided to get back to work despite everyone's concerns for him. When he left with Sabine, Hera, noticing Kanan was looking at the shattered Holocrons, asked what is on his mind. Kanan believed that whatever Ezra went through with Maul was not over yet.

Meanwhile, Ezra and Sabine were loading the Ghost with explosives, when Ezra suddenly started to see Maul again. Believing that he was really there, Ezra went after him. He lost sight of Maul for a moment but soon spotted him and jumped him. In a moment of fury, he ignited his Lightsaber and attempted to strike Maul down, only to be stopped by Kanan who helped him see that it was not Maul but one of their fellow Rebels. The Rebel ran away in fear, leaving Ezra frightened and confused. Later, Hera headed out to carry out a mission, despite wanting to stay with Ezra after what happened earlier. But Kanan convinced her to go after telling her he had a plan, even though he didn't actually have one. He did however get Sabine to place a tracker on Ezra's wrist-comm without him knowing.

Visions and Voices 20

Maul has come to see Ezra.

Later, Kanan and Ezra went to Bendu for help. Ezra told him about the visions and voices he'd been having, to which the Bendu brought up the danger he warned them about a while back; Combining the two Holocrons could bring both great wisdom and great danger. Ezra understood as he felt their power and saw things but they incomplete, since he let go before either one of them got the answers they wanted. Ezra wanted to know how to stop seeing Maul, and the only answer the Bendu gave him was not turn around. Both the Jedi were puzzled by his reply, but when they did turn around they saw Maul himself. The two Jedi quickly ignited their lightsabers as Maul approached them. He assured them that he had not come for a fight but to speak with his "apprentice". He revealed that when Ezra severed their connection with the Holocrons the information they sought got mixed up, resulting in learning a bit of what each one of them wanted to know. It also left behind fragments of memories inside their minds, which was why Maul was able to find the Rebellion's secret base. Maul wished to take Ezra to a place where they could retrieve the answers they sought, in exchange to keep the location of their base secret. Kanan said "no deal" and threatened to strike him down, only to be warned that if he did Maul would activate a beacon, which he'd planted nearby, that would reveal their location to the Empire. Not wanting to risk the base and knowing how to destroy the Sith, Ezra chose to go with him, and despite Kanan's concerns, he reluctantly allowed him to. Ezra left Atollon with Maul, and after they took off Kanan went back to Chopper Base. Using the tracker planted on Ezra's wrist-comm, he followed them in the Phantom with Sabine accompanying him.

Emerging from hyperspace, Ezra and Maul arrive on the planet Dathomir, and landed outside the ruins of the Nightsister fortress. Maul's reason for coming to this planet was to perform some ancient magic that would merge their minds again and access the knowledge they both sought. They ventured deep into the dark ruins of the fortress where Maul showed Ezra some treasures that he had kept over the years, including the Darksaber he wielded during his rule over Mandalore. Later, Maul brew them up a strange potion that would merge their minds again. One by one they drank it and soon after they felt the effects working. Their minds became one once again and they started to see the answers they failed to gain before with the Holocrons; a desert planet with twin suns and someone who was thought to be dead. However, it was revealed too late that using the Nightsisters' magic came with a terrible price. Maul and Ezra had to pay back the spirits of the Nightsisters with their flesh. Suddenly, Kanan and Sabine showed up after following them to the planet. When the Nightsister spirits saw them, they attacked and possessed their bodies. With Kanan and Sabine under the control of the Nightsisters, they attacked Ezra and Maul for their payment. Ezra and Maul escaped to the cave entrance, and when they made it out the possessed Kanan and Sabine stopped chasing them because the spirits of the Nightsisters could not venture beyond the source of their power. As the possessed Kanan and Sabine crawled back into the cave, Maul was prepared to leave and proceed with his quest with Ezra by his side. But Ezra refused to go with him and leave his friends behind. Unable to convince him, Maul left alone while Ezra went back in to save Kanan and Sabine.

Visions and Voices 12

A possessed Sabine attacks Ezra.

Ezra's plan was to get Kanan and Sabine outside the cave which he hoped would release them from the control of the Nightsister spirits. Once inside he was first attacked by Sabine armed with the Darksaber. In an aggressive and struggling fight, Ezra managed to Force push Sabine out of the cave forcing the spirit controlling her to leave her body. Ezra warned Sabine not to go back in the cave and then went back to save Kanan. He soon found Kanan still possessed by the Nightsisters. The spirits were furious as Maul promised them flesh and blood so they could rebuild Nightsisters. Ezra was willing to settle that debt in exchange for Kanan's release. However, the spirits first wished to see how strong he was, by using Kanan to attack him. Ezra fought him off and tried his best not to hurt his master. After a struggling fight, Ezra finally convinced the Nightsister spirits to take him and release his master. But instead of upholding his end of the bargain, Ezra used his lightsaber and the darksaber to destroy the spirit's source of power, destroying the Nightsister spirits in the process.

With Kanan and Sabine safe, Ezra revealed what he saw when his mind was conjoined with Maul's. He saw that Obi-Wan Kenobi was alive and had the answers on how to destroy the Sith. He also noted that Maul was looking for him as well but for another reason, and both Jedi agree if he got to him first they might lose their chance to stop the Sith. The three of them then headed back to the Phantom, but not before Sabine salvaged the Darksaber.






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  • Production Numbers 311 ("An Inside Man") and 310 ("Visions and Voices") were swapped after production started, partially because of thematic connections between episodes 310 and 312.
  • The Darksaber makes it's debut appearance in this episode.
  • As of this episode, Sabine now owns the Darksaber and Ezra now has a customized Scout Trooper Helmet.
  • Working titles for this episode were "Dark Blades of Dathomir" and "The Boy Who Cried Maul".
  • In Maul's sanctuary are Battle Droid heads, helmets from his former Mandalorian warriors and a stolen cubist painting of Dutchess Satine Kryze, who Maul killed in Clone Wars.
  • This is the third episode where the Empire doesn't appear, the previous ones being "The Call" and "Mystery of Chopper Base", though they are mentioned by Maul.
  • According to the Trivia page, the symbols maddeningly written out on one of the walls of Maul's sanctuary are in an ancient Sith script which spells out "KENOBI".
  • In an episode of Rebels Recon, Henry Gilroy explained that when Ezra and Maul joined the holocrons, they became linked to each other. He also said that Ezra's visions were manufactured by Maul.

•In the same episode of Rebels Recon, Pablo Hildalgo said that he believed that even if the bond between Ezra and Maul didn't exist, Maul represents a scary thing to Ezra, and that he'd be able to creep back into Ezra's mind anytime he becomes stressed or overworked.

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