Thank you? Please! I'm an officer of the Imperial Navy. I didn't need your help!
―Valen Rudor, to Ezra Bridger[src]

Baron Valen Rudor, operating under the number LS-607, was an officer of the Imperial Navy who served as a TIE fighter pilot.



During the dark times of the Empire, Rudor served as an officer of the Imperial Navy and was known to be one of its best pilots by Minister Maketh Tua. He was transferred to the backwater planet of Lothal to act as test pilot for new designs coming out of Sienar Fleet Systems development.



One day while watching after his TIE/LN starfighter in Capital City, Rudor was ambushed by a Lasat rebel, Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios. Rudor ordered the Lasat to leave the area, which resulted in him being knocked unconscious by them. Awaking soon after to find a fallen stormtrooper's blaster at his side, he then issued out a command for reinforcements before firing his weapon at Zeb. Zeb evaded the shots, however, and managed to get out of his line of sight before knocking the Baron unconscious once again.

Property of Ezra Bridger

While Rudor was pursuing the rebel crew of the Ghost, his craft was shot down by the Phantom's guns. The impact totaled the TIE Fighter, leaving him trapped inside its damaged cockpit. Thankfully, a boy named Ezra Bridger was nearby; however, despite the boy's seemingly good intentions, Rudor instead shooed him away, considering him to be "beneath him". Rudor's brashness didn't faze the boy, however, who proceeded to pretend saving the Baron. Ezra, in the end, managed to steal some parts of the ship all the while tricking Rudor. Afterwards, he grabbed Rudor's helmet and escaped. From the cockpit, he attempted to kill Ezra by shooting at him with his damaged craft's lasers. However, Ezra was able to avoid the shots through unintentional use of his Force Sense. He then fired several shots from his energy slingshot into the cockpit, knocking Rudor out.

Season One

Fighter Flight

Rudor was preparing his craft for takeoff when he spotted the Lasat Orrelios fleeing from stormtroopers. He powered up and had the target within firing range; however, after ordering stormtroopers to take Orrelios in alive for questioning, his craft was hijacked and he was thrown from the cockpit.

Empire Day

Rudor was present at the fifteenth anniversary of the Empire on Lothal where he was honored by the Minister with taking the TIE Advanced v1 on its maiden voyage. However, Rudor never received the chance when the rebels destroyed it by planting an explosive under one of the platforms it was standing on.


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Season One

Season Four



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