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OptimusPrimon is a longtime Star Wars fan, though there are certain aspects of the series that he doesn't care for; however, Star Wars Rebels is virtually devoid of them, so he loves it.

Rebels Likes

  • Favorite Rebel: Hera Syndulla-she's super-cool, and proof that a female Twi'lek can be amazing without being "sexy" (and I use that term loosely). Second place would have to go to Zeb, though Sabine and Ezra are pretty high up there too...I like them all.
  • Favorite Imperial: The Grand Inquisitor, though I love the Seventh Sister as well. The Inquisitors in general interest me, and I would love to see more of them and some fleshing out for the Fifth Brother and Eighth Brother, especially given the latter's brief time in the series. In particular, I'd like to see the gaps in our knowledge of their ranks filled in. I'm also curious as to whether Grand was part of the whole numbering scheme (i.e. "the First Brother") or if he was above it and someone else was ranked First.
  • Favorite Droid: Chopper, though I'm loving the dynamic between him and AP-5 and hope to see more.
  • Favorite Returning Characters:
    • Prequel Trilogy: Maul-I've always been a fan and his interpretation in Rebels is fascinating. I'm also a fan of Bail Organa.
    • The Clone Wars: Ahsoka Tano, whose new look is a vast improvement, though an honorable mention must go to Rex.
    • Original Trilogy: tie between Yoda and Darth Vader-the fact that Frank Oz and James Earl Jones are back voicing them in Rebels is nothing short of amazing. I also like the Rebels version of Leia Organa.
    • Legends: Grand Admiral Thrawn-I literally yelled when I saw him in the season three trailer.
  • Head Canon: Barring the silliness of Lego, I think Naare from The Freemaker Adventures could be an Inquisitor.

Other Interests

  • Disney-I actually like what they've been doing with Star Wars, but I'm not a fan of everything they put out.
  • DC and Marvel-I like a lot of their characters and concepts, but some of their interpretations and plotlines are just wrong.
  • Lego-particularly Ninjago and Bionicle.
  • Transformers-mainly classic stuff like G1 and Beast Wars.
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