Early Life

Keldric was born into slavery, the son of a Nelvaanian female and her master, a male of an unknown species. At the age of three, Keldric was taken from his mother and sold by his own father to a pirate. Taken aboard the pirate's chip, he was subject to physical and mental abuse by the pirate and his crew to teach him to be submissive and fearful. But during the trip, Keldric unknowingly called out through the Force for help, a call that was felt by a nearby jedi cruiser. The pirates were attacked and their ship boarded by three Jedi knights. After the pirates were neutralized, Keldric was discovered by Jedi Knight K’Kruhk, and taken to the Jedi Temple, where he was given the surname of Anaress. Anaress considered K’Kruhk to be among his oldest and dearest friends, ever grateful to K’Kruhk for saving him from a life of misery and bringing him to the Jedi Temple.

Anaress was assigned to the Clawmouse Clan, where he met another Jedi Initiate who would become another dear and lifelong friend, Ahsoka Tano.

As he grew up, Anaress was interested in the skimboarding sport and competitions. He managed to acquire one that had been thrown away and managed to fix it and even upgrade it. He spent much of his free time practicing on it until he finally entered a competition, hiding his affiliation with the Jedi, and used the Force skills he learned to win.

When he was old enough, after rising to among the top of his class, he, Ahsoka, as well as four other Initiates, were escorted to Illum to acquire Kyber crystals to construct their very first lightsabers. In the Crystal Cave, Anaress was confronted by a suppressed memory of his father selling him and ripping him away from the hands of his crying mother.

Anaress fell into momentary despair but then used meditation to calm his mind. He accepted he could not change the past but vowed he would face the future, whatever came his way, and make it his own.

It was then he sensed his own crystal and used the Force to retrieve it. Yoda told Anaress he had found more than his lightsaber crystal in the cave. He had found his resolve.

Aboard the Crucible, Anaress and his classmates, under the direction of architect droid, Prof. Huyang, constructed their lightsabers, Anaress constructing a blue-bladed lightsaber featuring a blade-emitter guard, the handle enwrapped with leather, and a tribal pattern engraved upon the weapon in honor of his heritage, along with a charm that his mother had given him long ago, the one keepsake he had of her.

When he first ignited his lightsaber, Anaress silently vowed that he would someday find his mother, for through his experience in the Crystal Cave, he had gained a connection to her, and sensed wherever she was in the galaxy she was alive.

Clone Wars

By the time of the Clone Wars, and due to the need of Jedi, Anaress, being a promising and skilled student, was promoted by Master Yoda to the rank of Padawan earlier than normal. He was assigned to a female Pantoran Jedi Knight, Boreala Auryn, and joined his mistress, fighting in the wars, eventually given the title of Commander.

He made a friend in Clone Captain Edge, a crack-shot and skilled swordsman, wielding a vibrosword. They ended up working together on various missions and even engaged each other in occasional spars, and Edge taught Anaress how to use a blaster, much to the disapproval of his mistress.

To help them in further missions, Anaress and Auryn were given astromech droids. Anaress’s astromech was an R3 unit designated R3-O4, Anaress calling her R3 or Ro for short. R3 often accompanied Anaress and rode in his Jedi Starfighter, modified and custom-painted with a blue, black, and silver color-scheme, and nicknamed it the Cobalt Claw.

Throughout their many missions, Anaress liked to collect souvenirs:

  • On Kamino, he “appropriated” a Kaminoan Flight Pod to chase a Separatist and “forgot” to return it.
  • On a mission to help refugees on Lothal, Anaress discovered a lone and injured Loth-Wolf pup. He felt a connection to the poor animal and took it with him, ignoring Auryn’s protests. Anaress nursed the pup back to health but found the pup had become too attached to him. So he took it back to the Jedi Temple Menagerie and left it in the care of an old classmate who served with the ExplorCorps. He named the pup Korynn, and would always come to visit and spend time with him whenever Anaress was able to come back to the Temple.
  • While investigating a lead on a Separatist plot, Auryn, Anaress, Edge, R3, and a few troopers were attacked by pirates but managed to beat them. Anaress “confiscated” a Shield-Gauntlet from one of them and thereafter used it along with his lightsaber.
  • At some point, Auryn, Anaress, Edge, and R3 led a mission to counter a threat made by the Mandalorian terrorists known as Death Watch. They engaged the terrorists, during which, Anaress killed one of their members and, alongside Auryn, engaged their leader, Pre Vizla, in a lightsaber duel. Despites Vizla’s tricks and weapons, which included a Mandalorian lightsaber called the Darksaber, Auryn and Anaress injured him enough that he and his warriors fled in retreat.
    After the mission, Anaress collected the armor and weapons from the Death Watch member he killed, a member of the Nite Owls. He customized the armor, got rid of a few things while integrating his own Jedi armor and robes with it, and kept the helmet, having it customized to fit his head.
    He also took to using the Portable Shield, a wrist-mounted device that projected a hologram-like shield for defense against blast-fire, and some Mandalorian Vambraces.
  • During a patrol, Anaress and Edge were attacked by Zygerian slavers. They captured them and freed the people they had kidnapped to sell into slavery. Anaress even stopped one of them from hurting a child with a shock-whip.
    He kept the whip as a reminder of the depravity of slavery but secretly trained to use it in battle.
  • Anaress would find himself facing the Sith Assassin Asajj Ventress. As he was on patrol on his Undcur-class jumpspeeder she ambushed him. They fought a fierce duel, during which Ventress damaged Anaress’ eye. Anaress came close to the dark side as he embraced the pain and his anger and lashed out against Ventress with savage fury, forcing her to retreat.
    A Clone Medic and medical droid found Anaress’ eye to be beyond repair and were forced to replace it with a cybernetic prosthetic eye. This eye came with various uses (such as telescopic vision, thermal vision, a recorder, etc.,) but it served as a shameful reminder to Anaress of almost crossing an uncrossable line. But his duel with Ventress intrigued Anaress and he thereafter trained in Jar’Kai and constructed a second lightsaber, modifying them both to be a pair that could be joined to form a saberstaff.
    The loss of his eye would eventually be considered his Trial of the Flesh.

Anaress fought in plenty of battles but one that was most grueling was fought on the planet Hypori. Anaress was assigned to lead a strike-force to destroy the primary droid factory on Hypori, and halt their production of battle droids. Accompanied by Edge, R3, and the strike-force, Anaress succeeded in his mission. What he did not count on was an entire droid army held in reserve that was activated by the Separatist in charge of the facility to destroy the strike-force in revenge. During the retreat to escape, Anaress lost over half of his strike-force so he ordered Edge and R3 to lead the rest back to their ship while he held the enemy off. He had to exercise his authority to force Edge to comply.

While his men ran for the ship, Anaress stood alone before the fury of an entire droid army.

Riding his skimboard and propelled by the Force, he zoomed headlong into the fray, activating both his lightsabers as well as his shield-gauntlet. Slicing through scores of droids, Anaress then Force-Repulsed a great many of them away from himself before throwing one of his sabers and manipulating it with the Force to spin like a buzz-saw and make it zoom around, cleaving through many droids, leaving a swath of sliced-up droids all around the battlefield. Unfortunately, Anaress got careless and lost control of the saber, and lost it among the debris.

Now down to only one saber, Anaress was not gonna risk losing it. Wielding it, along with his shield-gauntlet and the weapons in his vambraces, Anaress focused on fighting more, using the Force to foresee the enemy’s movements and from where they’d attack.

As the battle carried out, Anaress began to grow tired after destroying just a little over half the droid army. He put his lightsaber away and then used Telekinesis to fight the droids, sending some hurtling away, throwing debris against them, making them crash into each other, even using the Force to crush many of them. From out of nowhere, a droid threw a grenade at him, and Anaress jumped away to escape the blast. As the debris pelted the ground, Anaress noticed his lost lightsaber and called it to his hand. It was then he conjoined them into a saberstaff and eventually cut down the remnants of the droid army.

Exhausted physically and mentally, Anaress collapsed. Slipping out of consciousness, Anaress expected to die there on the battlefield only to wake up in a bacta-tank. He made a full-recovery and was commended for his amazing feat and promoted to General despite still being a Padawan, and the accomplishment was eventually recognized as his Trial of Skill.

Later on, he learned, to his joy, that Master K’Kruhk was alive, having survived his encounter with General Grievous. But he was shocked to hear that his mistress, Boreala, was MIA.

As he was still a Padawan, and due to their friendship, Anaress was reassigned to be the padawan learner of K’Kruhk. They worked well together in missions and battles but Anaress missed his mistress and held hope she was still alive. Even so, Anaress enjoyed being K’Kruhk’s student, and even adopted his quirk of wearing a conical straw hat occasionally.

On a few occasions, Anaress would find himself working alongside famous Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, and, to his delight, his old friend and classmate, Ahsoka Tano, who addressed him by his first name, Keldric, or Keldy as a nickname, as he did her by her first name as Soka. On one such occasion they worked together, Keldric and Ahsoka were disheartened by the news of two jedi deaths, one was of a jedi knight, the other his padawan, who was an old friend and classmate of Keldric and Ahsoka’s before they all became padawans.

The two volunteered to investigate and travelled to a remote Separatist base to investigate the deaths of their friend, his master, and their troops. Accompanied by Clone Captains Edge and Rex, along with four troopers, they discovered what looked to be an old droid factory that was no longer in use.

Alas they could find no sign of their friends and their troops. But just as they were about to leave, they were ambushed the Separatist Commander Durge. The Gen’Dai warrior slew their troopers while Keldric, Ahsoka, Rex, and Edge fought back.

Despite outnumbering Durge however, he quickly overpowered them, knocking out Rex and Edge and holding Ahsoka hostage.

Keldric stood there, unsure what to do, afraid for himself, for his friends, and of Durge. But then, he got an idea and managed to tell Ahsoka discreetly without alerting Durge, and the two used the Force to knock him away and then focused attacked his mind. Brushing the Gen’Dai’s mind was a painful experience, due to Durge already on the road to madness. But together, Keldric and Ahsoka managed to force Durge into unconsciousness. They woke up Edge and Rex but noticed Durge stirring, encouraging them to retreat.

Keldric and Ahsoka reported that Durge had likely killed their friends and that the Separatists likely had more bases hidden in the Outer Rim.

Keldric would experience the pain of loss on the planet Naboo. He and K’Krukh were assigned sentry duties due to escalating rumors of an impending Separatist assault on Naboo. They were joined in this mission by a cathar Padawan named Mara and her master.During this time, Keldric took the opportunity to catch up with his old classmate and friend, Mara (whom he had long held feelings for but hesitated due to the Jedi Way forbidding attachments).

The assault came, led by Grievous.

Their masters left them in charge of the ship while they engaged the enemy in their Jedi Fighters. Unfortunately, Grievous boarded the ship, expecting to find the Knights and only found the padawans. Even so, Keldric and Mara ignited their lightsabers and engaged the droid-general, fighting an epic duel. They wounded Grievous and escaped but in their complacent relief, Mara was shot by a droid.

Keldric destroyed the droid but it was too late. As Mara’s life slowly faded away, Keldric held her in his arms, regretting he never told her how he felt. Mara asked him to give her his hand. Using the Force, Mara felt Keldric’s feelings for her, which filled her with deepest joy and appreciation, and thanked him for allowing her to know how it felt to be loved. Then, to Keldric’s shock, her body vanished as she became one with the Force.

Keldric took up Mara’s lightsaber and swore to fight in her honor and memory. During the trip back to the temple, Kaldric was uncertain but he thought he heard Mara’s voice, promising she would be with him always.

Alas, the war would slowly take its toll upon Keldric. Battle after battle wore him down, physically and mentally, and he heard more and more of crimes, corruption, and acts of horror committed not just by the Separatists but by the Republic. The many battles and endeavors he’d fought at the risk of his own life would be considered a Trial of Courage. But he began to question what he was fighting and risking his life for.

He soon heard of Ahsoka being held on trial for bombing the Jedi Temple, along with committing murder. He was devastated further when the Council ousted Ahsoka from the Order and she was turned over to the Republic Tribunal to face trial.

But just when all hope seemed lost for his friend, Keldric was relieved but disheartened as well, when the true culprit, Barriss Offee, was brought in by Anakin Skywalker. Although Ahsoka was offered her place back in the Order, she declined. Keldric would track her down and ask why. Her answer would leave him full of conflict and led him to start asking himself the big questions.

Keldric eventually stormed through the temple and forced the Jedi Council to hear his say: He declared himself a Jedi Knight, not caring that they disagreed, and immediately afterwards he declared himself no longer a member of their Order.

Furious at them for betraying his friend, at their ways for never allowing him a chance to be with Mara, and many other things, he declared the Jedi had lost their way and when the walls came crashing down on them, he would not be there to burn with them. As he turned to leave, he dared any of them to try and stop him at the risk of their own life, all but threatening to kill any who came after him.

K’Krukh spoke with his pupil outside the Temple and although Keldric did indeed consider carrying out his threat, he chose to bid his master farewell and suggested he leave the Order too lest he be caught in their fall.

Keldric left the Jedi Temple and used all resources he could to begin his journey and find his own way in the galaxy. Using a mind trick, he “purchased” a Dynamic-class freighter ship for less than its actual worth, and started work to recruit a crew, accompanied by his astromech, R3, and his pet Loth-Wolf Korynn.

As the Clone Wars came to a conclusion, Keldric started looking for talented individuals to join his crew. His first recruit was a Bimm thief named Voti Biketh, who was a down-on-his-luck engineer, and Keldric took him in, appointing him the chief ship engineer and mechanic of the Wraith.

He would determine Voti had talent in the Force and would in time make his first apprentice.

When the Clone Wars ended, Keldric was disheartened to sense the deaths of so many Jedi and learned that the Jedi had been declared enemies of the Republic, which Palpatine remade in the Galactic Empire, with himself as Emperor.

Keldric suspected that Palpatine was aligned with the Dark Side, and sought to train as much new Jedi as he could. His search for more crewmembers became harder, as he desired his crew to be Force-sensitive individuals. He reluctantly stored his lightsabers away and settled for his blasters and other weapons as he explored Coruscant for more recruits. He had to go about disguised, fearing that despite his leaving the Order he would be targeted as a former Jedi.

His next recruit would be a young Mandalorian warrior named Katine Kryze. He found her in a depression in a cantina and sensed she had a connection to the Force, and in her he saw a promising student. They talked and Keldric convinced her to join his crew as the weapons expert and a gunner on the ship.

Not too long later, he sensed someone in distress and found a rare Force-sensitive Togorian male bruised and battered in an alley. He took the Togorian to be healed at a local hospital and they became acquainted, the Togorian calling himself Man’dr. Man’dr was grateful to Keldric for helping him and quickly accepted a place on his crew, becoming Keldric’s enforcer and second gunner.

In that same hospital, Keldric would run into an old friend, former Jedi Knight Shindere, a female Fosh. They spoke and compared notes and information regarding the Jedi, the Empire, and the Sith. Keldric noticed how sad and lonely Shindere was and offered her a place on the crew, knowing she would be perfect in helping him train his students and desiring her for her skills as a Jedi healer and doctor. Shindere became the ship’s medical officer.

In their travels, Keldric would find himself being drawn to the planet Tatooine. In Mos Eisley, he came upon a Kushiban unjustly on-sale, and sensed the poor soul in need and to be Force-sensitive. Keldric assaulted the shopkeeper, threatening to kill him if he did not release the Kushiban.

The grateful Kushiban introduced himself to Keldric as Feilyn and eagerly joined his crew.

Background Information


Keldric was a hybrid, born of a Nelvaanian mother and sired by a father of an unkown specices, which resulted in Keldric's appearanceof a humanoid wolf, covered in dark silver-blue fur with long black hair. He had stifle-jointed legs (enabling him to run upright or on all fours), paws for feet, paw-like hands, sharp claws and fangs, a long prehensile tail, a face in the perfect likeness of a wolf, and blue eyes.

He wore customized clone armor and jedi robes of gray and white, with a utility belt and wrist-mounted devices on his left arm.

He forsook his armor and robes for a jacket, hooded cape, harness, his Mandalorian Vambraces, and a utility belt with blasters, after he left the Order.

Personality and Traits

Independent and very individualistic, Keldric was loyal to the Jedi Order but disagreed on many of their ways and ignored some of their traditions, particularly padawan learner braids, which he did not bother to grow or maintain, just allowing his hair and fur to grow and sometimes just pulling some of it back to keep it out of his face.

Keldric was an enthusiastic warrior and strived to be a defender for those who could not defend themselves. Such was his dedication when he joined the Clone Wars. He was assigned to be the padawan of Jedi Knight Boreala Auryn, and became a loyal but occasionally aggravating student.

Keldric enjoyed being in his mistress’ company, taking most of her words of wisdom and her lesson seriously unless they went against his own personal beliefs. Even so, he held his mistress in high regard. In situations involving politics and diplomacy, he adopted some of her formal behavior and would speak politely and in a sound manner, voicing his opinions reasonably and mostly spoke only when spoken to unless he felt it prudent to voice his concerns. In war missions, Keldric dropped this behavior since he found it did not apply in battle, acting a little more laid-back and outgoing, particularly towards his troops and friends.

In battle, Keldric was determined to win victory, occasionally reckless, but always knew when to cut his losses and understood the wisdom in living to fight another day, even if it meant retreat. When he engaged his foes close up, he would mock them with witty insults to make them lose their composure, partly to test their ability to focus, as well as to throw them off balance.

He employed unorthodox strategies and fighting styles and was willing to use any and all tools and/or weapons at his disposal to win, and was not above using underhanded tactics now and then. He had no problem fighting dirty against his enemies, such as the likes of Separatist commanders and agents, especially the likes of Ventress, Grievous, and Durge, once stating “Evil deserves no honor”.

Keldric had a habit of collecting “souvenirs” on various missions. In war, some of these were almost like “trophies”, as he took a few weapons and devices from criminals. Other occasions, they were things given to him from the Clone militia, like his speeder-bike or his blasters. Some of his “souvenirs” and “trophies” represented memories of missions he’d undertaken, particularly a shock-whip he’d taken from Zygerian slavers. He secretly trained to use it in battle, but he kept it as a reminder of how much he hates slavery.

Keldric also like to indulge in tinkering; he liked to upgrade and modify some of his devices, particularly his skimboard and speeder-bike. Sometimes he’d look through junk piles and recycle discarded parts.

Keldric was a selfless person, willing to give his life to protect the innocent and defeat those who would threaten them and those close to him. In missions, Keldric gladly accepted being in charge of others’ safety, particularly women and children. A few times during the Clone Wars, he comforted war orphans or children separated from their families. He rescued and adopted a lost Loth-Wolf pup on Lothal, naming the pup Korynn and gave him a home in the Jedi Temple Menagerie, and often visited and played with Korynn whenever he returned to the temple.

As mentioned, Keldric disagreed on some of the Jedi ways, particularly the taboo against attachments. Keldric felt this to be an affront to nature, as it was in all living creatures’ natures to form attachments and to deny those attachments was to deny one’s self and nature. He rarely voiced such opinions as he did not want to be expelled from the Order. But it was unfortunate, for he long held deep feelings for one of his old classmates, Mara. When she died, he regretted never telling her his feelings but was glad she felt them from him, her last words to him expressing gratitude for making her feel loved in the end. Mara’s death left a scar in Keldric’s heart, as he took up her lightsaber, swearing at her funeral to honor her memory and fight the good fight.

But in a dark corner of his mind, Keldric began to feel contempt for the Jedi getting in his way of loving Mara. It only worsened when his mistress went missing in action.

Later on in the War, Keldric was horrified to hear that Ahsoka was accused of murder, betrayal, and terrorism. When she was captured, he tried to attend her trial in her defense but was denied by the Temple Guards. He was mortified to hear the Jedi Council had expelled her from the Order and turned her over to the Republic to face tribunal.

To his relief, Ahsoka was acquitted after the real culprit, Barriss Offee, had been taken into custody but heartbroken to hear that Ahsoka resigned from the Jedi Order. He tracked her down some time after and asked her why. After hearing her reasons, and thinking of Barriss Offee, Keldric’s faith in the Jedi Way was shattered. He intruded on the Jedi Council during a meeting, voiced his feelings and opinions and vocally blamed the Jedi for many things but he also blamed himself for some of his miseries and losses.

He declared himself a knight then and there before renouncing the Order, threatening any Jedi that came after him he would attack.

He then took to being a jack-of-all-trades, and started making his own way in the galaxy.

He went to a shipyard to acquire his own ship and used a Mind Trick to “persuade” a ship salesman to sell a Dynamic-class light-freighter for a low price. After commissioning some modifications and a new paint job for it, he dubbed his new ship the Wraith and started traveling around to look for a crew.

But he would later sense, in horror, the deaths of many Jedi, Jedi being declared enemies of the Republic-turned-Galactic Empire, and decided he had to recruit Force-sensitive individuals and possibly train them to become future Jedi, a plan that would take years. But he knew, for the time being, the remaining Jedi would have to hide and lay low, and he would do the same.

Weapons, Gear and Skills

Even for a padawan, Keldric was surprisingly skilled and powerful for his age. Because of his strong connection to the Force, along with his skills and hard work, Master Yoda deemed him fit to be promoted to the rank of Padawan despite his youth, and he earned the rank of Commander in the Grand Republic Army.

Right before he renounced the Order, he declared himself a Jedi Knight (and technically had the skills and experience to make such a claim) even though the Council had not deemed him one.

Force Powers

Keldric possessed a powerful connection to the Force. He was very skilled in Telekinesis, applying it in and outside of battle. He used it to Push, Pull, Disarm or Repulse his foes, and sometimes Hovered in meditation.

One of his best skills was Precognition, using the Force to foresee the immediate future. This gave him a major advantage in battle, whether it was fighting droids, bounty hunters, mercenaries, or Separatist commanders like Ventress or Grievous.

He was capable of Force Concealment and Force Cloak to hide his presence from those who could sense him using the Force and become virtually invisible.

He could augment his natural speed with Force speed and jumping capabilities

He had the ability of Comprehend Speech to basically understand unfamiliar languages.

He was able to use Animal Friendship to befriend a Loth-Wolf pup he adopted and formed an unusually strong bond with it, including with a Convor.

He could use Alter Environment to manifest fog and mist and Force Stun to stun his enemies into unconsciousness, and has used Pyrokinesis to set droids ablaze.

He used Force Deflection during his and Mara’s confrontation with Grievous and was able to Phase himself and Mara through a blast-door to escape him. Unfortunately, a droid fatally shot Mara from out of nowhere. Keldric destroyed the droid but more were coming. So he Teleported himself and Mara to a safer location only for her to die minutes later.

Keldric was skilled in using the Jedi Mind Trick but also used Force Fear to intimidate his enemies but never abused the ability. He was also able to implant Force Illusions into others’ minds to more easily manipulate them. And he could use Force Sense, often in conjunction with Precognition to foresee or know the intents of those around him. This helped him survive an attack from Clone Troopers after the execution of Order 66 even though he had already left the order.

The first time Keldric touched the Dark Side, he employed a Force Choke against Asajj Ventress in his rage after she’d damaged his eye. Although he didn’t kill her, the act haunted him and he swore never to go back to that place again.

Lightsaber Skills

Keldric was skilled with a lightsaber despite his young age. He found it best to utilize his lightsaber in inventive and unorthodox ways and adapt to the situation to maintain an advantage over his foes, and to surprise them in order to catch them off guard.

He was a practitioner of the acrobatic style of Ataru, the defensive style of Soresu, and the offensive style of Djem So, he utilized both a standard and reverse grip of his lightsaber, and later on practiced and mastered Jar’Kai when he began using paired lightsabers, and even skilled in wielding them as a saberstaff. He also utilized techniques from the Niman style in also attacking his foes with martial art techniques, and he used the Style of Shii-Cho for its unpredictable and fluid practice. He eventually mastered Ataru, Soresu, and Niman, while remaining an expert in the rest of his lightsaber practices.

His natural strength, speed, and stamina augmented by the Force made him a formidable warrior. He was skilled in Saber-Throwing, utilizing the technique with Telekinesis to make his sabers spin like buzz-saws to easily destroy his foes and recall them to his hands.

In battle, Keldric, depending on how many or powerful his foes were, would wield one or both his lightsabers. With impressive footwork and speed, he maneuvered with efficient agility to dance around his opponents’ attacks and strike at the opportune moment.

When he fought droids on the battlefield, Keldric utilized a dual-phase setting on his lightsaber to double its length, making it easier to cut down more droids.

Other abilities

As a hybrid of Nelvaanian and an unknown species, Keldric possessed strength, speed, senses, and stamina easily above human-level. He could hear high-pitched frequencies imperceptible to the human ear, an excellent nose, and could see in the dark. He will also enjoy a long life-span of around five hundred standard years.

Keldric was a skilled technical-engineer, tinkering, modifying, upgrading, and improving his electronic devices, particularly his skimboard.

He was a very skilled skimboarder, riding and using his Force skills to improve his performance on it enough to easily win skimboarding competitions on Coruscant.

Keldric was also a skilled a pilot, flying his Jedi Starfighter in various battles in space and out-flying others though he admitted he’d never be the equal of the Order’s best pilot, Anakin Skywalker.

Possessions and equipment

Keldric owned a total of four lightsabers: His first lightsaber he constructed as an Initiate. It emitted a blade of blue energy, outfitted with an emitter-guard, and a dual-phase setting, that doubled its length with the push of a button. It had a leather grip and an engraving reminiscent of his Wolvyn heritage. After he constructed a second one, he modified this one for it and the second to be paired lightsabers that could be joined into a saberstaff.
Keldric’s second lightsaber he designed partly after his mistress’ lightsaber. He made it to be a paired lightsaber alongside his first one so they can join into a saberstaff.
After the death of his friend and secret love, Mara, Keldric took up her lightsaber, swearing to wield it in the war in her honor and memory. It was a silver-bladed lightsaber with an emitter-shroud. After he left the order, he placed it under lock and key to keep it safe. However, he would later gift the lightsaber to his friend and crewmate, Katine Kryze, after she saved his life and he judged her worthy of it.
Keldric constructed a fourth lightsaber as a backup in case anything happened to his primary sabers

As a child, Keldric found an old skimboard in the garbage, and fixed it. He used it to win skimboard competitions and modified it with mini-thrusters and a small blaster. It can collapse into a smaller shape and be worn on his back for easier storage and portability. He used it several times during the Clone Wars and often uses it to make a quick-exit if a speeder is not handy.

Kamino flight pod, the Wisp
Keldric “appropriated” this sphere-shaped pod on Kamino during a mission and “forgot” to return it. He kept it on his mistress’ venator-class star destroyer, and later modified it to attach to his Dynamic-class freighter. He modified it with a remote-control and to fly to his location with the push of a button.

Mandalorian Vambraces
Keldric and his mistress once fought against the Mandalorian terrorisits called Death Watch. Keldric killed one of them and claimed his Vambraces and started using them. They are equipped with grappling lines, darts, a repulsor, and even a portable energy shield.
The left Vambrace projects a silver-colored energy-based shield with the radius of a half-meter, and can deflect and absorb blaster-fire but will deactivate if it overloads.

Pol’ris is Keldric’s pet Loth-Wolf. During a mission to Lothal with his mistress, he came across this Loth-Wolf as a pup, wounded and alone. Using the Force to calm it, he took it with him to the Jedi Temple and nursed it back to health. Having formed a bond with it, he named the pup Korynn and kept him in the Temple Menagerie. Whenever Keldric returned to the Temple, he always made time to spend and play with Korynn. After he left the order, he took Korynn with him and the Loth-Wolf lives in the cargo hold of Keldric’s Dynamic-class light-freighter though he is often let out to enjoy himself when they land on planets

Keldric and his troops were on a patrol mission when they crossed paths with a Zygerian freighter-ship carrying kidnapped people to become slaves. Keldric and troopers stopped them and freed the prisoners. During this, Keldric killed a Zygerian about to whip a girl. He kept the whip to remind him of the depravity of slavery but secretly trained to fight with it.

Keldric was assigned his own astromech droid, this one known as R3-O4, who had a feminine personality. They went on various missions together and grew close, Keldric developing a great deal of faith and fondness for her, calling her, R3 or Ro for short. R3, in turn, was loyal and reliable to her master, always happy to be of service and willing to put herself at risk to protect him. He encouraged her individuality and to think outside the box whenever she had to overcome a challenge, problem, or dilemma.

Jedi Starfighter, the Cobalt Claw
Keldric was given this Starfighter during the war to use in space battles.

Cybernetic Eye
After an encounter with Asajj Ventress, Keldric’s left eye was damaged beyond repair and replaced with a cybernetic prosthetic.
This eye had a built-in zoom-in function, camera, x-ray vision, and other functions, as well as night-vision to complement his natural night-vision. With an extra-implement that he wore on his left ear, Keldric could record both visual and audio footage and play them back on a wireless datapad.

Keldric wore modified ARC trooper armor along with his jedi robes. He had it modified to be gray with blue accents and integrated the armor of a Nite Owl Mandalorian terrorist he killed. He left it behind after leaving the Order.

Paired DC-17 hand blasters
Through his friendship with Captain Edge, Keldric became a skilled marksman, preferring to use hand blasters despite the disapproval of his mistress. Although Jedi didn’t use blasters, Keldric felt to win the war he should make use of any advantage he could.
He would carry one of his hand blasters into battle but didn’t often use them, only in extreme cases or as an element of surprise.
He took to using them more after he left the order.

X-8 Night Sniper
Sometime after leaving the Order, Keldric purchased this blaster for its use in situations that called for stealth. It features a computerized scope and silencer.

Dynamic-class Freighter, the Wraith
After he left the Order, Keldric “purchased” this freighter ship for less than its actual value, using a mind trick to compel the owner into selling it to him cheap. He renamed it the Wraith and used it to travel the galaxy, and would later pick up crewmates whom he would come to regard as his family.

Keldric owned an unusual pentagon-shaped holocron, which he used as his journal, recording his life from the moment he received it as an Initiate in the Order from Master Yoda, after the jedi master sensed the young Wolven might benefit from recording his experiences.
It would project him the age he appeared for each entry, showing him from a child to an adult. He recorded his experiences, his personal thoughts, his accomplishments, his first-hand accounts, and more.
He keeps it under lock and key in his quarters on the Wraith.
Years after the Jedi Purge, Keldric fell into a depression when the Force directed him to his Holocron and it activated with a secret message left to him by Yoda. Yoda’s message to Keldric would help him find the Light and re-inspire him with hope, and he thanked the master, wherever he was.


Keldric knew Yoda since his early years in the Jedi Temple, as the grand master taught him and his Clan of fellow Initiates.
Keldric admires and looks up to Yoda, as the Grand Master of the Order, as a mentor, and as a friend.

Boreala Auryn
Boreala Auryn was Keldric’s first master when he became a Jedi Padawan. She taught him many things, they went on many adventures, and they saved each other’s lives several times. He grew to love her like a mother and rarely disobeyed her orders, taking much of her teachings to heart except for anything that went against his personal beliefs.
He was devastated when he learned she went missing in action, but despite never seeing her again Keldric was certain she was alive, reasoning their bond would have let him know if she had perished.

K’Kruhk was among Keldric’s oldest and closest friends, as the Whipid Jedi was the one who found Keldric as a young child and brought him to the Temple.
After Boreala was MIA, K’Kruhk was made Keldric’s new master. They became close but Keldric still leaned onto the hope Boreala might come back. Even so, he deeply respected and willingly followed his new master.

K’Kruhk was disheartened when Keldric forsook the order and was the lone jedi to follow him after Keldric had threatened to attack whoever came after him. Keldric almost made good on this threat as he held his lightsaber towards K’Kruhk, who refused to raise his own, even to defend himself. They had a talk but K’Kruhk respected his apprentice’s decision to leave, wishing him the best, and Keldric suggested K’Kruhk leave the order too. They never saw each other again.

Anakin Skywalker
Keldric knew of Anakin by reputation and admired the Jedi Knight even though he found him annoyingly reckless yet ludicrously effective, as a warrior, a pilot, and a general.

Ahsoka Tano
Another old friend of his, Ahsoka and Keldric were in the same Clan of Initiates and grew up together. They trained together, got their lightsabers crystals at the same time, but went their separate ways after they were assigned their masters.
They met again during the war and shared a few missions, using the time to catch up.

Keldric was horrified to hear of Ahsoka being accused of murder, terrorism, and the Order expelled her and turned her over to the Senate to stand trial. Thankfully, the real culprit, Barriss Offee, was caught and Ahsoka was cleared. But she refused to come back to the order. Keldric managed to track her and asked her why. Their long conversation caused Keldric to question his own reasons and resolve, and inspired him to follow Ahsoka’s example.

Captain Edge
Captain Edge was a Clone Captain who served with Keldric, during his time as a Commander. They became good friends and staunch allies, fighting alongside each other in the war. Keldric regretted never saying goodbye to Edge after he left the Order.

R3-O4 was the astromech droid assigned to Keldric during the war. Having seen how close Anakin Skywalker was to his own, R2-D2, Keldric treated R3 like a friend rather than a servant, and they became close. R3 grew to be very loyal to Keldric, and his encouragement inspired her to be creative in her tasks. This development in her personality helped R3 to saved Keldric a couple times during the war.
After he left the Jedi Order, she followed him.

Keldric grew up in the Jedi Order, and was taught Jedi do not form attachments and are not permitted to fall in love. He always hated this rule, believing it to be a crime to one’s self and nature but held his tongue as he did not want to be expelled from the Order. However, he found himself growing attached to a fellow Initiate of the Clawmouse Clan, Mara. They were close but went their separate ways when they were assigned their masters.
He reunited with her on a mission during the Clone Wars, during which they fought together against General Grevious and barely escaped him with their lives.
However, in their relief, Mara was fatally shot by a droid. As she lay dying, Keldric told her he never got to tell her how he felt about her. She requested him to give her his hand, and through the Force, she felt his love, and thanked him for allowing her to know how it felt to be loved. He was shocked to see her body fade as she became one with the Force.
Mara’s death weighed in Keldric’s shoulders for the rest of his life but he heard her voice even after her death at one point, Mara promising to watch over him always.

During a mission to Lothal with his first master, Keldric sensed this Loth-Wolf pup in distress. Ignoring his mistress’ protests, he took him back to the Jedi Temple, where he raised it and named him Korynn.

He kept Korynn in the Temple Menagerie, an expansive chamber that contained a variety of flora and fauna studied and cared for by the ExplorCorps, a member of whom looked after Korynn when Keldric was not at the temple. Whenever he returned, he always made time for Korynn, who was very loyal to his master and always happy to see him.

When Keldric left the Order, he made sure to bring Korynn with him, and eventually settled him within the cargo hold of his acquired ship, the Wraith, making a certain space for Korynn to live in and always letting him out whenever they had the chance.

Voti Biketh
After leaving the Order and acquiring a ship, Keldric started looking for Force-sensitive potential crewmates. Voti was his first recruit.

Voti had been a down-on-his-luck amateur ship engineer who was stolen his chance to work as one and resorted to being a petty thief to get by. Keldric sensed Voti was connected to the Force and had a talk with him in a diner. After hearing Voti’s story, Keldric offered Voti the job he should’ve had, to work as the engineer on his own ship, the Wraith, and Voti happily accepted.

Keldric and Voti became good friends, but soon Keldric told Voti that he was connected to the Force and wished to train him. Voti was hesitant towards the idea but gave it a chance.

Voti is very loyal and grateful to Keldric, considering a godsend, and grew to look up to him, as his captain, as a teacher, a friend, and a big brother-figure.

Katine Kryze
Keldric sensed Katine not long after Order 66. He found her in a depression, having given up on a personal mission to kill Palpatine after deeming it impossible. He was surprised to see she was a Mandalorian and her armor was that of the Nite Owls of Death Watch.

He spoke with her and offered her a place on his crew. Desiring a purpose, she accepted. Keldric was hesitant to reveal to Katine his former life as a Jedi but after she saved him he did so. Katine didn’t care, having come to care about the person Keldric is rather than what he was. Grateful and humbled, Keldric told Katine the Force was strong in her and offered to teach her. Katine found it a funny irony for a Mandalorian to be a Jedi but accepted. She was humbled when the lightsaber Keldric gave her once belonged to Mara, a girl he had loved.

Katine is loyal and true to Keldric, seeing him as her commanding officer and teacher, and doesn’t care about the past feuds between the Jedi and the Mandalorians.

During an errand after recruiting Voti and Katine, Keldric sensed a disturbance and found Man’dr, a togorian male battered and bruised in an alleyway. He got him to a hospital and paid for his medical care. Man’dr was grateful to Keldric and they talked.

After hearing Man’dr’s story, Keldric offered him a place on his crew. With nowhere to go, no one to turn to, Man’dr accepted, becoming Keldric’s enforcer.
Man’dr is grateful to Keldric for helping him, a complete stranger, but was repelled by Keldric revealing he was once a Jedi and sensed Man’dr was connected to the Force. Keldric managed to convince Man’dr to embrace the Force rather than ignore it, and Man’dr became another of his students.
Man’dr is loyal and brooding for the most part, but can be a little devious in intimidating others. He follows Keldric’s lead but is not afraid to question his orders if he finds fault in them for some reason or other.




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