Kilmarnock228 has been a fan of Star Wars for years, though there are portions of the franchise he's not a fan of-fortunately, Star Wars Rebels has been largely free of undesirable elements.

Rebels Favorites

  • Favorite Ghost Crew member: tough call-I like Zeb for his gruffness, Ezra for his attitude, Sabine for various reasons...
  • Favorite Ally: The Bendu
  • Favorite Rebels exclusive villain: The Grand Inquisitor; the Inquisitors in general are fascinating, and I'd like to at least find out what happened to 2, 3, and 4.
  • Favorite "Guest" Characters:
    • Prequel Trilogy: Maul, though Bail Organa gets an honorable mention.
    • The Clone Wars: Rex, though I must say Ahsoka Tano's Rebels appearance is a vast improvement; I won't even watch most of The Clone Wars because of her outfits in that series.
    • Original Trilogy: Leia Organa, though of course R2-D2 and C-3PO are the best and you can't top Vader for awesome villainy.
    • Legends: Thrawn-I literally yelled when I saw him in the Season 3 trailer.
  • Least Favorite character: probably Kassius Konstantine-the guy has literally accomplished nothing and is fairly redundant, especially since Thrawn's been around. (Note: is it wrong I was kinda happy they killed him off in fairly spectacular fashion?)
  • Most Disappointing character death: Maketh Tua-it's always a bummer when a character starts down the path to redemption only to get shot to speak.
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