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  • I am a girl obssessing over Star Wars, Captain Marvel, and Avatar: The Last Airbender...

"Have you ever seen a little girl run so fast she falls down? There's an instant, a fraction of a second before the world catches hold of her again... A moment when she's outrun every doubt and fear she's ever had about herself and she flies. In that one moment, every little girl flies." —Carol 'Captain Marvel' Danvers

Su'cuy gar, everyone! Name's Jessanna Stansu-- but please call me Jess for short! I am a complete and total Star Wars-obsessed nerd, huge Marvel geek (If you couldn't tell from the quote, total Carol Corps member!) and a big Once Upon a Time and LotR/Hobbit fan. I constantly ramble off on a tangent about these when I'm on the Wiki's forums, if you hadn't noticed already. You've been warned. :)

I'm also a writer in my free time, so I'm always up for a challenge and would love to help the wiki in any way I can, even though my usual edits are punctuation, grammer, spell-checks and adding missing pics to a gallery. If you have any reason to contact me, just leave me a message on my talk page! :) --Fight the Empire? I'm Captain Marvel. I call that Wednesday. (My comlink} 10:20, November 23, 2015 (UTC)

My favorite pages

Rebels-Style Art: Posters

I am also a crazy artist, a little like Sabine. I had the idea to make themed posters for each season, reflecting the state of the Rebellion.

A Spark of Rebellion (art by me)

Season 1

A Flame is Fanned (art by me)

Mid-Season 1

A New Beginning (art by me)

Season 2

Character art

Fulcrum (art by me)

Ahsoka 'Fulcrum' Tano

Ahsoka and Vader poster

Master and Apprentice turned Hunter and Prey

Rebels Theories

Due to my wandering imagination and my love of (*cough*obsession with*cough*) Rebels, I've come up with a series of theories I've come up with and/or strongly support. I'm keeping a list of the ones that I came up with and/or supported that have come true, as well as some new ones. And, warning, I'll interject a lot of my nerd-ness in the middle. Sowwy. :)

Stuff I Think/Want To Happen

Not everything's completely theorized yet, so I'm giving the less developed ones simple descriptions. :)

  1. Bridger Transmissions distributed by Fulcrum: Simple, really, as well as logical. How could they last so long sending out transmissions without the aid of a like-minded rebel? The Bridgers worked with Fulcrum in distributing their messages! And I wonder if Ahsoka feels a sense of responsibility for orphaning Ezra as well as wanting to protect another kind-of Jedi, and that's why I think she was so adamant on getting Ezra into hiding during Kanan's capture.
  2. Boba Fett? Boba Fett? Where?!: He's going to come back. It's just going to happen, I feel it. Hoping for interaction between him and our resident graffiti-artist Mandalorian, love to see her reaction to him and vice-versa. :) And, yes, I had to give the theory that name. I just had to!
  3. Leia and the Rebel Network: Come on, her dad's part of the group running it! And besides, how could you do something in this time period and not have Leia? She's the original Star Wars kick-butt awesome leading lady, as well as the reigning Princess of Pith! She's where I learned all of my sarcasm from, as well as Black Widow and Coulson and Skye from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. :) So, I'm just waiting for her to have like an internship or some apprentice-like role in the Network.
  4. Ahsoka knows about Padme and Anakin: Okay, I'll admit, I can't recognize half of the social cues that people use regularly. I'm completely awk-weird (Thank you for that word, Kim Possible) with anyone but my mother and brother, and even then I constantly have to ask for explanations to what they're saying. But, come on, even a socially-awk-weird person like me could've seen what went on between Anakin and Padme if they knew the two well. And Ahsoka knew them just as well as Obi-Wan knew them, and Rex knew Anakin that way, too. They're not blind. And what Ahsoka said, when Anakin mentioned he knew how it felt to want to leave the Order, the way she said "I know you do." just tells me that she knew something was going on. To what extent, I don't know, but I know that she knew something! And if she knows Leia, and if Bail told her Leia was adopted... Ahsoka can put two and two together. :)
  5. The Walking Carpet and the Scruffy Lookin' Nerf Herder: Not expecting them till S3, at least (you know there'll be one, Rebels has EXPLODED with popularity), but they're like Leia: you can't have something in this time period without at least a mention of Han and Chewie. I'm guessing that either Ahsoka will introduce them to the two, or Hera will: Ahsoka knows Chewie from the Clone Wars, and smugglers and rogue pilots tend to know one another. I just see it happening.

Stuff That I Thought/Wanted To Happened That Actually DID!

I know, keeping track of this is a know-it-all move. But I'm just over-the-moon that all this stuff happened. And I think the only reason I guessed correctly on any of these is that I'm an uber-obsessed SW geek that loves to write my own SW stories. It's all stuff I would've done and made happen.

  1. Ahsoka is Fulcrum: While Bane7670 originally came up with the concept, as time went on I started noticing the clues as well, and after dismissing my "Leia is Fulcrum theory", threw my whole-hearted support into the theory and started looking for every little clue everywhere. Did I mention that Ahsoka's kind of the whole reason I'm this obsessed with Star Wars? :)
  2. Yoda's voice-over location and Ezra's lightsaber: When I saw the synopsis for Path of the Jedi the first time, I had a funny feeling Ezra was going to get his (totally awesome!) lightsaber. And, sure 'nuff, there it was. At the announcement that Yoda would have a voice-over role (it was announced on my B-day! Epicness!) I just knew they'd be going to a Jedi Temple somehow.
  3. Lando and Idiot's Array: I just knew it would be Lando. They announced Billy Dee Williams' voice over months and months before the episode, but, I mean, come on. He IS Lando. And, considering how exactly Lando lost the Falcon to Han, I knew he'd be in Idiot's Array after seeing the episode title. I totally loved the ep-- Hera was totally kick-butt AWESOME!
  4. Ezra's lightsaber scars: I'm a huge EU nut (as previously established), and I know quite a bit about lightsaber functions. Lightsaber blades are plasma, and though they don't really give off much heat (I don't think), they'll cauterize a chopped-off limb's blood flow in a snap, and they leave scars. Anakin's scar was (in the EU) from Ventress' blades, so Ezra's Inquisitor's saber scars were bound to scar. It was just logical.
  5. Sabine's S2 look: Okay, disclaimer: I'm putting Phoenix logos everywhere just like Sabine. Moving on from my complete artistic weirdness, I know how some artistic people are about colors. We're constantly moving around with current favorite colors. Right now, mine's electric blue. Sabine's got spray paint and hair dye and loves bright colors, so it was a given that she'd change her hair and armor. I'm loving the new armor, as well! Funny bit, though, I just thought it'd be cool and randomly suggested the idea on the Theories thread one day. I didn't think it'd actually happen!
  6. Inquisitors: They're everywhere!: Okay, Bane pointed this out: Ezra's wording in Rebel Resolve when he (stupidly!!!) told Vizago he and Kanan were Jedi was "Why they would send an Inquisitor to Lothal?" AN. There's more. I expected just one, but I think there's two of 'em! (Had to give the theory name that title. Fellowship of the Ring, Elrond's expression when Merry and Pippen pop out of nowhere just screams "More Hobbits! They're everywhere! Everywhere!" Yeah, I'm crazy)
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