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The risk you Bridgers take, Tseebo say you must think of your son.
―Tseebo's concern for Ephraim and Mira Bridger[src]

Tseebo is a Rodian who fromerly worked for the Imperial Information Office until he deserted in order to get classified Imperial information out with an AJ^6 Cyborg Construct.



Tseebo was a close friend to Ezra's parents, Ephraim and Mira but their small fight against the Empire worried him a lot. Concerned for their son's safety, he insisted that what they were doing was a great risk for both of them as the Empire was capable of doing such terrible things to people who tried to commit treason. However, Mira and Ephraim were not afraid to stand up for what they believed in or for their son's freedom.

When the Empire came for Mira and Ephraim, Tseebo tried to help them but he was afraid to do so and as a result, they were captured and taken away while their son Ezra was left on the streets. Ashamed for not being able to save them, he went to work for the Imperial Information Office and was implanted with a Borg AJ^6 device, sacrificing his personality for productivity.

While working at the office, he searched for information on what happened to Mira and Ephraim Bridger so he could tell Ezra. He found what he was looking for but as a result he ended up downloading half of the Empire's secrets into his cybernetic implants, schematics on new TIE Fighters and Walkers, schedules for Trooper tactics and strategies and a five year plan for Lothal and every other world in the outer rim.

Rediscovered by Ezra

On the Empire's fifteenth anniversary, Tseebo fled the office but soon became a wanted man with the Empire looking for him and had the entire planet on lock down, preventing any chance of him getting off Lothal.

He went into hiding at Ezra's old home where he was found by Ezra, Kanan and Sabine. Where Kanan and Sabine learn that Empire Day is Ezra's birthday. When they had a look at what he was carrying in his circuitry, the Rebels attempted to smuggle him off Lothal but it would not be easy with the Empire pursuing them.

Remembering Ezra and Forgiveness

As the Rebels attempted to escape on the Ghost, Tseebo briefly regained his senses and when he recognized Ezra, he revealed to him knowledge what happened on the day his parents were taken away. He struggled to tell Ezra but all he could say was he failed to help them and hoped Ezra would forgive him before his circuitry came back online. Unable to understand, Ezra refused to forgive him and didn't want to know anymore, mainly because he was afraid of what the truth maybe. However through the force Ezra told Tseebo he was forgiven while on Fort Anaxes and was delivered into safe hands with Fulcrum. Before leaving he passed on to Hera what he discovered about Ezra's parents.

Final Battle with the Inquisitor

After Ezra is knocked down on to a second platform during a battle with The Inquisitor, he started to hear Tseebo's voice calling his name. Ezra soon woke up and watched Kanan battle the Inquisitor.



Ezra Bridger

Main article: Ezra Bridger

Tseebo and Ezra.

Tseebo was a close friend to Ezra's parents but didn't help them when the Empire came and took them away, which angered Ezra greatly. Tseebo tried to make it up to Ezra by accessing Imperial files to find out what happened to Ezra's parents and accidentally downloaded half of the Empire's secrets. When Ezra was trying to let go of his fear to connect to the Fyrnocks, he contacted Tseebo through the force telling him that he forgave him and Tseebo saying that he is also is sorry for everything. Before Tseebo left with Fulcrum, Tseebo hoped that he will see Ezra again.


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  • He is voiced by Peter MacNicol.
  • The Borg Construct Aj^6 device that Tseebo wears is similar to what Lobot wore in The Empire Strikes Back.
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