• Here are my predictions of the season finale

    Prediction 1: The rebels will learn that Vader has a son, who is the only hope to defeat him.

    Prediction 2: General Kallus will join the rebels. This is likely do to the ending of S2 EP 14 that Kallus will leave the empire and possibly sacrifice himself so that the rebels can escape.

    Prediction 3: Darth Maul will encourage Ezra to join the dark side. He will not side with the inquisitors and be more of a neutral character.

    Prediction 4: There will be a big battle between the inquisitors and Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka with the help of a “new ally”, until Vader arrives.

    Prediction 5: This “new ally” will most likely be Darth Maul or Kallus. Kallus makes sense because he was considering joining the rebels previously.

    Prediction 6: Vader and Ahsoka will have an epic fight and Vader will “win”.

    Predication 7: After Vader wins the fight, Kallus will interrupt the fight and try to encourage Vader to stop. But Vader will simply push Kallus aside and kill Ahsoka.

    Predication 8: Meanwhile, Ezra and Kanan will fight the inquisitors and defeat them, most likely killing them.

    Prediction 9: Darth Maul will escape, and live to fight another day.

    Predication 10: Ezra, Kanan, and Kallus will return to the squadron and return in season 3.

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    • Sorry to Intrude but Kallus doesn't appear in that episode.

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