The relationships of Thrawn.


Arihnda Pryce

Thrawn and Price

Thrawn and Pryce.

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Thrawn and Pryce apparently share a positive relationship as Thrawn obliged Pryce's request to aid in dealing with the Rebels as a personal favor. Pryce holds Thrawn in high regard, higher than Agent Kallus or Admiral Konstantine, and her faith in Thrawn's abilities as a military leader are completely justified by his brilliance in stratagems and tactics as well as his recent promotion to Grand Admiral of his Imperial Fleet.

Her faith in Thrawn extends to agreeing with his decision to allow the Rebels to escape with their "meager reward" in order to track down the primary Rebel forces so as to defeat the Rebellion as a whole rather than merely eliminate a single cell or strike force from which they would eventually recover. Thrawn likewise trusts her, and leaves her in charge of his fleet above Atollon when he goes to the surface to capture the rebel leadership.

However after Kanan Jarus's death, Thrawn's trust and respect for Pryce vanishes. Her actions caused the destruction of the fuel supply for the TIE Defender plant, and her attempt to cover her failure with a parade earned nothing but the Grand Admiral's rage, and he promised to punish her once he returned to Lothal.

Captain Slavin

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Slavin and Thrawn only get along in accordance to their duties, but Slavin constantly questions Thrawn's tactics, and his own self-importance blinds him to the obviousm while his pettiness almost got him on the Thrawn's bad side, that it was only by the Chiss's self-control that he was spared any further antagonism from his superior officer.

Thrawn treats Slavin courteously but dismisses his babble and opinion, oddly patient with Slavin's protests until the fool insults his enemy's artwork.

Kassius Konstantine

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Thrawn has a low opinion of Konstantine, seeing him as inept and incompetent, that he easily saw through Konstantine's lie that he'd driven a rebel group out of a system when really he'd been defeated while the rebels, along with their allies, the Iron Squadron, had escaped and succeeded in their goals. Despite this failure Konstantine placed in charge of an Interdictor Cruiser during the Battle of Atollon, during which Konstantine openly defied Thrawns order, resulting in his demise. Thrawn hoped his carelessness wouldn't undermine his efforts towards victory.

Darth Vader

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Thrawn and Vader meet during the Clone Wars when he fought alongside Jedi General Anakin Skywalker on the battle of Thrugii Asteroid belt, were Thrawn was impressed with Skywalker as a warrior and military leader. Skywalker was also impressed with the Chiss Warrior, speaking of him highly to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine on his return to Coruscant. They meet again this time as Darth Vader. Due to Thrawn meeting Skywalker, he was able to figure out Vader and Skywalker are the same person.


Hera Syndulla

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War. It's all you've ever known, isn't it? You were so young when you survived the Clone War. No wonder you are equipped in spirit to fight us like you do. War is in your blood. I study the art of war. Work to perfect it. But you...You were forged by it.
―Thrawn to Hera[src]

As a member of the Rebellion that Thrawn vowed to tear apart piece by piece Hera is an enemy of his. However, despite being an enemy, Thrawn didn't act in a hostile or aggressive manner with Hera while interrogating her and after exposing her as one of the rebels, quite the contrary, his behavior was patient and even polite. After being locked in a cell Thrawn promised to keep her family heir loom in a place of honor and thanked her for her "hospitality" considering the fact that the place they were in is actually her home.

Jun Sato

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The two commanders have had an encounter in the past, and Thrawn respects him as the best commander to come out of Mykepo. He treats him as cunning and orders his ships to hold position rather than risk falling victim to Sato's ingenuity.