"The Wynkahthu Job" is the forty-sixth episode of Star Wars Rebels. It is the ninth episode of the third season. It premiered on November 26, 2016.


Meeting up with a modified Imperial Landing Craft, Ezra and his fellow Rebels met with Hondo Ohnaka and his new "partner" Azmorigan. All, except Ezra, were not so keen of working with Hondo or Azmorigan, especially Hera after Azmorigan tried to buy her from Lando and make her a servant. However, the Rebels reluctantly agreed to work with them after Hondo revealed that he had some Intel that the Rebellion would be interested in acquiring; a supply of weapons and most of all Proton Bombs aboard an abandoned Imperial Class 4 Container Transport. Later, both Hondo’s ship and the Ghost arrived at planet Wynkahthu, where this abandoned transport was. According to Hondo, he encountered the ship berthing in the upper atmosphere. Checking the Ghost’s computers, Sabine found that the ship had gotten stuck in one of Wynkahtu’s atmospheric storms, and was slowly being pulled inside a vortex which would eventually destroy it along with its cargo. Azmorigan presents the ship’s manifest to the Rebels and confirmed it was loaded with proton bombs and precious treasures that both he and Hondo were most interested in claiming. The Rebels remained cautious about trusting these gangsters, but also knew they could not pass up this chance of getting their hands on some explosives for the Rebellion. With everyone in agreement to go ahead with the mission, the Rebels began work on a strategy. Studying the chart, Hera saw no way of offloading the cargo from the ship and suggested they find another way. She tasked AP-5, since he was familiar with the specs for a Class 4 container transport, to work on a plan with Zeb, who would also be leading the mission. Ezra started to protest that he should lead the mission since he found the information first. Despite his complaints, Hera had made her decision.

The Ghost flew into the stormy atmosphere of Wynkahthu as Zeb’s salvage team prepared to board the ship. They were given a quick briefing from Hera that the cargo ship was sitting above the storm’s vortex but was sinking fast. They had to work around the clock before the ship completely went and under and get ripped apart. Accompanying the salvage team was Hondo, Ezra, Chopper, and Azmorigan, while Sabine stayed behind to receive the cargo. Hondo recommended that Azmorigan should stay aboard the Ghost, as it could be dangerous, Azmorigan insisted on going to be sure he got his half of the treasure. The Rebels opened the cargo ramp of the Ghost and jumped onto the cargo ship's hull. Once inside after finding a manhole they found that all the shop’s power systems were down. Zeb told Chopper to restore the power in order to aid their search. After sending Chopper on his way the rest of them proceeded with their search. Travelling down the corridors, they quickly sensed movement and then Hondo got attacked by a small creature who turned out to be the former Ugnaughts labourer Melch. When the Rebels recognized him, Hondo was reluctant to talk about his Ugnaught crew but Zeb insisted. With little choice, Hondo told the Rebels that he and Azmorigan were responsible for the cargo ship getting trapped in the storm. They attacked it with ion mines which caused it to drift into the maelstrom. Hondo then claimed that his Ugnaught crew bravely boarded the ship, only for Melch to angrily respond in Ugnaught that he abandoned them and left them to die. Hondo tried to deny doing so and claimed that he loved his crew as a his "short, fragrant family." As compensation, Hondo offered Melch two percent of the treasure which the Ugnaught happily accepted. Zeb was visibly angry with Hondo. He lied to them and only contacted the Rebels after he lost his entire crew. Zeb vowed to pull out the pirate’s arms after they salvaged the proton bombs.

Meanwhile, the Ghost remained alongside the cargo ship but the winds were getting stronger. Hera asked Zeb for a status report and he told them that they were outside the hangar door now. Zeb tried to force the door open but it did not budge. So he instructed Chopper to restore the ship's power plant. However, Ezra ignited his Lightsaber and sliced through the door. Zeb ordered him to stop but Ezra cut a hole through the door. Azmorigan and Hondo were excited to see the treasure while Ezra was delighted to find the proton bombs. While Hondo and Azmorigan squabbled over the treasure, the Rebels began loading the bombs. The Ghost faced the rear cargo door of the Imperial cargo ship, and after attaching two connecting cables Zeb and Ezra started loading the first batch of proton bombs. As they did so, Ezra noticed that Azmorigan had disappeared. He tried to contact him but got no reply. Although Zeb did not care for Azmorigan, he reluctantly decided to go and find him. Ezra continued to load the cargo, but was reminded that the bombs went first and the treasure came second. Zeb traveled down the hallway searching for Azmorigan only to be stunned by an Imperial sentry droid.

Meanwhile, the Rebels had loaded the fourth batch of the proton bombs from the cargo ship, but suddenly things got worse when the ship’s controls short-circuited due to a lighting strike. This caused the cargo ship to lean towards the vortex. After Chopper informed Ezra of what had happened, he passed the word onto Hera. She told them to evacuate, but Ezra explained that Azmorigan had disappeared and Zeb had gone to find him. Because neither one of them had returned yet, Ezra went off to find them. He tried to enlist Hondo’s assistance but saw that he was more interested in getting his treasure than the concern of the others. In the brig, Zeb woke up to find himself in a cell opposite of Azmorigan. Zeb used his comlink to tell Ezra where he and Azmorigan were and there was some kind of droid on board. Listening in on AP-5, he apologized for overlooking the presence of Imperial sentry droids. He suspect that the droids were reactivated when the power was restored to the ship. AP-5 advised them not to engage the droids because the consequences would be problematic. Hera ordered her crew and the gangsters to return to the Ghost because the ship could not take any more pummeling from the winds. After Ezra encountered Chopper, they found their way to the brig and released Zeb and Azmorigan from their cells. While making their way back to the cargo bay, they sensed an approaching sentry droid. Zeb told them to hide in the corridors but a panicking Azmorigan charged at the droid and shoot it down with his blaster. While it looked like they no longer needed to worry about the droid, AP-5 on the comlink warned them that Azmorigan's actions had reactivated the other hibernating sentry droids.

The Rebels and gangsters soon found themselves pursued by four sentry droids while Hera ordered them to evacuate immediately. They fled into the cargo bay with the sentry droids in pursuit. Ezra told Hondo and Melch to leave now but Hondo insisted on taking their treasure with them despite Ezra's protests. The Rebels exchanged fire with the sentry droids and shot one down. Hondo and Azmorigan loaded their treasures onto the cables and raced to the Ghost. Ezra asked Hondo where Melch was and the pirate claimed that the Ugnaught fell into the vortex. Chopper activated his rocket boosters and flew back to the Ghost. Ezra and Zeb jumped onto the last batch of proton bombs and raced back to the ghost. However, the sentry droids shot the cable gun, causing Zeb and Ezra to fall into the skies of Wynkahthu. However, the two Rebels managed to cling on and climb back aboard the Ghost with the help of Kanan. Behind them, the cargo ship was torn apart by the vortex and the sentry droids were destroyed in a fiery blast. Later, aboard the Ghost, the Rebels thanked each other for their successful recovery mission. Meanwhile, Hondo and Azmorigan proceeded to argue about their treasures, and when they opened their chest they were shocked to find a living Melch inside.





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  • The episode's title is a reference to the 1969 British caper film, The Italian Job.
  • The original title for this episode going to be the "Commodia Job" (and later, "Pirates of the Commodia System") as the planet's spiral flush of atmospheric turbulence inspired a toilet joke or two. Better taste prevailed, and the planet was renamed Wynkahthu.
  • The Imperial Sentry Droids were inspired by the Dark Troopers from the Star Wars Legends video game Star Wars: Dark Forces.
    • The Sentry Droids built in blasters are repurposed E-11 Stormtrooper rifle.
  • Melch now wears Hondo's pirate symbol on his helmet.
  • The Twi'lek "Ark of the Covenant" first seen in the background element in Star Wars: The Clone Wars is among the treasures aboard the transport.
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