"The Holocrons of Fate" is the third episode of the third season of Star Wars Rebels. It is the fortieth episode of the series overall. It was released on October 1, 2016 on Disney XD.


Maul returns to complete his dangerous plan, and the Ghost crew is caught in the middle.


Ezra and Kanan were on their way to rendezvous with one of their transport ships, only to discover that it was severely damage as if it had been attacked. On board, Ezra and Kanan discovered the remains of what looked like a big fight. They only found one survivor and a droid. Although weak, the surviving Rebel mumbled "red blade", looking for Ezra, and was forced to tell where the Ghost was. Ezra at first suspected it was an Inquisitor and Kanan felt they needed to warn Hera. They returned to their ship and made contact with Hera, only to discover that she and the others had been taken prisoner by Maul. He wanted both the Jedi and Sith Holocrons in exchange for the safety of their friends. Despite Hera’s plea to not give in, Ezra and Kanan agreed to bring him both Holocrons. However, getting them would not be easy. The Jedi Holocron was aboard the Ghost and the Sith Holocron was with the Bendu.

Travelling through hyperspace, Maul had Hera, Sabine, Zeb and Chopper cuffed and held at gunpoint by his droids. Forced to go with his request, Hera gave Maul a tour of the ship. She showed him their cabins. The last one was Kanan’s, which was where Maul wanted to be. He wanted to know where Kanan kept the Holocron but Hera refused to say anything, claiming she knew nothing about him. Maul did not believe her, and used the Force on her to reveal where Kanan’s Holocron was. He succeeded and found the Holocron hidden in a draw under the bed.

Meanwhile, Ezra and Kanan returned to Atollon and arrived at the place where Kanan met the Bendu. Kanan called for him and there was no reply. Seeing that nobody was around, Ezra at first did not believe his master about the Bendu. Suddenly, Krykna Spiders appear. Ezra panicked but Kanan did not. He tells his apprentice to remain calm but, due to a past experience with the spiders, Ezra hesitated and ignited his Lightsaber. The spiders surrounded the two Jedi but then ran away as the Bendu appeared before them. He welcomed them both and the Jedi got down to the point. They explained to the Bendu that Maul had taken their friends hostage and he wanted both the Jedi and Sith Holocrons for reasons they did not know. The Bendu suspected that he was planning to bring them together which he described to be a great danger. While the Holocrons were basically libraries of information, they were also more. According to the Bendu, if two such powers sources of knowledge were combined they would grant a Jedi or Sith through The Force a vision of any secret, wisdom or destiny they sought. Such hidden truths could bring chaos in the hands of evil. Ezra asked the Bendu where the Sith Holocron was, only to be told that he must seek it out with his master before pointing the direction to where the Holocron lied; deep inside a Krykna spider’s cave. Ezra chose to go in alone but not before Kanan took away his weapon, knowing that the spiders would attack if he tried to fight back. Ezra was warned by the Bendu that the cave ran deep with many twists and turns, so he would have to rely on Kanan’s guidance if he was to find the Holocron.

Back on the Ghost, Maul, full of frustration, struggled to open the holocron with his own power. The Rebels took this opportunity to capture Maul and reclaim the ship. Using Chopper as a distraction, the Rebels took out the droids and removed their binders. They escaped to the engine room, and as soon as Maul noticed they were missing he began searching for them. The Rebels lured Maul to the cargo hold and captured him by using the magnetic fields that attract Maul’s mechanical legs. However, he managed to break free by deflecting back a blaster shot that destroyed the control terminal, shutting down the field. He quickly overpowered the Rebels and recaptured them.

Back on Atollon, Kanan continued to guide Ezra through the spider caves through the Comlink. Ezra felt lost and at the first sight of Krykna spiders he panicked. He became surrounded but is saved by Kanan, who decided to come and help him. A Krykna spider approached them, but through the force Kanan drove it away. Ezra was impressed by this since he could never do it before, only to be told that ever since Malachor Kanan had been forced to see things differently. They venture on into the caves and for a while Ezra said nothing. Then, he finally opened up and admitted his guilt for what happened on Malachor, only to be told that it was not his fault. Kanan assured his apprentice that he did not blame him for what happened and now it was time for him to forgive himself. Ezra gave a sad smile and embraced his master with a hug before continuing their search. They soon found the Sith Holocron guarded by a dozen Krykna spiders. Remaining calm, both master and apprentice used the force to levitate the Holocron to them. At the same time they attracted the attention of the Krykna spiders, and despite Ezra’s fear Kanan instructed him to remain calm no matter what. They now had the Holocron, and remaining calm Kanan and Ezra left the cave peacefully and unharmed. They returned to the Bendu, who gave them one last warning. Maul would not be able to open the Jedi Holocron without assistance from one of them. Should either one of them chose to assist Maul there would be a price once they unraveled the secrets of both Holocrons.

Soon Ezra and Kanan were on their way to the meeting point, which was a secret base located in an asteroid field. Upon landing, they found Maul waiting for them. Even though they brought what he wanted, Maul was not yet done. He had Ezra escorted to the commander center while he took Kanan to see their fellow Rebels. However, Maul double crossed Kanan once again and sent him out the airlock to die in the vacuum of space. But Kanan managed to float back inside the hanger bay before he could suffocate. He then took out the droids who were holding Hera, Sabine, Zeb and Chopper, and set them free before they turned their attention to saving Ezra.

Maul met up with Ezra in the commander center and had him sit with him. Before they began, both admitted to one another that they knew that if they combined the Holocrons they would be granted the answers they sought. Ezra sought the destruction of the Sith while Maul only sought something simpler and equally elusive; hope. Then Maul and Ezra moved onto the task at hand. Using the force they combined the Jedi and Sith Holocrons. Through blinding light, Ezra began to see something but could not make it out. Maul encouraged him to look further. Just then, the Rebels showed up. While the others were blinded by the light, Kanan walked into it. He persuaded his apprentice to turn away while he could while at the same time Maul encouraged him to stay focused on his desire. Soon Maul began to see what he desired and so did Ezra, with Maul claiming to see "him" and Ezra seeing "twin suns". However Kanan convinced Ezra to look away, causing the beam of light produced by the Holocron’s to erupt. In the midst of the commotion, Maul slipped away and escaped, full of aggressive ambition by what he had saw. "He lives!" he kept saying.

Meanwhile, Ezra explained what he saw. Images of places that were familiar and unfamiliar. He was unsure if it was what he wanted to see or what Maul was trying to see. Ezra did not know what they meant but Kanan guaranteed they would find out together.







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  • The episode's title is a nod to the musical score used throughout the Star Wars prequel trilogy, "Duel of the Fates".
  • This is the first episode of Star Wars Rebels to directly point out that Kanan Jarrus was originally known as "Caleb Dume" when he was a Jedi padawan. The name was first revealed in the prequel novel, A New Dawn.
  • When the Jedi and Sith holocrons are joined, Ezra and Maul ask to be shown how the Sith can be defeated, which brings on a Force vision. Ezra says that he sees "twin suns" - possibly referring to Tatooine - and Maul exclaims "he lives!" This is likely referring to Ben Kenobi watching over young Luke Skywalker during his exile on Tatooine.
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