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Ezra using Telekinesis.

Telekinesis was the power of the Force enabling Force users to move and otherwise apply force on objects and people around them with their minds, willpower, and focus, allowing a user to apply their power in various ways.


Telekinesis enabled Force users to move ships in accordance with their will, which could be achieved regardless of the object's size, weight and mass. The type of motion achieved depended on the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user, as well as their natural limits. This was demonstrated by Darth Vader when he caught a walker and kept it from crushing him underneath it as the Ghost Crew running.

There were several variations of telekinesis that were achieved by varying levels of knowledge and skill with the Force.


The Force Push was one of these applications, which was using the Force to create a telekinetic pulse that pushes obstacles or even people backwards, sometimes even sending them flying a varying distance, such as when Ezra first used the ability to save Zeb from Kallus by pushing the agent away from the Lasat. The Force Push was also known to be used as a Force "slingshot" as shown in "Homecoming".

The Force Pull was another, allowing a Force user to telekinetically pull an object towards them, as Ezra did when he pulled Kanan's lightsaber from The Grand Inquisitor's belt to his hand.

The Force Choke was a technique primarily associated to Dark Side users to apply telekinetic pressure to an individual neck and throat to grab, choke or strangle them, which could result in death if applied long enough or with enough pressure to crush the neck of the vicim.

Physical Augmentations

Users of the Force could naturally apply the Force to their own physical abilities, specifically their speed, agility, endurance, and stamina, allowing them to enhance their physical performance above normal levels, usually in short intervals.

The Force Jump was using the Force to allow a Force user to jump higher than they were naturally able.

A similar ability was Force Speed, allowing a Force user to run much faster than they naturally could for short moments.

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