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Lived on Lothal all my life. Never been here."
"Locals call it Tarkintown.
―Ezra Bridger and Zeb Orrelios[src]

Tarkintown, formally known as Lothal Re-settlement Camp 43, was a small settlement located on Lothal.


Oppression under the Empire

Named after Grand Moff Tarkin, the governor of the Outer Rim, the settlement suffered greatly during the Galactic Empire's takeover of Lothal. Tarkintown's name was given to it by its few remaining residents, after Tarkin kicked all farmhands off their land, and threatened any negotiations as acts of treason. Anyone who tried to fight back against the troopers was arrested or even killed.

Spark of the Rebellion 61

Tarkintown residents.

After the Empire's involvement, Tarkintown was left out of all Imperial-advertising, with the exception of HoloNet, which indirectly mentioned the settlement.

Lothal Minister Maketh Tua eventually put Tarkintown back on the map, when she offered additional housing in the settlement, an offer aimed mainly towards Lothal farmers.

Center of Crime

Following the devastating state Tarkintown was left in, a Devaronian crime lord named Cikatro Vizago decided to make it his center of operations. Here, Cikatro was armed with an army of IG-RM Thug Droids, which did most of his dirty work.

The Siege of Lothal

There is a small refugee camp nearby."
"Yes, 'Tarkintown' they call it.
Darth Vader to Agent Kallus[src]

Darth Vader ordered Tarkintown to be burned down. Local farmers were held captive. The rebels later visit nearby to get supplies from Lando Calrissian's droid Ezra and Kanan drive speeders to the burnt down Tarkintown.


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