Theory about Inquisitor

I saw the latest episode, Fire across the Galaxy and I'm not delighted. Inquisitor was one of the coolest characters in the Rebels. And now he's dead. I hope, however, he has survived. And what are You thinking about that, guys? Kora-Magna

The Inquisitor was my favorite character. He was one of the coolest Sith Lord in the whole galaxy. Every time I watch Fire Across the Galaxy. It stays cool enough. But when The Inquisitor sacrifices himself by falling in the lava, I feel sad. I think he should been a Jedi Master as the first season started and he would not have died, my brother also thinks that and wanted that to happen just like me and he also likes The Inquisitor. He said the things about The Inquisitor that I wrote down in this letter or message.

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