The TIE Bomber was a bombing variant of the TIE Fighter used by the Galactic Empire, and was their main source of anti-emplacement air-support.


The TIE Bomber was the Empire's prime assault bomber. While slower and less maneuverable than standard starfighters, these bombers provided excellent "surgical strike" potential against ground and deep-space targets.

TIE Bombers had double pods and elongated solar panels. The standard pod held the pilot's compartment as well as flight computers, communications, and life support. The port pod contained the forward and main ordnance bays as well as the targeting and delivery systems. The ship was powered by Sienar Fleet Systems P-s4 twin ion engines mounted as a single unit between the two pods. The TIE Bomber's weaponry included high-yield proton bomb, guided concussion missiles, orbital mine and free-falling thermal detonators. Depending on the mission configuration, TIE Bombers could carry eight concussion missiles or four proton torpedoes in the forward ordnance bay. The main ordnance bay could carry eight more concussion missiles, four additional proton torpedoes, eight proton bombs, six orbital mines, or sixty-four thermal detonators. Two front-firing laser cannons provide protection from enemy ships. Their targeting computers were mounted below the forward ordnance pod. Bombs were fed through the bombing chute behind the targeting computers, while missiles were launched through the missile port at the front of the port pod.

TIE Bombers were exceptional for ground bombing missions. Their targeting computers were precise enough to level specific buildings while leaving adjacent areas unscathed. They were maneuverable and fast enough for low-altitude bombing runs in cramped situations, such as canyons and cities. A Star Destroyer typically carried one squadron of twelve TIE Bombers.



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