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T-7 Ion Disruptor
T-7 info
Production Information
Type: Disruptor rifle
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Purpose: Disable starships
Kill multiple sentient lifeforms
Users: Imperials
Kanan Jarrus
Cikatro Vizago
I can make some beautiful music with these."
"They're not that kind of instrument!
Cikatro Vizago and Garazeb Orrelios, on the T-7 disruptor[src]

The T-7 ion disruptor rifle was a type of powerful energy weapon, designed to disable vehicles. A single shot could disable a Starship or topple an AT-DP walker.

Although conceived as an anti-vehicle weapon, the T-7 disruptor had very gruesome effects on living creatures destroying them atom by atom. This led to the Senate banning the weapon on humane grounds.[1]

T-7 ion disruptors were once used by the Empire against the people of Lasan when they attacked the planet. Few Lasats survived and none remained on Lasan. ISB Agent Kallus boastead about giving the order to use them to antagonize Lasat survivor, Zeb.[1] Later, he revealed that he had lied when he took credit; he didn't plan on a massacre at Lasan, but the Empire wanted to make an example.[2] Despite the Senate's ban, the Empire was shipping those Disruptors as prototypes so they could mass produce them on Lothal.[1]


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