This page is for nominating users to become administrators of the site.

  • If, after no less than seven days from the nomination, the voting is unanimous and the nominee has accepted, then a bureaucrat will grant the user administrator privileges. If no consensus has been reached within fourteen days, the nomination is rejected.
  • If rejected, the user must wait 30 days before becoming eligible to be nominated again. There is no limit to the number of times a member may be nominated.

Voting Etiquette

In order to vote on nominations for administratorship, you must be a registered user with more than 5 un-reverted edits. There are three sections for each nomination: Support, Oppose, and Comments.

  • Use a # sign instead of a * sign to mark votes so it is easy to see the number of votes.
  • The nominee should not vote for himself, but instead mark the initial section of the nomination as Accepted along with his signature. The nominee may make additional comments in the Comments section.
  • You may provide a rationale (reason) when supporting a nomination.
  • You must provide a rationale when objecting to a nomination. Any objection that clearly has no connection to this project or one that does not list a rationale can be considered invalid.
  • If you wish to discuss the nomination without voting, use the comments section.
  • If you wish to remove your vote, please strikethrough it by surrounding it with <s></s>. This is so we can accurately track the voting, especially once it's archived.

Open Nominations


Normally I'd support it since you have experience and seem like a great administrator but Vendun first can only make admins and before when a user asked he said that we didn't need anymore admins at the time. Hopefully he'll reply to the message I just left him and sort this whole thing out.---Rsz_1rsz_power_button_black.pngArmadillos lurk in your toaster Rsz_1rsz_power_button_black.png
I support this nomination, I think he would make a great admin, when the time is right and the show starts.  --Evanf
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