The Star Wars Rebels Wiki has a set of policies and guidelines which are expected to be followed. If a user does not follow these policies, depending on what they do, they will be given a series of three warnings. After which, if they're violated again, said user will be blocked for a period of time, depending on the violation.


We are serious. Do not use any type of profanity even if it's heavily censored. There are young folks who might read this Wikia, let's try not to get them influenced by profanity.


We do not take words from other different wikia's. It is not fully unacceptable to take said text and place them on the Star Wars Rebels wiki in the exact same words. Copying and pasting can be permitted as long as you immediately paraphrase the entire article. In short try and keep it as original as you can.

We don't allow users to advertise on the wiki, it is forbidden as this wiki, doesn't need it.


Image Titles

When uploading images, use names that make sense. Poorly named files are unacceptable, so please make sure all pictures are named clearly and relevantly. If any image that is found with a poorly written name, it will be either renamed or removed and a warning will be sent to the its uploader.

  • Acceptable: Ezra Bridger.jpg
  • Unacceptable: gdseaiywrtgrsdfgjhe.jpg

Fan Art

Users are permitted to add fan art and fanon but only for their user pages or blogs, not the main articles. This includes edited pictures, deviant art pictures and drawings, and unrelated pictures.


Users cannot add fanfiction or false information that is not confirmed by a legitimate canon source. They are allowed to add it to there user pages or blogs but not articles.


low-resolution or bad quality images are not permitted, only decent quality images. Images such as photographs taken of the image on a television screen, pictures that contain blurry focus are unacceptable.

Photo Spamming Policy

Refrain from adding almost every single frame of a scene and space out your pictures based on how long the video is. Please do not add blurry pictures of characters moving quickly and do not post pictures nearly a second apart. Such pictures are considered irrelevant and will be removed. Failure to comply to this rule will be met with penalties and repeated violations will result in your account being temporally suspended or permanently ban.



When applying screenshots, they must be placed in the correct order of their appearance and specifically sectioned by the episode they appeared in when applied to character galleries. If there are screenshots that come from an unknown episode then they should be sectioned under "Miscellaneous" until further notice. If a character has appeared in more than one season then the screenshot sections should be split by season or moved to separate galleries if the main gallery becomes over filled. If a character has appeared in only one season then you only need to apply the section as "Screenshots".


Sources are essential when leaked or spoiler materials have been official announced. Only U.S. marketing sources are permitted.


Giving away plot details to a yet-to-be-released title is a growing concern within fan communities. Star Wars Rebels Wiki does not allow spoiler information to be added to articles until after the title has premiered in the U.S. market.

  • Non-spoiler is information given through official synopsis (usually found on official websites); information directly given on official online TV program listings and trailers (no speculations).
  • Spoilers regard information from non official or foreign sites that directly reveal details on upcoming episodes before U.S. announcements are made.

Once the U.S. premiere date arrives, editors must add a Spoiler Warning to articles. This warning must remain on the article for, at least three days.

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