Ghost Raid

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Fly the Ghost across the galaxy and raid Imperial shipments for the growing rebellion!
―Official description

Star Wars Rebels: Ghost Raid is a Star Wars Rebels game, found on the Disney XD website.

In Ghost Raid, the rebel crew of the Ghost, led by Kanan Jarrus, attempt to steal cargo from Imperial supply ships.



At the start of the game, the player may choose between either Novice or Heroic difficulties. Once the difficulty has been selected, the player is briefed on the controls, before being launched into battle.


The Ghost is controlled by moving around the mouse. In order to shoot, players must left click. Alternatively, the play can also press the space bar to drop one of Sabine Wren's homemade ion bombs.


Power ups (Ghost Raid)


Throughout the many levels featured in Ghost Raid, the player will come across several power-ups. These power-ups, when picked up, will help the player in various ways.

  • Imperial Credits - Imperial Credits help add to your total score.
  • Wrench - Collecting a wrench will repair your vehicle. This upgrade applies to both the Ghost and Phantom.
  • Turret Upgrade - Grabbing a turret upgrade will add an additional laser to the back of the Ghost, firing two blasts at once. This upgrade extends to the Phantom shuttle, as well.



Level selection (Ghost Raid)

Level selection screen

Ryloth is the first mission in the game. The level serves as somewhat of a tutorial, as it frequently drops hints on the player. The level features both TIE Fighters, and Imperial Troop Transports.


Christophsis is, from a gameplay perspective, very similar to Ryloth. Once again, the player will be bombarded with waves of TIE Fighters. The biggest addition in Christophsis is the inclusion of AT-DPs. AT-DP's are slower than Ryloth's Imperial Troop Transports, but they deal slightly more damage.


Rather than introducing a new enemy type, Kashyyyk combines both the Imperial Troop Transports and AT-DPs into one mission. Additionally, the mission is significantly longer than its predecessors.


Toydaria is, from a gameplay standpoint, identical to Kashyyyk. Both the AT-DPs and Imperial Troop Transports return.


Lothal is the final level in Ghost Raid. That being said, it is also the most difficult. The number of Imperial infantry is significantly incresead. This may cause some issues while piloting the lesser-armored Phantom. The mission combines all the previous enemy types, rather than introducing any new ones.


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