The relationships of the Seventh Sister.


Darth Vader

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The Seventh Sister served as one of Vader's Dark side adepts, obeying his every command without question. At the bidding of her master, Vader ordered the Sister to partner with the Fifth Brother and continue the Grand Inquisitor's work to hunt down and vanquish the Ghost crew and the Phoenix Squadron they have allied themselves with since Kanan Jarrus is a Jedi and when Ahsoka Tano, Vader's old Padawan, is discovered among them as the Phoenix de facto leader.

Fifth Brother

Shroud of Darkness 01

The Seventh Sister and The Fifth Brother.

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The Fifth Brother served as the Seventh Sister's partner in hunting down Kanan, Ezra and Ahsoka. While at times the two don't see eye to eye, they work together quite well. The Fifth Brother tends to pull rank at times, annoying the Seventh Sister. However, the Fifth Brother will rely on the Seventh Sister's instincts and if the situation calls for it, follow her orders.

Eighth Brother

Twilight of the Apprentice 08

The Seventh Sister and The Eighth Brother.

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Not much is known about the Seventh Sister relationship with the Eighth Brother, as they are not seen directly interacting with each other very much. On Malachor, the Eighth Brother called the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother for help when he was captured by Kanan and Ahsoka. They answered his call and went to his aid, with the Seventh Sister personally freeing him from his bounds, commenting "an excellent day's hunting" whilst doing so. However, she was also perfectly willing to allow him to pursue their quarry alone and "soften them up" to make it more likely that she and the Fifth Brother could successfully kill or capture them.


Ezra Bridger


The Seventh Sister and Ezra.

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Such a noble act. Just like a Jedi.
―Seventh Sister commenting on Ezra's nobility.[src]

The Seventh Sister first encountered Ezra on an abandoned Republic Medical Station, where the two engaged in a quick lightsaber fight, where the Sister takes him hostage. Through out her interrogation, she taunted Ezra about being scared and having no one to train him. But it would seem, like the Grand Inquisitor, she would like to have Ezra as an apprentice and even acknowledges him as a Jedi. She even also complimented Ezra's abilities to a degree. Oddly, the Seventh Sister seemed to have a slight unhealthy attraction towards Ezra. At the time of her demise, the Sister helplessly pleaded with Bridger for her life and even glared at him in fear when the boy raised his lightsaber.

Ezra quickly developed an intense dislike towards the Seventh Sister, expressing annoyance at her attempts to seduce him. However, despite his dislike for her, he couldn't bring himself to strike her down when he had the chance, and even felt sympathy when Maul murdered the helpless Inquisitor.

Sabine Wren

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Sabine and Ezra encountered who they initially mistook for a bounty hunter until the Seventh Sister ignited her lightsaber. Sabine tried to destroy the Sister's probe droids, which dodged and shocked her, until Ezra shorted out a blast-door, cutting himself and the Sister off from Sabine to protect her.

Sabine would be captured by the Sister's partner, the Fifth Brother, and when Ezra was refusing to talk, the Brother threatened Sabine's life. Thankfully, Zeb came to her and Ezra's rescue, and Sabine covered their escape by shooting at the Inquisitors. Because her partner was deflecting Sabine's shots, the Sister wasn't able to prevent their targets from getting away.

Kanan Jarrus

Such a handsome face

The Seventh Sister vs Kanan.

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The Seventh Sister battled Kanan on several occasions; as with Ezra she seemed to enjoy taunting the Jedi, commenting that he had a "handsome face."

Ahsoka Tano

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Ahsoka was a primary target on the Sister's list, by order of her master, Darth Vader. When first they met, the Seventh Sister by her own words called the meeting "Unexpected but not unwelcome", surprised but eager to capture Ahsoka to please her master. However, she underestimated Ahsoka and was completely outclassed and even disarmed by the former Jedi.


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The Seventh Sister recognized Maul on sight upon encountering him on Malachor, and quickly determined that he was after the Holocron at the Malachor Sith Temple. The two engaged in battle on two occasions, with Maul encouraging Ezra to kill the Seventh Sister after immobilizing her on the latter; when Ezra refused, Maul eliminated her himself.

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