The Sentinel-class Shuttle was a type of transport used by the Galactic Empire.


The Sentinel-class shuttle had a command crew of five including the pilot, the co-pilot/sensor officer, the head gunner, and two secondary gunners. The head gunner handled the four retractable laser cannons mounted in pairs on each side of the main troop compartment. One gunner handled the two concussion-missile launchers, which drew from individual magazines of eight missiles each. The final gunner handled the ion cannon and rotating repeating blasters. The ion cannon was mounted in a retractable turret in front of the stationary wing, used to delay and disable enemy vessels. Rotating repeating blasters were deployed upon landing to provide cover fire.

The ship's combat modifications could include armor plating that was nearly twenty-five percent heavier than standard Lambda armor. Four deflector-shield generators, mounted fore and aft pairs, supplement the hull's protection.

The ship's troop compartment could carry six squads, for a total of fifty-four Stormtroopers. The hold behind the troop compartment had room for a dozen repeating blasters as well as six speeder bikes. The Sentinel's removable seating units allowed the ship to be converted quickly to a straight combat vehicle delivery vessel or to a combat-ready cargo ship.


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