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This is gonna be fun. Very fun.
―Sabine Wren, before vandalizing a TIE Fighter[src]

Sabine Wren (codename Spectre 5) was a young female human Mandalorian and the weapons expert of the Ghost crew.


Early Life

Sabine was born on Krownest in the waning years of the Galactic Republic, into Clan Wren of House Vizsla. Her mother Ursa Wren was a member of Death Watch during a time when Mandalore had fallen into chaos after the collapse of the Mandalorian government, near the end of the Clone Wars. Trained from an early age in through the Mandalorian warrior culture, Sabine forged her distinctive armor with her family.

After the Clone Wars ended, the Galactic Empire established a presence on Mandalore and opened an Imperial Academy, which Sabine attended as an Imperial Cadet. As a youth, she believed in the Empire and, even as it put her through some rough stuff, followed its orders blindly. During her time at the Academy, she studied the tactics of Twi'lek Resistance leader Cham Syndulla and The Protectors leader Fenn Rau during the Clone Wars. This would eventually put her at odds with the Imperial establishment there, and led to a nightmarish experience.

As Sabine witnessed the Empire subjugating Mandalore, she was wracked with guilt at her own role in helping the Imperials to build the weapons used to subjugate her home. When she spoke out against the Empire, Ursa, her father, and her brother Tristan Wren sided with the Empire and cast her out. Estranged from her family, Sabine escaped the Imperial Academy with the help of her friend, Ketsu Onyo, and deserted the Empire. Sabine's decision to renounce the Empire had serious ramifications for her family. Her father became a hostage of Viceroy Gar Saxon. Ursa was forced to prove her clan's loyalty to the Empire while her brother Tristan was forced to serve in Saxon's Imperial Super Commandos so that the family could remain in Saxon's favor.

After her escape, Sabine and Ketsu then became bounty hunting partners; the two were like sisters, though Sabine was the softer of the two. Together, they dreamed of joining the criminal organization Black Sun, all the while doing things just for money and caring only about themselves in an attempt to survive. Ultimately, they parted on bad terms, due to Ketsu getting "greedy" and leaving Sabine for dead.

Sabine Wren was born on the planet Mandalore in the waning years of the Galactic Republic, and raised in the ancient warrior culture alongside her older brother Tristan as secondary heir to Clan Wren, a part of House Vizsla, in which her mother Countess Ursa Wren was a member of Death Watch. During this time, her homeworld was falling into chaos since the collapse of the New Mandalorian government near the end of the Clone Wars. But as the war ended, the peace was restored when the Galactic Empire established a presence on Mandalore, and her belief in it made her attended as a cadet in its Imperial Academy. There, she followed the Empire's unethical orders blindly, but her habit with studying the tactics of several Clone War heroes eventually put her at odds with her Imperial mentors. So, by the time Sabine was 13, she regretted her choice when it led to a nightmarish experience consisting of the Empire negatively affecting her family, who refused to stand with Sabine when she spoke out against the Empire for using weapons she had developed against her own people.

Sabine luckily retained a great deal of sympathy towards the weak, thus earning her a place in the rebel crew of a VCX-100 Light Freighter called the Ghost by the time she was sixteen, becoming one of its youngest crew members alongside Ezra Bridger when he came along.


Ambushing a TIE depot

On the planet Lothal, Sabine was sent into a Imperial TIE Fighter depot in an attempt to create a diversion for the Ghost. Once inside, she vandalized a TIE by painting rebel graffiti onto its wing. This drew the attention of some nearby Stormtroopers, who ordered her to stand down. She managed to escape, and began toying with them. The Stormtroopers eventually reported Sabine to their unit, who began to search the perimeter.

However, they heard a strange noise that turned out to be a bomb rigged to the TIE fighter she was vandalizing, which then exploded. After taking a moment to admire her colorful explosion at the Ghost's captain Hera Syndulla's comment on it, Sabine strode off into back into town and disappeared into the night.

Meeting Ezra Bridger

A few months later, Sabine helped fellow rebels Kanan Jarrus and Zeb Orrelios hijack a shipment of crates from the Empire's hands, planted an explosive on one of the speeders as she walked by and causing the Imperials to flee with their load. Kanan and Zeb stop them, but when Ezra Bridger stole the goods, the two chase after him, while Sabine jumped on Ezra's speeder to compliment his "gutsy moves" and detach one of the crates, warning him Zeb would finish him and disappeared down an alley with the crate. She rejoined with the crew aboard the Ghost and made a run for it to space. Sabine manned the forward cannons so Hera could have an opening for the jump to hyperspace. Ezra took a liking towards Sabine the moment she revealed her beauty and tried to charm her, but she never returned the affection.

Mission to Free Wookiee Prisoners

After returning to Lothal, Sabine along with Zeb and Ezra, delivered three of their stolen crates full of food to Tarkintown, a refugee camp named after Imperial Outer Rim governor Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, to feed the local farmers who lost their farmlands to the Empire. The Rebels later had a new mission to rescue Wookiee prisoners and Sabine was given the task to sabotage the Imperial Transport Ship with Chopper's help. By the time they realized that the whole mission was a set up from Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) Agent Kallus when Hera sent Ezra to warn them that Kallus' Star Destroyer, the Lawbringer, was approaching, Sabine and Chopper disabled the artificial gravity for a couple of seconds allowing everyone time to escape and after departing from the Star Destroyer, where she detonated her planted explosives aboard the transport.

However, the Rebels learned that Zeb had left Ezra behind, so Hera insisted they rescue him. Zeb refused and so did Sabine, as she knew the Imperials would be waiting for them. However out of three votes, they returned to the Star Destroyer. Sabine, Kanan and Zeb found Ezra and escaped aboard the Ghost again leaving behind another explosive work of art. After being told what Ezra had learnt from the Imperials, Sabine and the Rebels journeyed to Kessel to rescue the Wookiee prisoners. It is at this point that when they are pinned down, she was already aware that Kanan was a Jedi. The rescue mission was successful and after sending the Wookiees on their way, Sabine and her fellow Rebels returned Ezra to Lothal until he later decided to join them.

Theft of Ion Distrupters

Sabine holding a T-7 Ion Disruptor.

Since the crew of the Ghost were running low on fuel and supplies, the rebels decided to accept another order from Vizago to steal a weapons shipment from the spaceport on Garel before it fell into the Empire's hands. After traveling to Garel on a Star commuter shuttle ST-45 while Hera flew to the planet on the Ghost, Sabine and her rebel companions headed to Bay 7 of the spaceport where they discovered that the cargo shipment were T-7 ion distruptor rifles, which were banned by the Imperial Senate because they were able to instantly kill a living being. This discovery distressed Zeb since these weapons had been used in the brutal Imperial massacre on his homeworld Lasan. As Sabine, Ezra and Kanan loaded the weapons onto the Ghost and Zeb held the Imperials back, the rebels escaped Garel into hyperspace and unwittingly brought the droid duo C-3PO and R2-D2 along with them. Kanan ordered Sabine to place restraining bolts on them, but unknown to the rebels, the Alderaanian senator Bail Organa had sent the two droids on a secret mission to prevent the T-7 ion disruptors from falling into Imperial hands.

Chopper's companions then traveled on the Ghost to Lothal with the intention of selling the ion disruptors and the two stowaway droids to Vizago. However, C-3PO, mistaking the rebels for criminals, made an emergency call to the Star Destroyer of Agent Kallus, revealing the rebels' whereabouts. When the Imperials arrived, Vizago fled and spoiled the rebel's transaction. Although Sabine suggested that they also take flight, Kanan refused to let the weapons end up in Imperial hands and ordered the Mandalorian to destroy them. She wanted to get her explosives, but R2-D2 convinced Sabine to overload the disruptors and fire them at the Stormtroopers instead. Meanwhile, Zeb engaged in a one-on-one duel with Kallus, both armed with Bo-Rifles. During the battle, R2-D2 and Sabine overloaded the weapons and shoved them into the squad of Stormtroopers, killing all of them. The resulting explosion also knocked Zeb off balance, giving Kallus the upper hand. Before he could kill Zeb, Ezra inadvertently Force-pushed Kallus, saving the Lasat's life. They hurried back to the Ghost, where Chopper launched the ship and they were able to escape Kallus. The rebels then brought the two droids and the disruptors back to their owner, Senator Organa, who paid the rebels the credits that they desperately needed.

Fighter Flight

While Ezra was running down Chopper in the halls of the ship, he stopped by Sabine's room to offer her some "inspiration" for her artwork. Although she did not express any interest, she changed her mind when Chopper sabotaged Ezra's bunk bed, causing to collapse on a sleeping Zeb, and decided to paint the story on Ezra and Zeb's room wall to expose Chopper's prank. After Zeb and Ezra returned from their mission in the Kothal market, they visited Sabine, who showed them the artwork before they started chasing Chopper down the hall.

The Stygeon Trap

Later, Sabine and the crew of the Ghost received word on the HoloNet that the Jedi Master Luminara Unduli was still alive but was being imprisoned on Stygeon Prime. At the urging of Kanan, the rebel band decided to travel to Stygeon Prime and rescue Master Luminara, whom he believed would be a better teacher for Ezra than himself. While enroute to Stygeon Prime, Sabine studied the schematics of The Spire, the prison Luminara was being held in. She explained that the prison was impregnable, but Kanan replied that they had never been stopped by impregnable defenses before. She responded that they had never faced anything as secure as the Spire's defenses, but despite the odds, the rebels continued on their way to the Stygeon system. Upon arriving, Sabine and the other rebels left Chopper to look after the Ghost in orbit while they descended down to the prison in the Phantom, the ship's auxiliary vessel. While Hera waited aboard the Phantom, Sabine and the other rebels landed on the prison's landing platform and overpowered four Stormtroopers who were guarding the facility's entrance.

After entering the prison, Sabine accessed a computer and discovered that Luminara was supposedly being held in an isolation cell in the Spire's lower levels, which contradicted the schematics she had consulted on the Ghost. After entering a turbolift, Kanan devised a back-up plan and instructed Sabine and Zeb to guard the lift while he and Ezra ventured to Luminara's cell. Upon reaching the lower levels, the rebels encountered two more Stormtroopers whom they also knocked out and threw into the lift. Sabine attempted to contact Kanan, but discovered that the Empire was jamming their signals and quickly deduced that he and Ezra had stumbled into a trap. Sensing that the Imperials had sealed off their old route they came in, she and Zeb placed a detonator on their hijacked lift and sent it back up to the upper levels along with the two Stormtroopers they had incapacitated earlier. Several Stormtroopers who were waiting for the turbolift upstairs were caught in the explosion while Sabine and Zeb disabled the two remaining lifts in order to slow down any Imperial reinforcements. Fleeing, they met up with Kanan and Ezra, who had just discovered that Luminara was long dead, and that her bones were being used by The Grand Inquisitor as bait to lure any Jedi who survived the Jedi Purge to their fate. After dodging several closing blast doors with the Inquisitor on their tail, the four rebels entered an empty hangar bay.

While the Inquisitor was temporarily held at bay by a blast door, Kanan and Ezra used the Force to open the hangar bay's outer doors. However, the rebels encountered numerous Stormtroopers and parked TIE fighters waiting for them on the other side. During the ensuing blaster skirmish, Sabine and the other rebels used their last detonator to kill some of the soldiers. Shortly later, Hera arrived in the Phantom accompanied by a large swarm of Tibidees, flying beasts which proceeded to overwhelm the Stormtroopers. With the Inquistor and his troops preoccupied, Sabine and her rebel comrades managed to escape into hyperspace.

Infiltrating the Imperial Academy

Later, Sabine along with Zeb and Chopper kept a watch over Ezra while he infiltrated Lothal's Imperial Academy in order to steal a decoder containing the location of a powerful kyber crystal. While Chopper infiltrated the Academy disguised as an Imperial astromech droid, Sabine and Zeb waited outside the Academy to evacuate Ezra once he had accomplished his mission. The mission to longer than expected due to the high level of security at the Imperial Academy but Ezra managed to secure one more day from his rebel colleagues. With the assistance of fellow cadet Zare Leonis, Ezra succeeded in stealing the decoder from Agent Kallus' office. As planned, Ezra passed the device to Chopper who then gave it to Sabine and Zeb. Sabine transmitted the coordinates of the kyber crystal to Kanan and Hera, who managed to intercept and destroy an Imperial convoy transporting the crystal.

However, their plans to evacuate Ezra were delayed when Ezra and Zare discovered that another cadet Jai Kell had shown an affinity for the Force and attracted the attention of the Grand Inquisitor. After convincing Jai to escape with them, Ezra convinced Sabine and the other rebels to stage a diversionary attack on the Academy the following day. As planned, Sabine and her companions attacked the academy, allowing Ezra and Jai to escape using an AT-DP. After breaching the Academy's fortifications, the rebels escaped back to the Ghost on a landspeeder. Hera made arrangements for Jai and his mother to go into hiding. However, Zare opted to stay behind in order to discover the whereabouts of his sister Dhara.

Incident at Fort Anaxes

Sabine expressing her frustration to Hera.

Sabine, long with Hera and Ezra, later participated in a mission provided by Fulcrum, Hera's secret contact and a key leader of the underground Rebel network. As the Phantom came attack by TIE fighters, the narrow brush of death led Sabine to question Fulcrum's reliability and to ask Hera to reveal her source. Wanting to protect her knowledge of the Rebel network from the Empire, Hera refused to disclose this information and told Sabine that she already knew all that she had to know. But Sabine was unsatisfied and later, back on the Ghost, insisted on accompanying Hera on a supply run to Fort Anaxes, an abandoned asteroid base used by the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Upon their arrival, they discovered that Fulcrum had already fled their rendezvous point, and both girls were attacked by a pack of Fyrnocks while loading the supplies onto the Phantom. Attempting to flee, they discovered that Ezra and Zeb had failed to fix a leak in the Phantom's fuel line, thus leaving the tank to run out of fuel, so Hera contacted their crew mates on the Ghost for help.

Discovering that the Fyrnocks could not withstand sunlight, the two women devised a plan to use Rhydonium explosives to kill the creatures and quickly run out of them. In the nick of time, the Ghost shows up and saves them. Once safely aboard, Hera assured Sabine that she trusted her even more as a result of their adventure at Fort Anaxes, then promised the Mandalorian girl that she would eventually understand the cause they were fighting for. Sabine agreed and promised that she would try.

Empire Day

On the fifteenth anniversary of the Empire's establishment, Sabine was present with her fellow rebels at Old Jho's Pit Stop when three TIE fighter pilots visited the building in search of a Rodian Imperial Information office worker whose AJ^6 cybernetic implant has uploaded invaluable information on the Empire's military secrets and five-year plan for Lothal. Later that day, the Ghost crew (minus Ezra) planned to sabotage the Empire Day celebrations in Capital City by blowing up the new prototype TIE Advanced v1 prototype that was displayed to the Lothalian public. While Kanan planted a thermal detonator on the TIE's repulsor lift platform, Sabine and Zeb distracted the Imperials by lighting colorful fireworks. By the time the fighter was destroyed, Sabine and the other rebels fled and caught up with Ezra, who led her and Kanan to his shuttered family home while Zeb went back to the Ghost. There, they found the Rodian the Imperials were hunting, who Ezra introduced as Tseebo, a friend of his parents who went to work for the Information Office after the Empire took Ezra's parents away for setting up illegal broadcasting transmissions speaking out against the Empire's harsh rule in hope of making the galaxy a better place for their son, leaving Ezra to fend for his own on the Capital City streets since he was seven. Realizing Tseebo's value to the Rebellion, the crew of the Ghost agreed to smuggle him offworld.

Sabine wishes Ezra Happy Birthday.

Sabine drove a Imperial Troop Transport to get Ezra, Kanan and Tseebo through a military blockade and managed to reach the highway, pursued by several Imperial speeder bikers and another troop transport led by Agent Kallus. After fighting off their Imperial pursuers, they were evacuated by the Ghost and fled into space, with several TIE fighters led by the Grand Inquisitor hot on their trail. Unable to forgive Tseebo for not trying to save his parents, despite Sabine convincing him to, Ezra still had the Rodian help him fix the hyperdrive so they make a jump into hyperspace. However, the Inquisitor was a able to attach an XX-23 S-thread tracker onto the Phantom, so Sabine and the other crew aboard the Ghost with Tseebo while Ezra and Kanan departed on the Phantom for the asteroid base of Fort Anaxes to lure the Inquistor away and into a Fyrnock trap. After dropping a recovered Tseebo off at Fulcrum's Alderaanian blockade runner and Kanan and Ezra's return, Ezra, having to have forgiven Tseebo through the Force, insisted on having some private time. To cheer him up and lift his spirits of helping him make peace with the loss of his parents, Sabine gave him a holodisk she found back at the Bridger house, which contained a hologram of a much younger Ezra and his parents, as a belated birthday present.

Helping Ezra

After Ezra returned to the Ghost with a kyber crystal after his trials at the Lothal Jedi Temple, Sabine gave Ezra some spare parts for him to build his lightsaber. She was also present when the young Padawan presented his new weapon.

Dealing with Lando Calrissian

Sabine with Lando Calrissian.

Eventually, the rebels found themselves short on cash yet again. After Zeb and Kanan betted Chopper in a game of Sabacc against entrepreneur Lando Calrissian, they reluctantly struck a deal to help him smuggle goods to Lothal. During the job run, Sabine was commented by Lando on how well her art compares to that of Janyar of Bith, who happened to be her favorite artist. She was pretty impressed to find someone who understood her art, since Ezra only appreciated it, thus frustrating him. After the smuggler received a puffer pig from the crime lord Azmorigan and Hera returned an escape pod back to the Ghost after being traded for the animal as a slave, Sabine, Hera and Lando saw Ezra and Zeb scare the pig, causing the creature to inflate. This left Sabine Hera and the rest of the crew trapped outside the bridge with Lando and Kanan, Ezra and Zeb trapped on the inside, with Kanan being forced to take the helm of the Ghost.

To make matters worse, when Sabine was being convinced by Lando to let him purchase some of her art again, Ezra tried to climb over the pig, causing the animal to expand further and accidentally push Zeb to deactivate the Ghost's signature mask. The Ghost was then pursued by several TIE fighters but Kanan managed to loose them following a brief dog-fight, with Sabine manning the nose-guns to exchange fire with the TIEs. Upon landing at Lando's farm, the group were immediately accosted by Azmorigan and his henchmen, whom had come for retribution against Lando. However, the rebels fought them off and drove them away. During the fight, Sabine saw a chance to bounce on it to higher ground when Ezra convinced Zeb to scare the pig again and caused to bounce on two more men, knocking them out as two more were shot by Ezra and Lando. After Lando was saved, the crew departed on the Ghost with Chopper stealing Lando's fuel canisters as compensation for their risky job.

Rescue Mission on Lothal

Sabine taking part in Ezra's Jedi training session.

Sabine was among the rebels watching with Ezra the hope-bringing transmissions similar to those his parents made broadcasted by the exiled Senator Gall Trayvis, who spoke out against the Empire about rebels and hinted he's coming to meet with them at the Old Republic Senate Building on Lothal. While Ezra left to learn if the Empire knows about the meeting or not, Sabine took the others to his shuttered house to show them the transmission equipment that his parents put up until Ezra returned, telling them the Empire will indeed be waiting with a trap.

While using the sewers as a secret shortcut, Sabine commented that the tunnel smells a lot like Ezra. She and Zeb went up to the roof of the building to foil to the Imperial trap and escaped with other rebels into the sewer tunnel, with Trayvis in their custody. Though outnumbered, the group split up with Sabine went with Kanan and Zeb to hold off the Stormtroopers, not before reminding Ezra that he and Hera will be easy to find because she could smell him. They eventually regroup, only to see Hera knock out Trayvis, who was revealed as a double agent for the Empire, so they all fled, leaving Trayvis back in the care of the Stormtroopers.

Kanan's Capture and Rescue

Sabine aboard Tarkin's Star Destroyer with Hera and Zeb.

Following Kanan's capture by the Imperials during a mission for Ezra to send out a Rebellion broadcast to get even with Trayvis' betrayal, Sabine assisted Ezra in his search for him, despite Hera's orders from Fulcrum to withdraw from their search. With some help from Vizago, they were able send Chopper in the place of an Imperial droid to infiltrate an orbiting communications ship and discover that Kanan was being sent to the volcanic planet of Mustafar.

In order to bypass the Imperial blockage, Ezra and Zeb high jacked an Imperial Freighter from the same Imperial shipyard Sabine attacked months before while she kept the Stormtroopers distracted. They then used the TIE Fighter Ezra and Zeb stole a while back to fly aboard the Star Destroyer that had Kanan, despite its new paint job done by Sabine. Once the entire ship was disabled by an electromagnetic pulse from the TIE, Sabine and the Rebels docked with the ship and began their search for Kanan. However, the Imperials were on to them and had called in for reinforcements. The Rebels were forced to seal off the door that was their only way to Kanan, so Ezra went his own way through the air-vents, leaving Sabine and the others to find another way round. When the other Troopers on-board started to regain consciousness, their chances of getting back to the freighter seemed unlikely. So Sabine suggested that they take the TIE and headed for the hanger. Sabine, Zeb and Hera boarded the Rebel TIE and took off to regroup with Chopper, but he was no where present. However, as Kanan and Ezra caught up with them in the Grand Inquisitor's TIE, Chopper showed up and saved them with a fleet of other Rebel cells funded by Senator Organa and led by Fulcrum, who reveals himself to be Ahsoka Tano, an old classmate of Kanan's back in the Jedi Order.

The Siege of Lothal

Sabine gets hit by her own shots when Vader deflects them back to her.

Following the incident on Mustafar, Sabine and her fellow Rebels became part of a larger Rebellion with Ahsoka's rebel cell, Phoenix Squadron, but Lothal was now under siege. Sabine journeyed back to Lothal with her fellow Rebels to help Lothal Minister Maketh Tua defect to the Rebellion, unaware that they were being lured into a trap set by Darth Vader, using Minsiter Tua's desperation to escape as bait. When Minister Tua was killed in the staged attack, the Empire put the blame on the Rebels, turning Lothal against them. In order to escape Lothal, Sabine and the Rebels broke into the Imperial Complex to steal a shuttle. On the way, they were ambushed by Darth Vader himself and barely escaped with with lives. Sabine eventually got her armor damaged when Vader deflected her shots during an attempt to shoot him. She and Ezra, though, simply recognized the need to defeat him, but Kanan informed them that since Vader was a Sith, he was too strong both in the Force and in physical strength, and the only reason they were still alive was because he had been playing with them during the entire fight.

Knowing Vader would have a blockade waiting for them and the shuttle they stole wouldn't be enough against a huge attack, Sabine randomly suggested they would have to smuggle themselves off Lothal in order to bypass the blockade, which gave Hera an idea. The Rebels headed for Lando's place, and with help from his droid, W1-LE, Sabine created a series of sensor buoys that will replicate their signal and scatter Imperial forces when they try to track them. Her plan worked and with the Imperial forces scattered they were able to escape and return to the Rebel Fleet. Unfortunately, they were completely unaware that the shuttle they stole was planted with a tracking device which would lead the Empire to the fleet. Sabine and the other rebels boarded the Ghost with Ahsoka tagging along and engaged Vader's TIE Fighter in in a dogfight with her manning the turret. In spite of their best efforts, Vader was able to take out the Phoenix Squadron's A-Wing Starfighter squad single-handedly and destroy their command ship, Phoenix Home, forcing the crew aboard to retreat in escape pods to the remaining ships as they fled into hyperspace. But the Ghost crew were about get caught in a waiting Star Destroyer's tractor beam, so Hera had Chopper reverse all the ship's energy sources, including from the cannons, to the hyperdrive's engine (much to Sabine's shock), causing the rebels to jump into hyperspace even faster than the Destroyer's efforts to get a lock on them and get Vader caught in the beam instead.

Journey With Pheonix Squadron

Meeting the Clones

Following the near-destruction of their fleet, the Rebel network was facing a shortage of bases and facilities, but Sabine was at least lucky to change her appearance following her and her fellow rebel's encounter with Vader. However, when Ezra suggested that they need shelter on a remote system, Ahsoka sent the Ghost crew to fetch her an old friend on Seelos who might know where to find such bases. Upon arriving in the system, the Ghost was damaged, so Hera and Chopper remained behind to repair it while Sabine accompanied the rest of the crew to the planet's surface in the Phantom. There, they discover that that this friend was the former Republic clone captain Rex, who lived in an antiquated AT-TE walker with two other fellow clones, Wolffe and Gregor. After a brief misunderstanding due to Kanan's distrust of clones because of their role in Order 66, which Rex and his brothers resisted in executing, the rebels managed to convince the clones that they were friends sent by Ahsoka. The clones agreed to supply the necessary information on the bases in exchange for the rebels to participate in their hunt for a Joopa, with Zeb as the bait. After fulfilling their side of the bargain, the clones asked the rebels to stay for dinner.

However, Sabine entered the AT-TE walker's communication room and discovered that Wolffe, who distrusted the rebels, secretly alerted the Empire of their presence and hid Ahsoka's messages. After Rex convinced Wolffe that the rebels were their friends, the rebels and clones were visited by an Imperial probe droid that Rex was able to destroy, but not before it damaged the Phantom. Then, a group of three AT-AT walkers led by Agent Kallus arrived, so Rex and his comrades remained behind to hold them off in their AT-TE, despite being outnumbered and outgunned, while the rebels escaped in the repaired Phantom with Sabine at the wheel. But at Ezra's wishes, they headed back to aid the clones by hijacking one of the AT-AT walkers destroying Kallus' walker with it, forcing Kallus and his band to retreat. As a result, the rebels gained the respect of the clones, who agreed to join the Rebellion.

Encountering Double Trouble

Later, as Kanan was instructing Ezra to try and levitate Chopper with the Force, Sabine and Chopper decided to play a trick on the young Jedi by locking Chopper's feet to the Ghost's metallic floor. Despite Ezra's best efforts, he was unable to lift the astromech droid and gave up only for Rex to expose Sabine and Chopper's prank. Hera came in and assigned Sabine to take Zeb and Chopper on a supply run at an abandoned Republic medical space station, and Ezra sneaked off with them to avoid getting involved in Kanan an Rex's argument over lack of discipline and plenty of wits. Once they arrived, and Sabine had Chopper power up the station, she, Ezra and Zeb searched for the supplies, unaware that their presence had attracted the attention of two new recently dispatched Inquisitors, The Fifth Brother and The Seventh Sister. After her ID9 seeker droids incapacitated Chopper, the Sister lured Sabine and Ezra into a hallway. Sabine fought the seeker droids off of her while Ezra engaged the Sister in a duel. The Brother then joined the fight, and Ezra opened a shut door for Sabine to escape through while he held the Inquisitors back, only to be captured.

Sabine's life being threatened by the Fifth Brother.

Now separated from Ezra, Sabine found Zeb, who was stuck in a ventilation shaft, and told him what happened. Advising against contacting Kanan on the situation since it would only expose the Rebel network's location to the Empire, she and Zeb resolved to rescue Ezra on their own, first trying to stop the Brother from hunting down Sabine with the seeker droids using thermal detonators. But the Brother used the Force to launching the explosives back, knocking Sabine unconscious in the ensuing blast and capturing while Zeb escaped. Hauling her of to where the Sister was keeping Ezra, he and the Sister tried to coerce Sabine and Ezra into contacting their fellow rebels but they refused. Eventually, Zeb contacted Ezra after rescuing Chopper, posing as "Commander Meiloorun" and offering them support. To avoid endangering Zeb, Ezra refused to reply, but when Sabine was threatened to be decapitated by the Brother, he reluctantly complies. She and Ezra were were herded into hangar bay six by their Inquisitor captors, so Zeb created a commotion with the Phantom that enabled them to escape their captors clutches and board the attack shuttle. Following a brief struggle, the four rebels escaped with the medical supplies and back to the rebel fleet. Upon returning to the Ghost, they informed Kanan, Hera, and Rex about their encounter with the two Inquisitors. This news came as a shock to Kanan, who was unaware that there was more than one Inquisitor.

Finding Power Cells

The crew of the Ghost later set up base on Garel, and after interrupting an argument between Kanan and Rex about whether Ezra's future lay as a soldier or Jedi, Sabine was selected to participate in a mission to find fuel cells to deliver to the people of Rinn, who were experiencing an energy crisis. Ezra and Chopper remained behind to clean up the Ghost, but were caught in an unauthorized mission involving a bargain to obtain power generators from Vizago and the pirate crime lord Hondo Ohnaka. These generators were subsequently delivered to Sabine and other crewmates of the Ghost so they could use them to help stop the crisis on Rinn.

Deal on Shantipole

Later, Sabine and her fellow rebels took part in an attempt by the Phoenix rebels to deliver relief supplies to Ibaar, which was blockaded by an Imperial fleet commanded by Agent Kallus. Following the failure of the first attempt which results in the destruction of a rebel transport and the death of the Phoenix leader, Sabine and Zeb accompanied Hera on a mission to contact the engineer Quarrie, who lived on Shantipole, which was inaccessible to many spacers. The Mon Calamari in question was said to have just recently developed the B-Wing Starfighter, which could break a blockade in one fell swoop. While they traveled to Shantipole in the Phantom, Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper rendezvoused with a transport ship to pick up supplies for their second attempt to break the blockade. There, the engineer allowed Hera to fly the vehicle after she recounted her childhood love for flying. While Sabine and Zeb were initially skeptical of the B-Wing's effectiveness, they were mollified when Hera completed her test flight.

Shortly later, they received a transmission from Kanan that he and the other Ghost crew had departed to deliver supplies for a second blockade run on Ibaar. Although the B-Wing was unable to start its hyperdrive since Hera's test flight had drained its power, she found a way around this problem when she learned that Quarrie had modified the Phantom to include a hyperdrive system. Using the Phantom to tow the starfighter, Sabine and her companions traveled to Ibaar just in time to rendezvous with the rest of Phoenix fleet, who were preparing to break the blockade. From there, Hera used the B-Wing to destroy an Arquitens-class light cruiser, which enabled the Ghost to travel through the gap in the Imperial blockade and drop its supplies down to the Ibaarians. Following the successful relief of Ibaar, the Twi'lek pilot was promoted as the new Phoenix leader at Kanan's recommendation.

An Old Friend

Sabine reunited with an "old friend".

Sometime afterward, Hera assigned Sabine on a mission to pick up a courier carrying sensitive information at Garel City's spaceport, accompanied by Ezra and Chopper. While they did not know how the courier looked like, the rebels were told that the individual would respond to the code phrase: "It's a long way to Alderaan." and ordered to deliver him to the Havoc Station. On the way to the spaceport, Ezra voiced his views about Sabine's personal habits to her. He noted that she seemed to be a loner because she usually handled her missions alone, stayed in her room a lot and ate alone. However, Sabine did not respond since she was preoccupied with the mission, eventually noticing a strange symbol painted on the spaceport's wall, which she remembered belonged to Ketsu. After eleven hours greeting any embarking passenger they were expecting the phrase from, Sabine and Ezra discovered that the courier was a GNK power droid named EG-86, who had come with the cargo. Unfortunately, the three rebels learned that the Black Sun syndicate had also found the droid useful, and were cornered by Ketsu, who is now working for and assigned by the Sun their on the opposing mission to collect EG-86. However, Sabine was unwilling to allow Ketsu to take EG-86. Before a showdown could take place, the two parties were visited by a squad of Stormtroopers. A three-way battle broke out and the rebels managed to board a shuttle with EG-86 in tow. While taking-off, Ezra was hit by laser fire and fell out of the shuttle's side door. Sabine and Chopper fled into space but were pursued by Ketsu's ship, the Shadowcastor, which damaged the shuttle's hyperdrive. As Ketsu blasted the side door open, Chopper was sucked into space, but Sabine secured EG-86 and reactivate the force field.

The Mandalorian was then contacted by Ketsu, who demanded her to surrender the power droid again, but she refused and dared her old friend to shoot her. As planned, Ketsu fired but found out Chopper had disabled her cannon turret. Taking advantage of Ketsu's distraction, Sabine fled but was forced to return when Ketsu captured Chopper using her tractor beam projector. Docking the shuttle in the Shadowcastor to face Ketsu, who offered to split the Empire placed on her and her fellow rebels, Sabine stated that she no longer has interest in profit since she joined the rebellion and offered Ketsu to join as well for the same second chance she had. However, their confrontation was interrupted by a transmission from an approaching Imperial light cruiser which had been tracking the stolen shuttle, forced Sabine and Ketsu to put aside their differences and to work together against this common enemy. Sabine devised an escape plan which involved exploding the shuttle and escaping on the Shadowcastor, instructing Chopper to overload the shuttle's hyperdrive, then contacted the Imperials and claimed that their ships had sustained severe damage and were in danger of self-destruction. However, the Imperials quickly realized her ruse when she planted explosives all over the shuttle and reactivated the pilot droid to put the shuttle on an emergency protocol, and opened fire on the shuttle, knocking her unconscious inside. Ketsu saved her and together they escaped with the droids aboard the Shadowcastor before the shuttle exploded, enabling the ship to slip away.

Following their delivery of EG-86 to the Havoc Station, both Mandalorian girls and Chopper returned on the Shadowcaster to Garel where Ezra and Hera were waiting to congratulate Sabine for her successful mission and thank Ketsu for her assistance. Before parting, Sabine told Ketsu that she was welcome to join the rebellion, but she declined, and Ezra asked Sabine if that was the last they'll see of her while watching her leave. Sabine answered "No", and was glad of it.

The Imperial Interdictor

Following the disappearance of a rebel patrol in the Del Zennis system and Ezra leaving to accompany Phoenix Commander Jun Sato on a mission to find them, Sabine and the other crew of the Ghost received a distress transmission from Sato that his CR90 corvette had been pulled out of hyperspace and captured by the Empire upon reaching the same destination. While the rebels were puzzled because they knew it was impossible for the Empire to use their tractor beams to pull a ship out of hyperspace, Sabine suggested that it was possible if the projection wasn't a tractor beam but rather a gravity well, recalling that during her time at the Imperial Academy on Mandalore, she learned that the Empire was developing a new cruiser, called the Imperial Interdictor, with gravity well projectors powerful to do such. As Kanan had ordered her and the rest of the crew to suit up for a rescue mission, Hera instead sent Kanan along with Rex and Chopper to infiltrate the Indicator and save their rebel comrades. Kanan, Rex, and Chopper not only succeeded in the mission with Ezra's help but also destroyed the Interdictor by colliding it into two nearby Imperial light cruisers. Sabine assisted the rescue mission by stealing a Sentinel-class landing craft for Kanan and Rex to enter the Indicator with, additionally painting a picture of Jedi and clone fighting together in the cockpit.

Escaping Garel

Prior to the Imperial attack on Garel, Sabine was monitoring the Ghost's systems when she received intelligence that the Imperial fleet based at Lothal was preparing to depart for an unknown purpose. Ezra, who had just experienced a Force vision of his parents, saw this as a sign that they should immediately depart for Lothal. Hera then came Zeb and Chopper, who was out on a grocery run, to tell them to join them aboard the ship, but both Lasat and droid were pursued by several Stormtroopers. This coincided with the appearance of an Imperial fleet above the city which had come to crush the rebel presence there. By the time Ezra and Kanan returned from saving the grocery runners from the Imperial pursuers, Sabine and her fellow Ghost crew departed into the skies above Garel. During the flight, Sabine sat beside Hera at the helm of the Ghost. Under Hera's orders, the Phoenix rebel fleet began departing for space, but at least one ship was hit by Imperial fire and crashed onto the streets of Garel City. When Sato's and Rex's new command ship, the Liberator, got captured by the tractor beam projector of the Relentless, Sabine helped Hera undertake a risky maneuver and used the Ghost to knock out the projector, freeing the captured ship and fleeing into hyperspace. Meanwhile, Ezra, along with Kanan and Chopper traveled to Lothal on the Phantom to find the sign from his parents.

Rendezvous With A Royal Guest

While in contact with Kanan, the news of what he and Ezra learned from former Lothal Governor Ryder Azadi, who was imprisoned by the Empire for supporting the Bridgers' anti-Imperial broadcasts, about what had happened to Ezra's parents during their escape from prison left Sabine and the other rebels sorry for him. Luckily, Hera had some good news; Senator Organa heard about their loses on Garel and sent reinforcements to the rebellion to pick up on Lothal aboard three Hammerhead corvettes captained by his adoptive daughter, Leia. Sabine and the other crewmates remaining aboard the Ghost set out to meet with Kanan, Ezra and Chopper at Ryder's hideout after the two Jedi picked up the Alderaanian princess disguised as a Stormtrooper and cadet, and saved them and Ryder. But to perpetuate the ruse that Leia was still a loyal Imperial citizen, the rebels had Ryder kidnap Leia while Sabine sent Zeb to "knock out" Kanan and Ezra and take them "prisoner" aboard the Ghost. This development startled the Imperials, who wondered when the rebels began taking prisoners. With all three corvettes secured by the Empire with Gravity Locks under the direction of Lothal's supply master Yogar Lyste since their arrival on the planet, neither Sabine nor her fellow Ghost crew saw any chance of success except getting one of the ships instead of all three. Leia however motivated the crew by saying how they could get them, and a plan to get all three ships began to form. Ryder joined in, saying that explosives would not be able to disable the gravity locks and offered his help in exchange for getting off of Lothal. With Kanan, Ezra and Leia distracting the corvettes' Imperial security from the Phantom, Sabine and Chopper helped the ex-governor disable the gravity lock of one of the ships and took control of it while Ryder moved onto the next two, with Hera providing air support. Unfortunately, the AT-AT walkers surrounding the area proved resilient to the Ghost's armament, so Kanan kept them busy while Ezra went to free the other three ships with Ryder before bidding farewell to Leia and joining Sabine in the third ship while they all fled into hyperspace. Back at the rebel fleet, Sabine and her fellow Ghost crew were pleased that they managed to get all three ships, and Ryder, now realizing that what Ezra's parents started had become even larger then he thought, agreed to join the rebellion for their son's sake.

Combat With The Protectors

When the rebels decided to consider new hyperspace routes in and out of the local sector without the Empire making the rebellion's travel around the Outer Rim difficult with each encounter, Sabine suggested Concord Dawn, which housed a Mandalorian colony that was not yet within Imperial territory. She said that they were the only types of warriors who follow their own rules, leaving open the possibility that they could ally with the Rebellion against the Empire. As Hera led her and some Phoenix pilots to the planet, they encountered three Fang Fighters that came alongside so that their leading pilot, Fenn Rau, one of Concord Dawn's Protectors, could demand why they were in his system. Hera explained it was to seek safe passage, but when she mentioned that they were with the rebellion, Rau ordered an attack on them as he served the Empire's interests. Sabine and the other rebel pilots were ordered to retreat as Hera led Rau and his pilots on a chase. The Phoenix Squadron were able to escape but Sabine refused to leave without Hera, so she went back and towed her Twi'lek friend's A-Wing through hyperspace and back to the rebel fleet due to how heavily-damaged it was.

Gravely injured, Hera was taken for medical attention, yet Sabine, despite Ezra and Zeb's effort to comfort her, could not help feeling guilty for leaving her behind and vowed to seek justice against the Protectors. Her report on Rau, though, brought back memories for Kanan and Rex, who both remembered the Protector commander as fighter pilot instructor for the Republic during the Clone Wars who served alongside Kanan and his master Depa Billaba in the Battle of Mygeeto. Since negotiations were no longer an option, Sabine recommended destroying the Protectors' fighters so they no longer posed a threat to the fleet, since she had tracked them to the third moon of Concord Dawn. Kanan, however, suggested that they infiltrate the base and destroy the Fang fighters before approaching with the fleet, but planned to go alone because he didn't want to risk any more of his crew members. So he took only Chopper to accompany him and took the Phantom to Concord Dawn. Still determined to seek justice, Sabine stowed away on the mission and learned that the Jedi still intended to seek a diplomatic solution. As they approached the surface of the planet's third moon, Chopper dropped them off near the Protector's Camp, where Sabine and Kanan performed reconnaissance and discovered that the base had eight Fang fighters in total all spread out, so it would take Sabine a while to plant explosives on them. An Imperial shuttle soon landed to provide supplies for the Protectors, and the rebels witnessed Rau reporting his encounter with Phoenix Squadron. With a clear link between the Protectors and the Empire, Sabine doubted that Kanan's plan will work, but nonetheless proceeded with the plan as soon as the shuttle left. She began planting the explosives while the Jedi had a meeting with Rau, and was just up to rigging seven of the fighters when she got caught.

Held at gunpoint, she that her Mandalorian clan was part of House Vizsla and sought justice through single combat against Rau. Shocked, the Protector's troops reported her invoke of the Mandalorian code to seek combat to their leader. When the two Mandalorians confronted one another, Kanan ordered Sabine to stand down and not make an enemy out of the Protectors, but she refused, disarmed Rau of his blaster and triggered the explosives, destroying all eight fighters. Unfortunately, Rau hopped into the remaining fighter and took off to attack the rebel fleet, but Kanan critically damaged it, grabbed him from the cockpit and leaped into the pursuing Phantom as Sabine stirred it over to him. Returning to the fleet, the Ghost crew had Rau order his men to stand down and keep his capture a secret to the Empire, knowing that a fight could bring the Empire into rebel territory. As a result, the rebels were allowed to pass the Concord Dawn system. Sabine visited Hera, who had just regained consciousness and was pleased with the outcome of their mission.

Transporting Lasat Refugees

When Ezra received a tip from one of his contacts, Sabine, and her fellow rebels accompanied him on a rescue mission to Nixus Hub 218, where two refugees were being held prisoner by the Empire. They arrived to find the refugees being led out of a cargo container at gunpoint, and the Ghost crew immediately caught a glimpse of who they were: a Lasat warrior named Gron and Lasat shaman named Chava the Wise. This shocked Zeb, who believed himself to be the last of the Lasat, and the rebels quickly attacked the Stormtroopers and Imperial officer in order to free the prisoners. They were afterward greeted by the contact, who turned out to be Hondo, and Gron turned out to have fought in the Lasan Honor Guard with Zeb as his captain, much to Zeb's discomfort. His fellow rebels were surprised, as he never told them that he was captain of the Honor Guard, but the Lasat dismissed it, saying only that it was a long time and he had forgotten that life. With reinforcements bound to show up, the crew began the return trip back to the Ghost. Hondo asked for the payment he was promised only to discover that Ezra deceived, leaving the Weequay pirate proud of his young friend. While heading back to the ship, the crew were informed by Chava that they were a journey to their new world, Lirasan, which was described in the prophecy as a safe system to begin a new life. Zeb did not believe in prophecies, however, nor did he believe in a future for his people. While this was discussed, Ezra was contacted by Hondo on a transmitter Sabine noticed was given to the boy by the pirate that their presence had been noticed that a squad of Stormtroopers that showed up and began a firefight, cornering them in the Nixus halls. Giving the Lasat refugees the chance to fight, Sabine threw Stormtrooper blaster to Gron, but he insisted that he doesn't duel anymore despite Zeb's encouragement to do so. Meanwhile, Hondo quietly sealed a few doors, cutting many of the Stormtroopers behind them off from the rebels, thus giving them the window to fight their way back to the Ghost and take off, departing and escaping into hyperspace just as Agent Kallus arrived in an Imperial light cruiser.

Safely in hyperspace, the Ghost crew learned from Chava that she did not know the location of Lirasan as it was uncharted and from an ancient Lasat legend. In order to find it, the galaxy's spirit, the "Ashla", prophecised that "the child" must first save "the warrior" and "the fool". While the warrior was assumed to be Zeb, the child was assumed to be Ezra, who commented that the Ashla sounded like the Force, which according to Kanan had many names. Sabine commented that this was going to be an interesting ride and watched the ritual Chava designed to guide her and Gron to their new world. Once it was over, it was revealed that Zeb was the child, and was instructed by Gron to assemble his bo-rifle as the ancient Lasan Honor Guard once did to interact with Chava's staff, to Sabine's amazement. With that done Zeb used the tip to create a surge of electricity on a map of the galaxy activated by Chopper, which pointed to an uncharted world in Wild Space. Realizing the prophecy could be true, the rebels plotted a course beyond the Outer Rim. Unfortunately, when Sabine asked how far away Lirasan was, she and Hera were forced to bring the Ghost out of hyperspace due to an imploded star cluster that's gravity field could destroy any approaching ship, which Chava recognized as the "maze to Lirasan", standing in their path. Then, Agent Kallus' light cruiser emerged behind them thanks to a captured Hondo's assistance with a tracker the pirate place on the communications device he gave Ezra. As Kallus gave them a minute to surrender or be attacked, Chava immediately stated that he was the warrior and advised that there are many children, warriors, and fools, but in time Zeb would get the chance to become all three. Realizing it was his destiny to lead the way to Lirasan, Zeb used his bo-rifle to take control of the ship's controls, much to Sabine and Hera's discomfort, and shepherd the Ghost through the maelstrom. Losing patience, Kallus sent two TIE fighters to pursue them, but they were ripped apart by the gravitational tide of the star cluster. So, the light cruiser opened fire on the Ghost and each blast kept missing the ship, and thus the Ghost miraculously jumped into hyperspace through the star cluster, knocking Sabine and her fellow crewmates out due to its bright blast.

Upon waking, the Ghost crew found themselves in unknown space but sighted Lirasan on the horizon and Zeb left on the Phantom to drop Gron and Chava there. Sabine became worried about the two Lasats alone down there, but Zeb returned, he announced that they're not alone. As it turned out, the planet was the original Lasat homeworld and that it was already home to millions of Lasat. While Chava and Gron elected to stay behind on their new home, Zeb decided to return to the Ghost resolving to bring more Lasat to Lirasan as he, Sabine and their rebel companions departed via a safe route that Hera had plotted through the star cluster.

Attacking The Mining Guild With Purrgil

When the Rebellion began suffering a fuel crisis, the Ghost crew was sent to retrieve a refining fuel meant for the Empire from a mining organization known as the Mining Guild, which was enough shipment to fuel the rebel fleet for a full cycle. Running on fumes, the rebels arrived at the asteroid belt of where the Guild's refinery was, but due to the field scrambling their sensors finding the facility would not be easy. In order to keep the Ghost moving, Sabine and the others were forced to reserve all power to the engines, leaving them with limited fire-power and little heating. Already the rebels were feeling the cold of space, but then Ezra began to hear strange sirens that he described sounded sad. Nobody else could hear anything until straight ahead, Sabine spotted a swarm Purrgil coming towards them. As the Purrgil passed the Ghost, Hera showed caution and a few of them collided with the ship. She was prepared to open fire in order to draw them away, but Kanan objected as they could not waste their fire-power and advised to let them pass, but she remained insistent. Ezra suggested flying with them instead of against them, that way they would not get bashed around so much or need to waste their power reserves. Sabine and the other crewmates agreed to that idea to that idea, and Hera reluctantly turned the ship about to flew alongside the creatures. While the Purrgil themselves began to calm down and started to fly along with the Ghost, one came up alongside it and Ezra could sense through the Force that something was upsetting it. He was proven correct when two Mining Guild TIE Fighters came closing in. Despite running on fumes and having their power supply dangerously low, Sabine and Hera rerouted auxiliary power from the Phantom to give Ezra and Kanan clear shots the fighters. Suspecting they must've come from the refinery, Sabine was asked to track where they originated from so the could find their way there. As the purrgil began changing direction, the Mandalorian managed to pinpoint where the fighters originated from, and to both her and Hera’s surprise, it was where the purrgil were heading.

After following Kanan and Zeb to ensure everything was switched off to save every little bit of fuel, Sabine outlined their plans to infiltrate the gas refinery and steal the gas canisters stored there as the Ghost arrived at an asteroid overlooking it and parked on it. The rebels would also destroy the facility by using detonators to ignite the volatile Clouzon-36 gas around the refinery in order to deny it to the Empire. While at the Ghost's gangplank, Ezra asked how they were going to get down, prompting a reprimand from Sabine for not paying attention since they were jumping into a toxic atmosphere in the planetoid below. While she, Kanan and Chopper managed to land on the bridge, the boy miscalculated and almost fell into the gassy atmosphere below, but his master used the Force to pull up and reprimand him. Shortly later, Sabine and her fellow rebels were attacked by several Rodian Mining Guild guards. Under Kanan's orders, the Mandalorian girl activated a pair of detonators strapped to her belt at the fuel, but Ezra stopped her from throwing at the gas as they made their way across the bridge and used the Force to throw down a Rodian gunner. When confronted by his comrades, Ezra explained that the Purrgil were connected to the gas, so blowing it up would only hurt them. Sabine turned to Kanan, who changed the plan by ordering his Padawan to man the gun emplacement to cover him and the Mandalorian while they secured the landing zone. During the ensuing skirmish, Sabine tried to remind the boy not to hit the fuel and was contacted by Hera on why the plan changed. The plan didn't seem to work though because by the time Ezra used his cannon to drive away the other guards and enable Hera and Zeb to land the Ghost onto the landing platform, a laser blast from the remaining guard hit and sent him plummeting into the gassy atmosphere. With the boy down, the Ghost crew had no chance of victory when cornered by the entire Guild at the mercy of their leader, Yushyn. Fortunately, Ezra re-emerged with a swarm of purrgil led by the mighty Purrgil King, riding its back as he took out their TIE fighters with his lightsaber. As Sabine and the rest of the Ghost crew stole all the fuel canisters and destroyed the refinery, the teenage Jedi caught up with them and met with Kanan on the ship's roof after the king dropped him off and led its people in departing into hyperspace. Watching this in awe, the rebels departed in the same direction and back to the fleet, hoping if it meant following the Purrgil again.

Business With Hera's Father

Following an escape from Imperial forces with one casualty, the rebellion began losing more pilots in battle faster than they could replace them, and until they could find a base they needed somewhere to land their fighters. Luckily for them, Commander Sato suggested to solve both problems and brought up a report from a cell of Twi'lek rebels on the planet Ryloth about an Imperial carrier orbiting their homeworld. The Phoenix Squadron believed they could steal that ship and use it to house all of their fighters. Hera became familiar with the rebel cell in question, and personally made contact with their leader, who was also her father Cham Syndulla, a hero in the Clone Wars whose tactics Sabine studied at the Academy. However, her Twi'lek friend was somewhat reluctant to speak with him but understood the Rebellion's need for that carrier. Sabine and Ezra and the rest of the Ghost crew accompanied her to meet with Cham and two of his colleagues, Numa and Gobi Glie, and after an awkward welcoming, they moved to the mission briefing where Hera outlined her plan to steal the fighter carrier, which involved using a stolen TIE bomber to infiltrate the starship. Her father, though, insisted on destroying fighter carrier since it had been used to terrorize Ryloth and to demonstrate the Ryloth rebels' strength but agreed to support his daughter's plan after Hera pointed out that the two cells depended on each other for the mission to succeed. By the time they arrived in Ryloth's atmosphere in the TIE bomber being carried by a Twi’lek rebel ship, the rebels detached and piloted towards the orbiting carrier as it dispatched a squadron of bombers down to the surface. In order to board the ship without raising suspicion, two A-Wings emerged from hyperspace and commenced a staged attack on the Rebel’s bomber, slightly damaging it before retreating. To make it look good, Hera deliberately crashed the burning bomber into one of the carrier’s hangers. She, Sabine and their rebel companions survived, but the Ghost crew were suddenly double-crossed by Cham and his colleagues, who still went with their own plan to destroy the carrier.

When Sabine, Ezra, Zeb, and Kanan awoke due to a still awake and handcuffed Hera breaking free and getting them up, they proceeded with their mission in commandeering the carrier, as well stop Cham from destroying it. While Hera the rest headed for the bridge, Sabine and Zeb went after Numa and Godi as they started planting explosives. The Twi'leks opened fire after spotting them until a squadron of Stormtroopers showed up. The attack was short lived when Sabine blasted the door shut on them, but a mouse droid was able to make it through. This gave the teenage Mandalorian an idea, so she asked the Lasat to fetch the droid so they could use it to take out Numa and Godi and rig them to it. Meanwhile, Ezra and Kanan brainwashed the carrier's crew to abandon ship so Hera could take command, but Cham disabled the hyperdrive to prevent their escape before Imperial reinforcements showed up. However, Hera was able to remind him of how he was an inspiration to herself and the people of Ryloth, but she was fighting for everyone in the galaxy besides her own people. Touched by Hera’s words, Cham decided to follow her lead and everyone was back on the original plan. With reinforcements closing in and the hyperdrive under repairs, Sabine gave the allied cells a hand on shooting down the TIE bombers when the returned and attacked, causing minor damage to the carrier. They nearly lost control but both Hera and Cham managed to stabilize the ship. Nearby, an Imperial light cruiser was coming after them, but Sabine planted explosives one of the TIE Bomber’s still aboard the carrier and had Ezra push it adrift toward the pursuer. This gave Cham the opportunity to use the carrier’s turrets to blow up the bomber and cruiser once they made close contact with each other, thus completing his mission for Ryloth as he and the Ghost crew escaped into hyperspace with the hyperdrive now operational. Upon returning to the Rebel fleet, Cham had news that his people were rallying against the Empire and before leaving, took his daughter aside to admit how proud he was of her and who she had turned out to be. The Ghost crew watched in pride as he departed with his rebel cell, and Sabine couldn't have been more proud to see both father and daughter in a better relationship again.

Searching For Zeb Near Geonosis

After rebel intelligence received word that the Empire was conducting mass construction above Geonosis, the crew accompanied Rex there in hopes of finding information on what weapons the Imperials were building. By the time they arrived, their scanners detected no lifeforms on the planet's surface, leaving Sabine and her fellow rebels concerned, especially Zeb. None the less, they proceeded with their investigation and boarded one of the construction modules. The Mandalorian girl went with Kanan, Ezra and Zeb to check things out while Hera, Chopper, and Rex stood by with the ship in case anything happened. However, they were unaware that they were stumbling into a trap until Zeb sensed it. The Lasat was proven correct when an Imperial astromech droid locked down the door back to the hangar, and Imperial forces led by Agent Kallus showed up without warning. During the fight, Chopper stopped the Imperial astromech by electrocuting it and reopening all the doors, allowing Sabine and the crew to retreat back to the Ghost.

Zeb, however, was still in the middle of a bo-rifle duel with Kallus, so he told them to take off without him since he had another way out via an escape pod. As the Ghost launched away with everyone except Zeb aboard, it came under attack by TIE fighters and Walkers. The TIES chased the ship around the construction module and were shot down one at a time. The last TIE was shot down when it chased the Ghost through the hanger bay and collided with an attacking walker. With their attackers defeated, Zeb's escape pod still hadn't shown up, and the rebels calculated that it went off course towards Geonosis. So, Kanan and Ezra took the Phantom down to the planet's surface, but by the time the Jedi returned, the Lasat was nowhere to be found there. The crew had only a day to search for their companion before the Empire showed up searching for Agent Kallus, who nonetheless must've been in the same escape pod fighting him when it crashed. Finally, they were able to pick up a transponder signal coming from one of the Geonosis' moons, Bahryn, a headed there to find Zeb coming toward them nearby, having just worked with Kallus to survive its cold conditions. Thus, at Ezra's suggestion of heading inside since he was starting to feel cold, the Ghost took off with its entire crew now all present and accounted for.

Parting with the Jedi

Sabine was aboard the Ghost while Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper traveled on the Phantom to Oosalan Mesa to scout the planet as a potential site for a new rebel base. Shortly later, Ahsoka visited the Ghost, and the ship later rendezvoused with the Phantom in deep space. One aboard, Sabine and her fellow rebels learned that the two Jedi had encountered the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister on Oosalon Mesa. Fearing that the Inquisitors would hamper the three Jedis' efforts to aid the rebellion, Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka traveled to the Jedi Temple on Lothal. Sabine along with Hera and Zeb watched the Jedi and Chopper depart aboard the Phantom. When Sabine asked where they were going, Hera replied that it was sometimes better not to know.

Heist at the Horizon Base

Sabine and her fellow rebels attended a meeting aboard the former Imperial fighter carrier, which had become the Phoenix rebel cell's new flagship, to discuss plans to establish a rebel base on Berzite's moon in the Yawst System. Ketsu recommended Berzite's moon on the grounds that it lacked an Imperial presence. However, the fighter carrier lacked enough fuel to travel to the Yawst System. Sabine, who had been tracking Imperial fleet movements, then suggested raiding an incoming Imperial fuel shipment at the Horizon Base. Upon arriving at Horizon Base, Hera and the other rebels made their way to the depot while Chopper stayed behind to guard the Ghost and to keep a watch for Imperial forces.

Sabine and her friends managed to steal the fuel but were pursued by Stormtroopers. They managed to make their way back to the ship but could not find Chopper; who was distracted by a droid leg being sold at a nearby stall. Upon arriving back at the Rebel Fleet, they found the fleet under attack from an Imperial force led by Admiral Kassius Konstantine, who gave his men orders to stop the Ghost from delivering fuel to the fighter carrier. However, the Ghost was able to dock in one of the fighter carrier's hangar bay due to the intervention of Ketsu. After refueling the fighter carrier, Sabine and the rebel fleet made preparations to depart to the Yawst System. However, Hera and Commander Sato received warning from Chopper and the former Imperial inventory droid AP-5 that the Empire had set a trap in the Yawst System. With the help of AP-5, the rebels instead fled to the planet Atollon, which had no Imperial presence.

At Atollon, Sabine and the other rebels reunited with Chopper and AP-5, who had stolen an Imperial cargo ship. Sabine also repaired the badly-damaged AP-5, who had been blasted during the takeover. Chopper willingly relinquished his stolen droid leg to provide Sabine with parts to repair his friend. When AP-5 awoke, he chided Chopper for the "illogical act" of sacrificing his leg to fix him. Sabine and her fellow rebels watched the two droids insulting each other verbally before exiting the common room.

Building Chopper Base

Following the discovery of Atollon, the rebels established a base on the planet called Chopper Base. Sabine and the Ghost Crew assisted in the establishment of the base by ferrying supplies from the fleet. On one supply run to deliver power generators, Sabine and Hera were at the helm of the Ghost. During the journey, Sabine and Hera watched Kanan and Ezra undergoing a lightsaber training session in the ship's cargo hold. When Sabine complimented Ezra's improved abilities, the young apprentice took it as a "put-down".

After landing at Chopper Base, Sabine and her fellow rebels met Rex in the command center. Rex informed them that this scout had found an underground source of water. Sabine also helped the Phoenix rebels plant sensor markers around the base to provide a warning for intruders. Later that evening, Sabine and Rex received a report that Lieutenant Dicer had not returned from planting a sensor marker in the northern perimeter. The two ventured to Dicer's last known location in the Phantom.

Upon arriving there, Sabine and Rex found Dicer's sensor marker and helmet but no sign of her. While examining her helmet, Rex concluded that Dicer had been taken after she had planted the sensor marker. At that point, Rex sensed movement coming from a "rock" behind Sabine. This "rock" turned out to be a Krykna. Sabine managed to fight off the Krykna with two blaster pistols and call for help. However, Rex was overpowered and taken captive by the Krykna.

Shortly later, the other Ghost crew rebels arrived in the Ghost and Sabine informed her comrades that Rex had been taken by the Krykna. While Chopper guarded the ship, Sabine and the others explored the tunnels. While Ezra and Kanan explored one section, Sabine along with Hera and Zeb explored a different section which led them to an underground nest. There, they managed to free Rex but were then pursued by several Krykna. After reuniting with Ezra and Kanan, the rebels escaped the tunnels and made their way back to the Ghost.

After boarding the ship, Sabine and her fellow rebels attempted to escape but the ship was trapped under a web woven by the Krykna. Under Hera's orders, Sabine diverted all auxiliary power to the hull. This had the effect of electrocuting a Krykna but it failed to drive the creatures away. As the fighting continued, Sabine realized that the Krykna avoided the sensor marker and suggested using the machine to hold the creatures at bay so that the rebels could break free of their web.

During the rebel counter-attack, Ezra and Kanan used their Force powers to hurl Sabine towards the sensor marker. However, they miscalculated and she landed in a pit. Sabine managed to reach the top and escape a Krykna that was lurking at the bottom of the pit. Using the sensor marker, Sabine managed to fight her way back to the Ghost. Meanwhile, Ezra and Kanan used their lightsabers to break the web around the ship. Having freed the Ghost, the rebels were able to flee back to Chopper Base.

The following day, the rebels managed to secure Chopper base from the Krykna by erecting a fence of sensor markers around the base. Sabine and Kanan watch the rebels erecting the fence. At that point, Sabine took the opportunity to tell Kanan that Hera wanted to speak to him about the upcoming Jedi-only mission to Malachor. Kanan and Ezra were planning to travel there with Ahsoka to seek answers about how they could fight against the Empire.

Staying Behind on Atollon

Sabine and her fellow rebels stayed behind on Atollon while Kanan, Ezra, Chopper, and Ahsoka traveled to Malachor on a mission to seek knowledge on how to defeat the Sith. When Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper returned from Malachor, Sabine and her fellow rebels were there to greet them when the Phantom arrived at Chopper Base. While Hera hugged the now-blinded Kanan, Sabine and the other rebels remained silent. When Ezra exited the Phantom, Sabine along with Zeb and Rex looked with sadness upon realizing that Ahsoka had not survived the mission. Later, she and her comrades returned to the Ghost where they silently came to terms with Kanan's blindness and Ahsoka's apparent death.

A Larger Rebellion

Rescuing Hondo

After the incident on Malachor, Sabine again changed the style and color of her hair. She also further decorated her armor. Sabine and her team later took part in a mission to Naraka to rescue Hondo. While Hera waited aboard the Ghost, Sabine and her team climbed under a bridge. After taking out two Stormtroopers, they were joined by Chopper. Together, the rebels made their way inside the prison.

Once inside the prison, the rebel team located the cell where Hondo was being held. While Sabine was reluctant to rescue the opportunistic pirate, Ezra assured her that his information was reliable. When Sabine encountered Hondo's Ugnaught companion Terba, she expressed a reluctance to rescue the second target until Hondo assured her that Terba had access to information of interest to the Rebellion. Sabine then spotted a Stormtrooper sneaking up behind Ezra. Following a firefight, the rebels, Hondo, and Terba fled down a turbolift. Inside the lift, Sabine lent Hondo a Mandalorian blaster and warned him to return it.

Upon exiting the lift, Sabine and Ezra opened fire on several Stormtroopers. Following a brief skirmish, the rebels headed to the entrance. Terba then took the opportunity to break away from the group but was struck dead by laser fire from an AT-DP walker that was blocking their path. Trapped between Imperial forces on both sides, Sabine threw a grenade which killed the Stormtroopers behind them. Chopper then shut the door. Meanwhile, Ezra used the Force to compel the AT-DP pilot to turn on his comrades and to drive his walker off the platform.

When Sabine asked Ezra if Kanan had taught him that power, Ezra coolly replied that this was not the case. In secret, he had been delving into a Sith Holocron he had obtained on Malachor. When the Ghost finally arrived, Sabine and her fellow rebels jumped onto the hull of the ship. Once aboard, Sabine reported to Hera about Terba's death. This prompted an argument between Ezra and Hera.

Heist at Reklam Station

Sabine and the others later took part in a briefing where Hondo revealed that the Imperials were dismantling Old Republic Y-Wing Starfighters at the junkyard Reklam Station inside the gas planet Yarma. Sabine was a member of a recon mission led by Ezra, who had been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Sabine and her team were tasked with scouting Reklam Station. Together with Rex and Hondo, the recon team traveled to Reklam Station.

On the way, they had to exit hyperspace at the Sereeda Waypoint in Mining Guild space. The Phantom was discovered by a Mining Guild patrol but Sabine and Chopper managed to shoot down two Mining Guild TIE Fighters. Ezra then advocated destroying the Mining Guild command ship but Sabine pointed out that the Guild would have already alerted the Empire to their presence. The rebel team then traveled to Yarma. While Sabine flew the shuttle, Hondo guided her through the gassy atmosphere. The rebels eventually spotted Reklam Station in the distance.

Sabine and her team at Reklam Station.

However, they were attacked by two Imperial Dismantler Droids. Chopper and Rex managed to destroy their pursuers but the Phantom sustained damaged and dived into the depths of Yarma. Sabine managed to regain control of the ship and parked it beneath Reklam Station. Once aboard the station, the rebels and Hondo convinced several Ugnaught laborers to assist them in stealing the Y-Wings in return for gaining their freedom. After shutting down the conveyor belt, the rebels began refueling the starfighters at Sabine's insistence.

Before the could finish refueling, they were spotted by a third Dismantler Droid, which alerted the Imperial Commander Brom Titus. Titus activated the magnetic locks and ordered the Dismantler Droid to attack the rebels. The Dismantler Droid attacked Chopper before attempting to throw Sabine and Zeb off a Y-Wing. However, Rex used a magnetic crane to throw the droid off the station into the fiery depths of Yarma. Meanwhile, Ezra destroyed the station's power plant which freed the Y-Wings. Sabine then instructed Chopper to activate the relay navigation system and autopilot the Y-Wings.

As the station disintegrated, Sabine and the other rebels minus Ezra escaped on the Y-Wings into space. However, they were intercepted by an Imperial Star Destroyer, which deployed TIE Fighters. Following a brief dogfight, the rebels were rescued by Phoenix Squadron, which dispatched Phoenix Home to evacuate them. Sabine and the team managed to evacuate the Y-Wings aboard the carrier while Hera and Kanan rescued Ezra. Back at Chopper Base, Sabine learned from Hera that the five stolen Y-Wings were to be transferred to General Jan Dodonna's unit.

Prisoners of Maul

Sabine and her fellow rebels in Maul's custody.

Later, Sabine along with Hera, Chopper, and Zeb were captured by the former Sith apprentice Maul, whom Ezra and Kanan had encountered earlier on Malachor. Maul had lured the rebels into a trap by attacking the crew of a Phoenix Hammerhead corvette. Maul then demanded that Kanan and Ezra hand him the Sith holocron they had recovered on Malachor and Kanan's Jedi Holocron. If they failed, he threatened to execute his prisoners. Maul then inspected Sabine's artwork and surmised that the Ghost was their home. When Maul forced Hera to take him on a tour of the ship, Sabine protested. However, Maul told her to remember that he once ruled her homeworld of Mandalore.

Sabine and the other rebels later took part in an escape attempt. They managed to knock out Maul's repurposed Tour Guide Droids and flee into the cargo hold. There, the rebels attempted to trap Maul with the magnetizer. However, the former Sith Lord broke free with his lightsaber and knocked the rebels to the floor with the Force. Maul then reasserted his authority and warned his prisoners that they were only alive as long as they were useful to him. Maul took his captives to the abandoned Mandalorian asteroid station Vizsla Keep 09 where he rendezvoused with Kanan and Ezra.

After collecting the holocrons, Maul double-crossed Ezra and Kanan and ordered his droids to execute the prisoner. However, the droids were destroyed by Kanan. Sabine and the other rebels then confronted Maul in the command center. Maul and Ezra had combined the holocrons in order to see visions of the future. Sabine and the others except Kanan were blinded by the bright pink light. However, Kanan managed to convince Ezra to end the ritual by closing his eyes. Despite surviving Maul and recovering the holocrons, the former Sith managed to escape into space.

Skystrike Academy

Sabine went undercover as an Imperial cadet to infiltrate Skystrike Academy and assist defecting cadets that an informant had alerted them to. Sabine went alone on this mission, due to being the least recognizable of the Ghost crew and having been an Imperial cadet before. When she arrived at Skystrike Academy, she put her credentials in an Imperial astromech droid. The droid initially rejected her credentials, which prompted the attending Imperial officer to take her aside for questioning. Sabine took her helmet off and told the officer her problem, blew the dust off the credentials and put it back in the droid. None of the Imperials present noticed her as part of the Ghost crew, and the droid accepted her credentials.

The next day, Captain Vult Skerris sent Sabine and Wedge Antilles out on a simulation. They took out several Y-Wing fighters and arrived at a damaged transport. Sabine told Skerris that Imperial protocols dictated that the ship had to be boarded first, but Skerris insisted on destroying it. She voiced her protest and after the simulation, reported for a debriefing. After the debriefing, Wedge was impressed with Sabine's instincts but warned her that others in the Academy didn't share her views. She later overheard Wedge arguing with two of his friends, Derek "Hobbie" Klivian and Rake about defecting. Later on, Sabine told Wedge that she was actually a rebel agent that was sent in to help defecting cadets, and formulated a plan.

Skerris later ordered a combat simulation, which Sabine recognized as the chance to escape quickly. During the simulation, she gave the signal to break off. Unfortunately, Arihnda Pryce pressed a button that removed their solar collectors and left them stranded. The Imperials killed Rake and then attacked the rebel transport, forcing them to temporarily abandon them.

Back in the Academy, Pryce told the remaining three cadets that she was aware that one of them was a rebel agent. Pryce presumed that Wedge was the agent and attempted to strap him to the torture device when Sabine revealed herself as the agent. Pryce ordered the two boys away and pulled up a glyph, recognizing Sabine as a former Imperial cadet and mockingly welcomed her back. Sabine later broke free from two Stormtroopers guarding her and engaged in a short fist fight with Pryce. The two were almost evenly matched, but Sabine eventually got the upper hand by pushing Pryce into the torture device's stinger, knocking her out, and escaped the cell.

Sabine with cadets Wedge and Hobbie.

Sabine then found Wedge and Hobbie, and freed them from their cell. They attempted to find a way out when the Imperials seal the doors around them. Kallus then appeared and opened the blast door. Suspicious of Kallus, Sabine asked him to give her a good reason to trust him. Kallus told them to avoid Levels 3 to 5 and use Hangar 24 to escape, and asked Sabine to send Zeb his regards and that they were even now. They then hijacked a bomber and headed for space when Skerris pursued them, only to be saved when Ezra's Alderaan Cruiser appeared. Sabine was surprised by his presence, and Ezra replied that they stuck around just in-case she managed to escape. When they arrived at the rebel base, Sabine introduced Wedge and Hobbie to Commander Sato.

Return to Ryloth

Following a supply run to Cham's Free Ryloth Movement, Sabine, the other members of the Ghost Crew, and Cham's band volunteered to helped Hera recover a family heirloom, the Kalikori, from Imperial forces. Imperial forces under Grand Admiral Thrawn had made advances against the Free Ryloth rebels and captured Tann Province. Thrawn had requisitioned Syndulla's House as his new local headquarters. Cham had been unable to take the Kalikori with him while fleeing his former home.

While Hera, Ezra, and Chopper infiltrated the former Syndulla home, Sabine and the two rebel cells launched an attack on Imperial forces in the Tulara Ravine. Sabine blew up an AT-DP walker and an Imperial Troop Transport. The other rebels then attack before retreating into the wilderness. However, they were pursued by a second AT-DP walker and Syndulla's Blurrg steed was gunned down. Sabine and the other rebels then positioned themselves around the rocks but were unable to stop the walker's advance.

The walker then stopped firing to broadcast a hologram message from Captain Slavin, Thrawn's second-in-command. Slavin revealed that the Empire had captured Hera and Ezra. He demanded that Cham surrender himself in exchange for their safe return. Cham complied with the ultimatum in order to save his daughter. Sabine then piloted Cham and the other rebels to the Syndulla residence where the exchange would take place. However, the rebels were able to escape after Chopper activated several explosives which disoriented the Imperial. Despite failing to recover the Kalikori from Thrawn, Hera found renewed contentment and love with her father, Kanan, and her crew including Sabine.

Mission With Hera

Sabine later accompanied her fellow crew and Rex on a mission to Agamar. While Rex, Kanan, Ezra, Zeb, and Chopper explored an abandoned Separatist Supply Ship to salvage proton bombs, Sabine and Hera flew the Ghost to raid an Imperial fuel depot. They were pursued by TIEs. During the pursuit, Sabine remarked that Ezra and Kanan would be expecting them soon. However, they had not heard from their comrades; who had been captured by the Super Tactical Droid Kalani. The rebels managed to escape their Imperial pursuers and resume contact with Kanan, who had made peace with Kalani and found a new transport for the Ghost, with Kanan telling Sabine it needs a "paint job".

Return to Concord Dawn

In an attempt to win Rau over to the Rebellion, Sabine played a game of Cubikahd with him. However, Rau was adamant that the Protectors were doing enough for the Rebellion by letting them travel through the Concord Dawn System. Their meeting was interrupted by Zeb, who summoned them for a war room briefing with Hera and Sato. After losing contact with the Protectors, Sato suspected that the Mandalorians were setting a trap for them. To clear the Protectors' name, Rau offered to travel to Concord Dawn to reason with them. Hera dispatched Rau along with Sabine, Ezra, and Chopper on a mission to probe the planet.

Sabine, her rebel comrades, and Rau traveled to Concord Dawn in the Phantom II. During the journey, Rau managed to stun Sabine and Ezra and landed the ship on Concord Dawn's Third Moon. After awakening, Chopper freed Sabine and Ezra from their restraints. They soon discovered Rau at the top of a hill. After rejoining Rau, they discovered that another Mandalorian force had attacked and massacred the Protectors. Rau was angry at Sabine and blamed the Rebellion for the deaths of his men. While arguing, Ezra and Chopper sensed a signal approach. When a Viper Probe Droid appeared, Ezra used the Force to trap the droid while Sabine destroyed it with her blaster. Rau wanted to bargain with the Empire but Sabine disagreed. She sent Chopper to secure the Phantom II.

The rebels and Fenn were then attacked by a column of Imperial Super Commandos led by Saxon. Sabine and Fenn managed to flee but Ezra and Chopper were captured. While hiding, Fenn advised Sabine not to rescue Ezra in order to avoid drawing attention to themselves. They then observed the movements of the Super Commandos from a safe vantage point on a hill. Despite Fenn's hatred for the Rebellion, Sabine managed to convince him to help her rescue her friends by appealing to his hatred for Saxon. Putting their plans into action, Sabine knocked out a Super Commando and stole his jetpack. Fenn then secured the Phantom II. She then used smoke grenades to disorientate Saxon and his guards and rescue Ezra and Chopper.

The rebels attempted to flee aboard the Phantom II but discovered that Fenn had stolen the craft. Sabine and her companions were then surrounded by Saxon, who chastised her for deserting the Imperial Academy and demanded that she pledge her fealty to him. Instead, Sabine got Chopper to upload frequency 337 feedback onto the Super Commandos' helmet, knocking them out. Sabine then donned her jetpack and held onto Ezra while Chopper ignited his rocket thrusters. The rebels were soon pursued by the Super Commandos. Due to Ezra's extra weight, Sabine was forced to fly low and the boy narrowly avoided colliding with a rock. With a Super Commando closing in on them, she dropped Ezra on a pinnacle. The Jedi used his lightsaber to damage the Super Commando's jetpack, causing him to fall. Sabine then reunited with Ezra and they proceeded towards Saxon's Gauntlet Fighter.

Saxon and his three remaining men followed the rebels into a narrower part of the canyon. In order to delay them, Sabine threw grenades at the Super Commandos, blocking their path. When Saxon and another Super Commando fired upon her, Sabine lost hold of Ezra, and he landed on Chopper. Sabine then shots a second Mandalorian warrior with her blaster, causing his jetpack to explode. The rebels eventually reached Saxon's ship but the Super Commandos caught up with them. One of the Super Commandos seized Sabine's blaster. Saxon ordered his remaining Commando to shoot Ezra while he executed Sabine. Before they could carry out their execution, Fenn arrived on the Phantom II and attacked Saxon's vessel and remaining Commando. Following a brief struggle, Sabine managed to flee with Ezra and Chopper aboard their shuttle. But not before Saxon damaged Sabine's jetpack.

Once aboard the ship, Sabine confronted Fenn about his sudden change of heart. Fenn explained that he realized that she was willing to die for her friends even though they were not Mandalorians. He praised her for remaining true to the "old ways" and told her that she had gained his respect. When Ezra remarked that the Mandalorians were crazy, Fenn responded that he was crazy enough to join the Rebellion. Sabine then welcomed Fenn to the family as they departed the Concord Dawn System.

Evacuation of Mykapo

After receiving intelligence from Fulcrum that the Empire was planning to impose martial law on Mykapo, Sato sent Sabine, her fellow rebels, and Phoenix Squadron on a mission to evacuate local rebel sympathizers. Upon arriving in the system, Sabine spotted a YT-2400 Light Freighter skirmish with Imperial forces. The Ghost Crew and Phoenix Squadron helped by attacking the TIE Fighters. Sabine expressed surprise when the freighter destroyed an Imperial Gozanti-class Cruiser. The freighter crew declined the rebels' offer for assistance and identified themselves as the Iron Squadron.

While Kanan and Zeb assisted with the evacuation efforts, Sabine accompanied Hera, Ezra, and Chopper aboard the Iron Squadron's ship Sato's Hammer. Once aboard, they were greeted by the crew members Gooti Terez, Jonner Jin, and the astromech droid R3-A3. When Sabine noted that the ship was in a state of disarray, Ezra advised her not to offend the crew while Gooti told them not to touch anything. Sabine along with Hera and Ezra tried to convince the ship's captain Mart Mattin to leave the system. However, Mart and his crew insisted on staying.

Unable to reason with Iron Squadron, Hera made preparations to leave the system and rendezvous the Ghost with the Rebel Fleet. However, Ezra convinced Hera to let him, Sabine, and Chopper repair the Iron Squadron's hyperdrive in order to win them over. Sabine and Chopper joined forces with R3 to repair the hyperdrive. Despite their efforts, they were unable to restore the ship systems because Mart had diverted power to the ship's laser cannons and deflector shields. When Imperial forces under Admiral Konstantine arrived, Sabine and Ezra managed to convince Gooti and Jonner to see reason but Mart refused to back down.

Sabine and the other rebels managed to flee aboard the Phantom II but Mart stayed behind on the Sato's Hammer to fight Konstantine's ships. Mart's ship was damaged and he was stranded in space. Sabine and the other rebels managed to flee into hyperspace. Sabine later attended a briefing aboard an Alderaan Cruiser where the Ghost Crew, the remaining Iron Squadron crew, Rex, and the holographic form of Commander Sato received a distress call from Mart. Hera mounted a rescue mission to save Mart and the rebels traveled back to the Mykapo System.

When Mart responded that the Imperials had attached something to the hull of his ship, Sabine recognized that it was a magno-mine. Chopper and R3 managed to remove the mine. The rebels then managed to rescue Mart and his ship. The Ghost Crew and Iron Squadron managed to escape destruction due to the intervention of Commander Sato's reinforcements. Sato was the uncle of Mart and had come to rescue his nephew. After damaging Konstantine's Imperial Light Cruiser with the magno-mine, the rebels managed to escape into hyperspace shortly after Grand Admiral Thrawn arrived on his Star Destroyer Chimaera. Sabine was later present at Chopper Base when Mart reconciled with his uncle and embraces his crew.

Mission to Wynkahthu

When Hondo tried to solicit the Ghost Crew to help in retrieving cargo from a stricken Imperial Cargo Ship on Wynkahthu, Sabine opined that Hondo could not be trusted since he had gotten them into trouble half the time. After a tense meeting, the rebels agreed to assist Hondo and his business partner Azmorigan in recovering the treasure in return for obtaining the ship's proton bombs, a commodity desired by the Rebellion. Prior to the mission, Sabine used the Ghost's sensors to examine the cargo ship and discovered that it had gotten stuck in one of Wynkahthu's atmospheric storms.

Later, Sabine inquired about Hondo's Ugnaught crew but was met by obfuscation. Later, the rebels learned that Hondo had lost most of his Ugnaught team except Melch while trying to board the cargo ship. While studying the sensor charts, Sabine discovered that they could not offload cargo from the Imperial Cargo Ship the normal way since it was sitting above a vortex. As a result, Hera solicited the services of AP-5, who worked with Zeb to devise a plan to retrieve the ship's cargo safely. For the mission, Sabine stayed aboard the Ghost's cargo ramp to receive the cargo from Zeb's salvage team.

After Zeb's team opened the Cargo Ship outer cargo doors and attached grappling cables to the Ghost's hull, Sabine stored several shipments of proton bombs. Sabine kept Hera and Kanan informed about the deteriorating windy conditions. The salvage mission was complicated by a lightning strike that caused the Cargo Ship to dip into the vortex. Despite the presence of Imperial Sentry Droids, the rebels and their confederates managed to remove their cargo and evacuate the Cargo Ship before the vessel was ripped apart by the vortex. Sabine was present when the rebels examined their cargo and Hondo "reunited" with Melch.

Mission to Lothal Imperial Factory

Sabine along with Hera and Zeb stayed behind at Chopper Base while Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper undertook a mission to infiltrate the Capital City Imperial Armory Complex to steal the plans for a new Imperial weapon. She along with Zeb and Sato watch as Hera corresponded with Ryder. During the meeting, Ryder informed the rebels that the factory was on full lockdown and that they had lost contact with Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper. Sabine and her comrades listened as Ryder informed the rebels that Thrawn was in charge and that he was planning to launch an attack on the factory.

After Ezra's team escaped the factory with the plans, Sabine decrypted them and discovered that they were the blueprints for a prototype TIE Interceptor that was fitted with deflector shields. Hera and Kanan feared that if the TIE was produced in large numbers, it would pose a threat to the Rebellion. Sabine expressed shock that Kallus was Fulcrum. However, Zeb vouched for Kallus. Hera then counseled her crew to be cautious of Kallus until they could discern what game he was playing.

Mandalore's Legacy

The Spectre of Maul

Following Ezra's mission, Sabine attended a briefing chaired by Hera to discuss the upcoming attack on the Lothal Imperial Factory. During the meeting, Sabine asked if Thrawn was present on Lothal. Hera replied that there was an increase in Imperial ships above Lothal but could not confirm Thrawn's presence. Sabine was present when Ezra began exhibiting erratic behavior and fainted after claiming that he had seen a vision of Maul. Sabine later questioned Ezra about the incident in his room.

When Ezra insisted that he was fit and insisted on proceeding with the mission, Sabine went to load an extra set of explosives aboard the Ghost. When AP-5 argued, Sabine insisted that she was the weapons expert and knew the right amount of explosives they needed. AP-5 grumbled but complied with Sabine's orders. When Sabine remarked that AP-5 and Chopper came from the same assembly line, Chopper responded that she needed to change her attitude. Before they could argue, Ezra went on a rampage and Sabine told Chopper to get Kanan.

Ezra was about to kill a Rebel Crewman whom he mistook for Maul when Kanan and Sabine restrained him. After Ezra came back to his senses, Hera decided to relieve him of his duties until Kanan had dealt with the threat of Maul. Under Kanan's orders, Sabine monitored Ezra's wrist comm. Meanwhile, Kanan and Ezra went to commune with The Bendu in the wilderness. Maul then appeared and convinced Ezra to accompany him to Dathomir in order to severe their mental link. After Maul's ship Nightbrother jumped into hyperspace, Sabine was able to track Ezra and Maul.

Sabine and Kanan followed Maul and Ezra to Dathomir in Phantom II. After landing outside the Nightsister Lair, the rebels entered the cave where they found that Maul and Ezra had completed the ritual which involved summoning the spirits of fallen Nightsisters. Sabine and Kanan opened fire on the Nightsisters but were possessed by the spirits. The possessed Sabine and Kanan then attacked Ezra and Maul. Ezra was forced to dodge Sabine's blaster bolts.

Ezra and Maul managed to escape the cave. Since the spirits' power came from the altar, the possessed Sabine and Kanan were unable to leave the cave. Unwilling to abandon his friends, Ezra re-entered the cave. The possessed Sabine crept up behind Ezra and attacked him with the Darksaber, an ancient Mandalorian weapon and symbol of power. Following a struggle, Ezra managed to use the Force to push Sabine out of the cave. This exorcised the Nightsister spirit. Ezra then told Sabine not to reenter the cave while he freed Kanan and destroyed the altar; vanishing the spirits.

Following the skirmish, Sabine re-entered the cave. When Ezra reprimanded her, she responded that she had never listened to him before. Ezra then informed her and Kanan that the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi held the key to destroying the Sith. The three resolved to stop Maul from reaching Kenobi so that they could learn how to destroy the Sith. Before leaving the cave, Sabine recovered the Darksaber.

Mission on Geonosis

At the request of Bail Organa, the Ghost Crew and Rex undertook a mission to find the rebel operative Saw Gerrera, who has been investigating the mysterious disappearance of the Geonosians. After the Ghost entered Geonosis's atmosphere, Sabine had difficulty making contact with Saw and speculated that he and his team could be underground. The rebels landed their ship two klicks near where Saw had transmitted his last signal to Rebel Command. Sabine, Zeb, and Hera stayed aboard the Ghost while Rex, Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper explored an underground labyrinth near a Geonosian structure.

Later, Hera dispatched Sabine and Zeb to trace the energy source that Saw had sighted before losing contact with Rebel Command. Despite the sandstorm, Sabine and Zeb managed to find a fully operational military grade deflector shield generator. Believing that Chopper Base could make use of the technology, Hera ordered Sabine and Zeb to extract the Deflector Core. When Zeb expressed concerns about what the shield generator was protecting, she responded by telling him to work fast.

Working together, Sabine and Zeb managed to extract the deflector core by the time the sandstorm had died down. Sabine then discovered that the deflector core was surrounded by several inactive Droidekas. After some discussion with Zeb and Hera, the rebels agreed to carefully bring the deflector core back to the Ghost. On the way, the Geonosian Klik-Klak, who was being pursued by the other crew members and Saw, activated the Droidekas. Sabine managed to use her technical expertise to reactivate the deflector core and create an energy field to protect her and Zeb. The two rebels held out long enough for their comrades underground to capture Klik-Klak and destroy his droid controller.

Sabine and Zeb then loaded the deflector core aboard the Ghost when Hera informed them that an Imperial Light Cruiser had entered the Geonosis System. Sabine finished storing the deflector core while Zeb entered the cave to warn the other rebels. When the Ghost was attacked by two TIE Bombers, Sabine and Zeb manned the ship's guns and managed to shoot them down. The rebels then flew the Ghost into a central air shaft where they picked up their comrades, Saw, and Klik-Klak.

The rebels and Saw then became embroiled in an argument over taking Klik-Klak off-world. When the rebels refused to accept Saw's demands, Saw threatened to destroy the Geonosian queen egg that Klik-Klak was guarding. The rebels and Saw put aside their differences to repel a boarding party of Jumptroopers that had been dispatched by Captain Brunson's light cruiser. During the brief skirmish, Sabine donned her jetpack and took out two Jumptroopers with a grenade. The rebels then fled into the depths of Geonosis where they discovered several poison canisters which confirmed that the Empire had perpetrated genocide against the Geonosians. Sabine recognized the canisters as belonging to the Imperial Weapons Division.

Having discovered what had befallen the Geonosians, Saw released Klik-Klak and the Geonosian queen egg. The rebels then managed to break through Brunson's light cruiser by firing their ship's cannons and proton bombs. They then escaped into space and informed Sato and Bail about Saw's rescue and their findings on Geonosis.

Training Exercise

After the mission to Geonosis, Sabine and some of the Ghost Crew embarked on a training mission near Chopper Base, along with Wedge and Hobbie. Prior to leaving, she told the despondent Zeb, who had been appointed Chief of Security, to cheer up. During the group's absence, an Imperial Infiltrator Droid designated EXD-9 infiltrated Chopper Base. With the assistance of AP-5 and Chopper, Zeb managed to send it back to its Star Destroyer with its armed proton torpedo warhead.

The warhead activated, triggering a chain reaction which destroyed the Star Destroyer. Although Zeb's handling of the incident kept the location of Chopper Base secret, for the time being, it narrowed down the search area for Thrawn. After the rebels received a message from Kallus praising them for turning the infiltrator droid into an improvised bomb, Sabine asked Zeb and AP-5 what was going on. AP-5 was about to recount the story but Zeb playfully muzzled him.

Trials with the Darksaber

After discovering the Darksaber on Dathomir, Sabine handed it to Kanan for safekeeping. She refused to wield the weapon since she was still haunted by her estranged relationship with her family. After briefly haggling with Chopper over the transport of supplies, Sabine went to her cabin to reflect on her art. Chopper later entered the room to inform her that the other rebels and Fenn had gathered in the ship's common room for a meeting. Sabine soon discovered that the Darksaber was to be the subject of the meeting.

Due to her self-doubt and family issues, Sabine initially rebuffed the suggestion of her rebel comrades and Fenn that she master the Darksaber and assume leadership of the Mandalorians. After Hera pointed out that the Mandalorians could help the Rebellion attack Lothal, Sabine reluctantly acceded to begin training with the Darksaber under Kanan and Ezra's tutelage. However, she was still upset with Fenn and the other rebels due to the baggage associated with the Darksaber.

In order to avoid the distractions of Chopper Base, Kanan and Ezra took Sabine to train in the wilderness. After setting up camp, Kanan got Sabine to demonstrate her combat skills with Training Sabers. Despite her combat skills, Sabine was outmaneuvered by Kanan. Unimpressed with Sabine's skills, he instructed Ezra to train her with lightsaber combat forms using the sticks as a substitute. Kanan was unwilling to let her use the Darksaber because he did not want Sabine to harm herself. For the next two days, Ezra drilled Sabine in lightsaber combat forms.

After two days had passed, Fenn arrived with provisions including Mandalorian Vambraces. Fenn explained that the vambraces was equipped with paralyzing darts and cables meant to counteract the enhanced powers of the Jedi. Resuming the training session, Sabine used the Mandalorian Vambraces to gain the upper hand over Ezra. However, Kanan managed to use his lightsaber to break free and knock her to the ground. Kanan then lectured Sabine that discipline and training were better than "tricks." Frustrated with Kanan for holding back her training, Sabine stormed off to a nearby cave to regain her composure.

Later, Ezra met up with Sabine to comfort her. He reassured her that Kanan was not an easy teacher but that he meant well. Sabine then responded that she knew how to fight but did not want the responsibilities that came with the Darksaber. When Ezra asked about her family, Sabine told him that they regarded her as a traitor and disgrace. Due to her estranged family ties, Sabine believed that she lacked the prestige needed to lead her people. Ezra reminded her that at least she could still return to her parents, unlike him.

Realizing that Ezra was right, Sabine went to the wilderness to clear her mind, unaware that The Bendu was watching her. Meanwhile, Kanan corresponded with Hera who advised him to let Sabine train with the Darksaber. She explained that holding back Sabine's training would only hurt her. Kanan realized that he had been wrong and apologized to Sabine when she returned from her walk. Sabine in return apologized to Kanan for her hostile attitude. The two then parried with Sabine wielding the Darksaber against Kanan's lightsaber.

Kanan trains Sabine.

During the sparring session, Kanan challenged her about her past decisions to leave the Empire and abandon her family. Sabine revealed that she had left the Empire and her family due to her guilt at her own role in helping the Empire to build weapons used to subjugate Mandalore. Sabine also related how her family had turned on her for speaking out against the Empire and cast her out. Consumed by her pent-up emotions, Sabine gained the upper hand over Kanan but did not kill him.

After completing her trials, Sabine broke down weeping. A sympathetic Kanan then told her that the Empire ruled through fear and that her family was in a prison of their own making. Kanan then reassured her that she could free them. Kanan along with Fenn and Ezra then resolved to help Sabine to use the Darksaber to rally the Mandalorians to the Rebellion.

Reuniting with her Mother

Following her trials, Sabine along with Ezra, Kanan, Chopper, and Fenn traveled on a mission to her former home Krownest in an attempt to recruit her family into the Rebellion. Sabine suspected that they still saw her as a traitor and did not expect her to be welcomed there. Her expectations came true as Clan Wren warriors attacked Phantom II, forcing it to crash-land onto the planet's surface. After landing, Fenn and Chopper hid in the ship while Sabine, Kanan, and Ezra confronted the Clan Wren warriors. A shootout ensued after Ezra ignited his lightsaber. The Mandalorian warriors' leader ceased fired after hearing Sabine's voice. Sabine quickly learned that the warrior was Tristan. Following a brief reunion, Sabine and her fellow rebels accompanied Tristan and the Mandalorians back to the Wren Stronghold.

After arriving at her ancestral home, Sabine was greeted by Ursa. After seeing Sabine in the presence of the Jedi rebels, Ursa was about to imprison her daughter. However, Sabine told her mother they needed to talk and showed her the Darksaber. When Ursa told her daughter that she was unwelcome, Sabine responded that she had joined the Rebellion. Sabine's mother allowed Sabine and her visitors to enter the Wren Stronghold but ordered them to surrender their weapons. While Kanan and Ezra were reluctant to part with their lightsabers, she managed to convince them.

Inside the stronghold, Ursa criticized her daughter's decision to join the Rebellion and told her that the Darksaber was a mere symbol. Sabine's mother also appraised her daughter about the trouble that her actions had brought on her family within Mandalorian society. Sabine also argued with her mother and brother about Saxon's role in murdering the Protectors. Unable to reach a common ground, Ursa ordered Sabine to walk with her. Daughter and mother continued their conversation over a balcony in private. When Sabine confronted Ursa over her decision to align Clan Wren with the Empire, her mother told her that their clan had little choice but to submit to Saxon. Saxon had threatened Clan Wren with destruction and taken Sabine's father hostage to ensure the family's cooperation.

When Sabine related that she did not obtain the Darksaber in a fight, Ursa responded that her daughter's ownership of the weapon was disputed due to the circumstances of its acquisition. When Sabine accused her mother of putting power and politics over her family, Ursa responded that she was doing everything she could to protect her family. Ursa then told her daughter she took after her father but had not turned out the way they had hoped. Sabine responded that she was still her mother's daughter. Sabine also told her mother that she and her rebel comrades had come to seek Clan Wren's support for the Rebellion. Before they could continue the conversation, Tristan arrived and informed Ursa that Sundari was requesting an audience with her.

Tristan then invited his younger sister for a sparring session. While sparring with metal rods, Sabine took the opportunity to ask Tristan whether he thought she was a traitor. Tristan confirmed that this was not the case but explained that the other clans regarded her family as traitors. When Sabine learned that from Tristan that her mother had planned to trade the Darksaber and her Jedi comrades to Saxon, Sabine rushed to the throne room. There, she found that Saxon and his Imperial Super Commandos had already arrived to take the Darksaber and the Jedi into their custody. When Sabine protested, Saxon told her that her mother was loyal to him. Tristan then told his sister that it was for the best. When Ursa demanded that Saxon uphold his side of the bargain and spare Sabine, Saxon ordered his men to execute Clan Wren for allegedly colluding with "traitors".

Before Saxon could put his plans into action, Fenn arrived in the throne room and handed the Jedi back their lightsabers. During the ensuing skirmish, Sabine joined her family, the Jedi, and Fenn in defeating Saxon's guards. Ezra handed Sabine his lightsaber, which she used to save her mother from being killed by Saxon, who was wielding the Darksaber. After igniting their jetpacks, Sabine and Saxon blasted their way out of the throne room and fought on the ice outside the Wren Stronghold. Sabine dueled with Saxon and used her Small Portable Shield to fend off his blasts. Sabine eventually managed to damage Saxon's jetpack, forcing him to fight her on the ice. Following a fierce duel, Sabine managed to recover the Darksaber and defeat Saxon. While Mandalorian tradition required her to execute her defeated foe, Sabine chose to spare his life. Unwilling to accept defeat, Saxon tried to kill her but was instead shot by Ursa, who was unwilling to let anyone harm her daughter.

Due to her role in defeating Saxon, Sabine regained the respect of her family. Tired of running, Sabine decided to stay behind with her family and Fenn to helped reunify Mandalore. With the death of Saxon, Mandalore would face a power vacuum. Sabine embraced Kanan before the Jedi departed with Chopper to rejoin the Rebellion. She also thanked Kanan and Ezra for teaching her. While Clan Wren was still unwilling to help the Rebellion, they had become sympathetic to the rebels. Despite her unwillingness to become Mandalore's new leader, Sabine still vowed to help Mandalore find its true leader.

Discovering Fulcrum

Thrawn was familiar with Sabine's artwork. After Ezra left his bounty hunter's helmet behind during a mission to rescue Kallus, Thrawn identified the stylized art depicting a loth-cat as the work of Sabine. Based on his knowledge of Sabine and the Ghost Crew, Thrawn deduced that the helmet belonged to Ezra and that Kallus had willfully concealed Ezra's identity because he was the elusive rebel spy Fulcrum.

Battle of Atollon

Sabine was present in Clan Wren's throne room with Ursa, Tristan, and Fenn when the rebels Ezra and Chopper arrived with news of Thrawn's siege of Atollon. Ezra pleaded for Clan Wren to send reinforcements to aid them. However, Clan Wren was locked in a civil war against the Imperial-backed Clan Saxon. Fenn and Ursa advised against diverting Clan Wren's already stretched forces and resources to Atollon.

During the meeting, Sabine, her clan, and the rebels studied a holographic battle plan of Thrawn's Seventh Fleet above Atollon. Sabine found that the Imperials had a second Interdictor Cruiser which was preventing the rebel fleet from fleeing into hyperspace. With Fenn and Tristan opposed to Mandalorian involvement, Ezra and Chopper decided to leave and return to Atollon. When Sabine insisted on coming along with them, Tristan countered that Ezra's mission was impossible. Sabine responded that her friends "made the impossible possible" and thanked the rebels for reuniting her with her family.

Moved by her daughter's loyalty to her friends, Ursa relented and allowed Sabine to recruit volunteers and ships for the Atollon mission. Fenn agreed to help lead the attack on Thrawn's Seventh Fleet. The rebels and Mandalorians exited hyperspace behind the Seventh Fleet. While Fenn's Fang Fighters attacked the fleet, Sabine and Ezra flew the Nightbrother to the second Interdictor Cruiser and deployed a landing party. The Mandalorian warriors and Ezra proceeded to attack the gravity well projectors with blasters and explosives.

The Mandalorians succeeded in blowing up the Interdictor Cruiser. This allowed the remaining rebel forces led by Hera and Dodonna to flee to hyperspace. Sabine reunited with Hera aboard the Ghost and was present when Ursa apologized for the rebel losses and thanked Hera for bringing her daughter back. Sabine then told Hera that she wanted to return a favor to her mother by helping them in their civil war. While Hera was unable to commit rebel reinforcements, she allowed Sabine to return to her people.

Rogue Rebel

Return to Mandalore

Joined by Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper, Sabine joined Clan Wren-including Fenn Rau-in traveling to Mandalore to launch a mission to rescue her father, Alrich Wren. During an engagement, they were met by members of Clan Kryze, including their leader Bo-Katan, whom Sabine immediately saw as a worthy wielder for the Darksaber. Bo-Katan declined, feeling she was not up to the task, but her forces joined the rebels and Fenn Rau in freeing Alrich from an Imperial Convoy. Sabine enjoyed a happy reunion with her father, but it was cut short when they received a transmission from Ursa and Tristan.

Traveling to where her mother and brother had been fighting, Sabine found to her horror that the Clan Wren forces had been decimated, and that the weapon of her own design-the Duchess-had done the killing. Her family survived and fled aboard a Gauntlet Fighter; in transit, Bo-Katan angrily confronted her over her construction of the weapon. Sabine revealed that she had destroyed it and all data relating to it, but surmised that the Empire had found a way to rebuild it, though not at full power. As the weapon was designed to work against the beskar alloy in Mandalorian Armor, Ezra suggested abandoning it, but Sabine and her fellows impressed the importance of the armor to their heritage upon him.

After convincing Clan Kryze and the others to join her in making amends for her past mistakes, Sabine led the mission to destroy the weapon once and for all. When attempting to destroy the core, they were intercepted by Tiber Saxon, who ordered Sabine to complete her weapon or see Bo-Katan die. Sabine pretended to go along with his request, but secretly modified the Duchess to target Imperial armor. However, Bo-Katan convinced her to turn from the path of sinking to the Empire's level, and Sabine used the Darksaber to destroy the core. With Tiber defeated, Sabine convinced Bo-Katan to take up the Darksaber in the effort to free Mandalore.

Spectre 5 Once More

Leaving the battle for Mandalore to her family and their allies, Sabine joined her friends in taking the Nightbrother to Yavin 4, where they were reunited with Hera, Zeb, and Kallus. Unfortunately, a newly built Imperial relay spoiled Hera's latest mission, and the Ghost crew was dispatched to patch into it for their own uses. Unfortunately, the mission was blown by the arrival of Brom Titus' Marauder, and Sabine and Ezra were only rescued by the unexpected arrival of a U-Wing Starfighter crewed by Saw Gerrera and Edrio. With no opportunity to get back aboard the Ghost, the young rebels and Chopper were taken away by the Partisans.

Having helped them, Saw insisted that the three Spectres assist him in investigating an Imperial cargo he had learned of in his investigations. Boarding what appeared to be an ordinary cargo ship, they found it crawling with Imperial personnel, lending credence to Saw's intel. They soon discovered a number of prisoners and a massive Kyber Crystal, at which point saw stunned Sabine and Ezra. When his plan to learn where the crystal was being shipped failed, he set it to explode and departed. Fortunately, Sabine and Ezra were able to get themselves, Chopper, and the prisoners to safety, and were then picked up by the Ghost.

After receiving word about the new TIE Defender Elite from Ryder Azadi, the Spectres sneaked back onto Lothal, which they found in dire straits. After seeing the new Defender in action, Sabine resolved to steal its Flight Data Recorder to provide the rebellion with as much info on it as possible. When Thrawn arrived unexpectedly, she decided to steal the fighter, getting Ezra aboard and taking off. The ship was grounded shortly thereafter by a killswitch, but Sabine and Ezra removed the hyperdrive so that it could be used to get the recorder to the rebellion. While fleeing Imperial forces, the pair ran across a Loth-Wolf who put Sabine to sleep; the wolf then carried her, Ezra, and the recorder on its back, with Sabine later awaking with no memory of encountering the creature.

Personality and Traits

Like the rest of her crew, Sabine was sympathetic to victims of the Empire. Her past with the Empire led to a strong hatred towards the Imperials. Aboard the Ghost, Sabine was considered the "daughter" of the bunch. She looked up to Hera and Kanan and thought of Zeb as an older brother and Ezra as a younger brother. She tended to ignore Ezra's signs of affection towards her, considering him just a good friend. Sabine was also a skilled graffiti artist, a skill she implemented into most of her missions. In addition to simply spraying Imperials, Sabine also made use of "paint bombs", which she would occasionally rig to Imperial vehicles. Additionally, Sabine was capable of using the Ghost's cannons. Her past and age has molded her into a fierce rebel, but also left with trust issues. This caused a slight row between her and Hera until the Twi'lek convinced Sabine to have faith in her and Kanan despite their secrets, about which they, for the most part, keep Sabine in the dark. This stemmed from her time in the Imperial Academy, where she had blindly taken orders in a setting where she wasn't allowed to ask questions, something she described to be a nightmare.

As noted by Ezra, Sabine was something of a loner among the crew of the Ghost, spending a lot of time in her room, and showing a tendency to eat and do combat practice on her own.

Sabine was tormented by guilt over her role in helping the Empire to build weapons used to subjugate Mandalore. When she spoke out, her family chose to side with the Empire and cast her out. Unable to cope with her past, Sabine found comfort and self-expression in art and graffiti. She initially regarded the Darksaber as an ill omen for bringing nothing but trouble to her family. As a result, Sabine was initially unwilling to assume the responsibility and leadership which came with wielding the weapon. With the help of Ezra, Fenn, and Kanan, Sabine managed to overcome her fears and to master the weapon.

Sabine refused to abandon her rebel comrades Kanan and Ezra even though Ursa had tried to trade them with Saxon for the safety of her family. Sabine and her family repaired their strained relationship after Saxon reneged on his deal with Ursa and tried to destroy Clan Wren. Due to Ezra and Kanan's training, Sabine found the fortitude to take on Saxon in single combat. Sabine was also magnanimous in victory and decided to spare Saxon's life. Saxon, however, did not return the favor and tried to shoot her in the back. Seeking to rebuild ties with her family, Sabine elected not to return with Ezra and Kanan to the Rebellion. Instead, she dedicated herself to helping Clan Wren to reunite the Mandalorians. While Sabine did not regard herself as Mandalore's new leader, she vowed to help her people find that individual.

Later, Sabine's loyalty to her rebel friends led her to convince Ursa and Fenn to lend forces to help Phoenix Squadron and Massassi Group during the Battle of Atollon. As a warrior, Sabine was familiar with the military strategy and proposed concentrating the Mandalorian attack on the Interdictor Cruiser in order to facilitate the rebels' escape.

Weapons, Gear and Skills

Sabine's WESTAR-35 Pistols.

Never get between a Mandalorian and a weapons package.
―Sabine, to Quarrie[src]

Sabine was equipped with a uniquely painted set of Mandalorian armor as well as a helmet. She wielded a customized pair of different-colored (grey/yellow and blue/grey) WESTAR-35 blaster pistols, which were used by various Mandalorians during the Clone Wars era. After her armor was damaged by Darth Vader, she repainted it with new colors and dyed her hair a light blue to match it. She also was in the ownership of an airbrush and art supplies, which she used to express herself, and promote the Rebellion.

During her second trip to the Third Moon of Concord Dawn, she stole a jetpack from an Imperial Super Commando. It was damaged by Gar Saxon during the escape, but was repaired before the mission on Geonosis.

Later, Sabine acquired the Darksaber, and soon began to train to wield it.

Fenn gifted Sabine with Mandalorian Vambraces which were armed with Grappling Lines, Sleep Darts, and a Repulsor, weapons Mandalorians designed to combat against the Jedi. Her vambraces also included a Small Portable Shield and a Flamethrower.

She acquired Ezra's lightsaber during the Liberation of Lothal, as she cut a window open for her and the rebels to escape the dome. She keeps Ezra's lightsaber to watch and protect Lothal in his place, becoming the planet's protector.


Sabine was skilled enough with blasters to wield two simultaneously and shoot multiple targets down, as well as be trusted to be the gunner of the Ghost. She shot Fenn Rau's blaster out of his hand in a quick-draw Mandalorian duel, a true testament to her skills when compared to an older and more experienced Mandalorian warrior.


Sabine was an excellent saboteur, using explosives and knowing when and where to strike, bringing down targets with ease whether they were buildings, individuals or starcraft.


Sabine made use of explosives as a saboteur, but also carried bombs that yielded varying effects, such as her paint-bombs, smoke-bombs, EMPs, and even fireworks. She also used bombs with remote detonations, proximity sensors, pressure- or impact-activated triggers, and she crafted most of her explosives herself.


Sabine expressed herself with anti-imperial graffiti and custom painted her gear. She always left her mark on her exploits, usually with a bomb hidden in the artwork. Her skills as an artist were exquisite enough that Lando Calrissian offered to buy some samples of her work.

Imperial Academy/Mandalorian training

Sabine trained in the Imperial Academy on Mandalore and actually learned a great deal in various subjects, such as Imperial workings in the military, their arms and weapons, some alien languages, and more, making her a valued member of the crew of the Ghost. As a Mandalorian, she was also trained in hand-to-hand combat and was quite athletic, able to use acrobatics to easily dodge and evade her enemies. She was skilled enough in fighting to outmatch a trained imperial officer like Arihnda Pryce and hold her own against a Mandalorian veteran like Gar Saxon.

Her Imperial Academy training also gave her the edge she needed to infiltrate Skystrike Academy in an undercover mission.

Lightsaber Training

Sabine began lightsaber training in order to wield the Darksaber in hopes of rallying Mandalore to the Rebel cause. At first, she trained using wooden training sabers to master the basics under Kanan and Ezra's tutelage.

Kanan then placed the Darksaber in her hands to give her real training, which Sabine found difficult at first, as the blade was heavier than she expected, but it eventually felt lighter. Kanan stated that "[She's] connecting with it. It's becoming a part of [her]".

When Sabine finally unloaded her emotional baggage, she was able to use her training to beat Kanan, but restrained herself from going too far. Her training paid off when she dueled Gar Saxon and ultimately bested him.


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  • She is voiced by Tiya Sircar.
  • At the time of the series she was 16 years old, turning 17 at some point in either Season 1 or Season 2. In Season 3, Sabine is 19 years old.
  • Although Ezra and Kanan occasionally wear helmets, Sabine is the only member of the Spectres to wear one regularly.

Sabine's various armor paint jobs and hairstyle changes over the course of the series

  • True to her artistic personality, Sabine's armor and hairstyle change with each season.
    • In "The Siege of Lothal", Sabine takes her own blaster shots to the chest plate and helmet after they were deflected by Darth Vader, the carbon scoring left behind inspiring her to change her appearance. Most of the pinkish-burgundy colors were replaced by bright orange on her gauntlets, elbow pads, right chest plate and helmet, and the checkerboard design on her right shoulder was then emblazoned with an Aurebesh number 5 in black painted in an orange circle. Her left shoulder plate was painted blue with the Anooba illustration replaced with an as-yet unidentified creature reminiscent of a fyrnock, while her short sleeves have been changed to long sleeves. Additionally, her hair changes colors from dark blue and yellowish-orange to a lighter shade of blue fading out to teal at the ends. She kept this appearance throughout Season 2.
    • In Season 3, Sabine's look changed again. Most traces of pinkish-burgundy on her helmet are gone, replaced with a reddish-orange. All of the orange areas of her armor were painted purple, while her left shoulder pad sported a light yellow with a convoree. Her gloves became fingerless and covered only her wrists instead of up to her elbows. Her hair also changed to an asymmetrical style with grown the right side significantly while cutting the left side short, and dyed a light pinkish violet fading to dark purple at the ends.
    • In Season 4, Sabine’s hair changes once more to a dark shade of violet. It is still asymmetrical, but has grown longer. She also painted the majority of her armor's base color purple with yellow stripes and a new design on her left shoulder plate.
    • In the epilogue of Season 4, set after the Battle of Endor, Sabine has undergone her most drastic redesign. Her helmet‘s base color is now a purple-gray with medium purple accents, she no longer has gloves and Mandalorian Vambraces, her right shoulder pad now has the Rebel Alliance emblem on it, her left shoulder pad now has a purrgil on it instead of a convo, and her hair has been cut extremely short (roughly the same length as Ezra’s, but messier) and dyed a medium purple.
  • Sabine and Chopper are the only members of the Ghost Crew who haven't met The Bendu.
  • Dave Filoni revealed in the Rebels Recon featurette for "The Protector of Concord Dawn" that Sabine's mother Ursa was present in the throne room on Mandalore when Darth Maul killed Pre Vizsla in the Clone Wars episode "Shades of Reason". Ursa would later make a few named appearances in the final season of Clone Wars, which was released after the end of Rebels.
  • While her brother Tristan looks like Ursa, Sabine more resembles their father.
  • Her concept art for the epilogue shows Sabine with her Mandalorian jetpack on. But when she goes with Ahsoka to find Ezra, she doesn't have her jetpack on her.
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