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Ryder's Hideout was the home to Ryder Azadi and his pet Loth-cat after Ryder escaped prison with the help of Ephraim Bridger and Mira Bridger.


Ryder took up residence in this rocky landmark after escaping from Imperial prison, and was tracked here by Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus after they planted a tracker on his Loth-cat. Taking them for Bounty Hunters, Ryder attacked them with a Blaster rifle, but then learned that Ezra was the son of Ephraim and Mira Bridger. Welcoming the two into his home, Ryder explained his history as the anti-Empire former Governor of Lothal, who had supported the Bridgers' in speaking out against the Empire and ended up in prison with them, where he had witnessed their deaths during the escape attempt. The two Jedi then stayed the night with Ryder, and Ezra had a vision of his parents.

The pair later left the hideout to meet with a Rebellion contact after Ryder expressed his firm intention not to become involved with resisting the Empire again. However, he was eventually discovered by a party of Stormtroopers intent on his immediate execution, but saved by the return of the disguised Jedi with Leia Organa and the arrival of the Ghost Crew, with Ryder taking Leia "hostage" in order to maintain her cover.


Season Two

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