I hope you brought a better class of soldiers than those... Stormtroopers.
―Rex taunting Kallus on Seelos[src]

CT-7567 (nicknamed "Rex") was a Clone Captain who was in command of the 501st Clone Battalion of the Grand Army of the Republic. He served alongside Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his padawan Ahsoka Tano throughout the Clone Wars.

At some point after the war, Rex was retired from service like all other clones and resided in an old AT-TE with fellow retirees Wolffe and Gregor, roaming the plains of Seelos. Eventually, he fought with Ahsoka again against the oppressive reign of the Galactic Empire.


The Clone Wars

Rex served as the captain of the 501st Battalion, under the command of Anakin Skywalker. The two fought in many battles together, and later with his apprentice: Ahsoka Tano, whom Rex fought alongside until the Siege of Mandalore.

After his friend Fives died trying to convince him that there are control chips inside all the clones heads, Rex soon did some investigating, and found out the truth. He later convinced Wolffe and Gregor to remove their chips as well; preventing them from executing Order 66.

Siege of Mandalore

Near the end of the Clone Wars, the former Sith Lord Maul had taken control of Mandalore with the help of the Death Watch and A group of Criminals and Gangs that have sworn allegiance to Maul.

Sometime later, Ahsoka came into contact with the Jedi Order and requested the help of the Jedi in retaking the planet. Anakin and Obi-Wan were willing to travel to Mandalore, but were forced to return to Corsucant as Chancellor Palpatine had been kidnapped by General Grievous.

Anakin however, managed to assign Rex and a battalion of clones to Ahsoka to travel to Mandalore to aid in the capture of Maul. Sometime during the height of the Battle, Emperor Palpatine had issued Order 66 resulting in the Clones turning on Ahsoka, and allowing Maul to escape.

However, because Rex removed his inhibitor chip before Order 66 was issued, this spared him from being forced to turn on Ahsoka. Eventually, Ahsoka and Rex had escaped and managed to fake their deaths before leaving the planet to live in exile.


After the Clone Wars ended, the Emperor retired all the Clones, believing they have served their duty. Rex, Wolffe and Gregor then spent their retirement on Seelos in a All Terrain Tactical Enforcer and occasionally hunted Joopas for food.

Growing Rebellion

Meeting the Rebels


Rex meeting the Ghost Crew.

One day, while trolling the grounds of Seelos, Rex was introduced to the Ghost Crew. But when Kanan Jarrus realized that Rex, Wolffe and Gregor were Clones, he pulled out his Lightsaber. After a brief skirmish, Rex soon calmed his brothers down. Rex soon found out that the Ghost Crew were sent by his old Jedi commander; Ahsoka Tano. Allowing the Rebels into their home, Rex asked how Ahsoka was doing. When Ezra Bridger told him that she needs his help, he explained that his days as a soldier were over. Ezra then suggested that he could give them a list of bases in the outer rim. Agreeing to this, Rex asked them to wait outside while he creates a list. When they left, Wolffe warned Rex and Gregor that if they help them, they could be putting themselves in danger. Despite Wolffe's complaints, the Clones decided to give them the list as long as they return the favor by helping them hunt a Joopa.

To allay Kanan's distrust of Clone troopers, Rex revealed that he, Gregor, and Wolffe had managed to remove their inhibitor chips. While participating in the Joopa hunt, it's revealed that Zeb is acting as both the "hunter" and the "bait". Zeb was swallowed by the Joopa but succeeded in killing the creature. Having completed their side of the deal, Kanan wanted his crew to leave but Rex invited them to stay for dinner.

While Sabine was uploading the list of bases, Rex told Ezra was a great example of a leader. Still trying to convince Rex to join them, Rex believes that he's outlived his usefulness for war. When Sabine accuses the Clones of giving the Rebels up; it's discovered that Wolffe had secretly alerted the Empire to their presence and hid the messages which Ahsoka had sent them. Wolffe, who distrusted the Jedi, had informed the Empire in the mistaken belief that he was protecting himself and his fellow Clones. Rex was shocked by this revelation and confronted Wolffe. Rex was able to convince him that the Rebels weren't the enemy, and the Empire was. Shortly after, it is discovered that a Viper Probe Droid was spying on them. Before trying to flee, the probe droid damaged one of the Phantom's engines. After Rex destroys the probe, the Ghost Crew and the Clones prepared for the coming battle.

Ahsoka and Rex

Rex being embraced by Ahsoka.

Despite Ezra's efforts to encourage Rex and his companions to join the Rebellion, Rex was adamant that the clones would stay behind to hold back the Empire while the rebels escaped on the Phantom. A force of AT-AT walkers led by Agent Kallus, landed on Seelos. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, Rex and his fellow clones stood their ground. At the urging of Ezra, the rebels intervened in the fight and managed to defeat the Imperials. Without air support, Kallus and his surviving AT-AT drivers were forced to retreat into the desert. Honored that Kanan and Ezra would return to save them, Rex and his comrades saluted the Jedi and he agreed to join the Rebellion. Hera then arrived with the Ghost to pick them up. Later, Rex met with his old friend Ahsoka in space.

Wits versus Discipline

After joining the Rebellion, Rex became part of the Phoenix rebel cell, which operated a fleet in space. During one of Ezra's levitation lessons, Rex exposed Sabine and Chopper's trick that involved locking the astromech droid Chopper's feet to the floor; preventing Ezra from levitating him. When Ezra was upset about the trick, Rex told the Young Padawan about a how a Jedi General he had once fought alongside became a great warrior by combining The Force with his wits. In response, Kanan told Rex that Ezra had a lot of wits but needed more discipline.

While Rex and Kanan argued about how to train Ezra, the young Padawan sneaked away with Sabine, Chopper, and Zeb on a mission to salvage supplies from an Old Republic medical base. Rex had provided the rebels with the codes to this station. Unknown to the rebels, two Inquisitors known as the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother were waiting for them. The rebels barely escaped with their lives. Rex was present with Kanan and Hera when the younger rebels returned with news that the Empire had more Inquisitors.

Later Rex oversaw target practice with Ezra, who was using a DC-15A Blaster to try and hit a Stormtrooper helmet that Chopper was moving around. Kanan came out, sternly reminding Ezra about his Jedi training, which sparked a minor debate between Rex and Kanan until Sabine informed them that Hera had called for a mandatory group meeting. The rebels then participated in a mission to scour Garel City for fuel cells to alleviate an energy crisis on the planet Riin.

Rex was later present when Hondo showed up in the Phantom with fuel cells. After a brief tall tale, Hondo left, but let the Ghost Crew have the fuel cells.

Infiltrating the Imperial Interdictor

An opportunity for Rex to resolve his differences with Kanan arose after Ezra and Commander Jun Sato were captured by an Imperial Interdictor during a mission to the Del Zennis system. Prior to their capture, Sato had managed to warn the other rebels that the Empire had a new warship capable of pulling ships out of hyperspace. Under the orders of Phoenix Leader Hera, Rex along with Kanan and Chopper were to infiltrate the Imperial warship and rescue Ezra and Sato. For this mission, Rex and Kanan were to disguise themselves as Stormtroopers while Chopper was painted black to mimic an Imperial communications droid.

When Kanan expressed unease about working with the former Clone Captain, Rex reassured him that he knew which side he was on. After Zeb brought two captured sets of Stormtrooper armor, Rex complained that the new armor was junk compared to the armor he had worn during the Clone Wars. For their mission, Rex, Kanan, and Chopper used a stolen Sentinel-class landing craft to travel to the Del Zennis system, which they learned had been classified by the Imperial authorities as a restricted testing area. While traveling through hyperspace, the two men argued about their mission. While Kanan wanted to find their people and get them out of Imperial custody, Rex insisted on disabling the new ship as well since it could pose a threat to the Rebellion.

Upon approaching the Imperial Interdictor, Rex managed to con the Imperial scanners by telling them that his shuttle was having engine problems. Using emergency protocols he and Commander Cody had invented, they managed to gain permission to dock in the Imperial Interdictor. After landing, Kanan used a Jedi Mind Trick to convince the Stormtroopers guard in the hangar to let them through. Accessing a terminal, they learned through Chopper that Ezra was being transferred to a secure cell; meaning that the Empire had learned his identity. Disguised as Stormtroopers, the three rebels made their way to Ezra's cell only to discover that the young Jedi had already broken free and locked his captors in his holding cell.

Mistaking Rex and Kanan for Stormtroopers, Ezra stunned them with his lightsaber-blaster. When Rex and Kanan recovered, Ezra tried to save face by claiming that they had been involved in a big fire fight. Chopper however played a holographic recording of what actually happened. While Kanan was furious, Rex laughed it off and suggested that Ezra should have set his blaster to kill in case if was not them. When Rex and Kanan broke into an argument about whether to limit their mission to rescuing their rebel comrades or destroying the ship as well, an irritated Ezra broke off and accompanied Chopper on a mission to sabotage the Imperial Interdictor's gravity well projectors.

Disguised as Stormtroopers, Rex and Kanan continued their mission to rescue their rebel comrades. When they stumbled on a Stormtrooper patrol, Rex advised caution but Kanan decided to attack them. During the firefight, Rex complained that he could not see through his Stormtrooper helmet and threw it at one of his opponents, knocking him out. After braving heavy fire, Rex and Kanan finally reached the detention cell holding Commander Sato and his crew. They then decided to make their way back to the Liberator. On the way, they were attacked by more Stormtroopers. Rex decided to buy his rebel comrades more time by holding off their pursuers and locking the blast doors.

Rex then took on the remaining Stormtroopers in single-hand combat only to be stunned. Captured, Rex was brought before the Interdictor's commanding officer, Admiral Brom Titus. Recognizing Rex based on his code number, Titus tried to win Rex over by offering him immunity and reinstatement at an Imperial Academy if he would convince his compatriots to surrender. However, Rex rejected Titus' terms and the Admiral ordered an interrogator droid to torture him to death while two Stormtroopers pinned him down over a round portal. Meanwhile, the other rebels managed to reach the Liberator safely. After hearing Rex being tortured through the Force, Kanan decided to rescue the former Clone Captain.

Stealth Strike 36

Rex and Kanan saluting each other.

Before Admiral Titus could finish Rex off, Kanan entered the command bridge disguised as a Stormtrooper and opened fire on Titus' men. After freeing Rex, the two men escape on an escape pod and boarded the Liberator. They then attempted to flee into hyperspace but were again pulled out by the Imperial Interdictor. However, Chopper had rigged the Interdictor's enginges to draw in everything nearby including two escort light cruisers. These light cruisers crashed into the Interdictor; destroying it in a fiery explosion. Rex and the other rebels managed to escape into hyperspace in the nick of time. Following their escape, Commander Sato praised Rex, Kanan, and Ezra for rescuing him and his crew. Rex also thanked Kanan, who had managed to finally overcome his animosity towards Clone troopers. As a gesture of reconciliation, the two men saluted each other before they parted company.

Escape from Garel

Due to an accidental leak by Ezra on Takobo, the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother learned that the Phoenix rebel cell was hiding on Garel. The two Inquisitors informed their Imperial colleagues Agent Kallus and Admiral Kassius Konstantine, who sent an Imperial fleet from Lothal to attack Garel City. During the escape, Rex was with Commander Sato when the Liberator was caught in the tractor beam of the Imperial Star Destroyer Relentless, Konstantine's ship. However, Hera managed to free Rex and Sato by using the Ghost to ram into the Star Destroyer's tractor beam projector. This enabled the remaining Phoenix rebel ships to escape into hyperspace.

Mission to Concord Dawn

Due to the Empire making it harder for the rebels to travel in and out of the Lothal sector, Sabine suggests the system of Concord Dawn, to which Rex explains as a system where The Protectors, a group of Mandalorian fighter pilots that formerly trained clones for the Grand Army of the Republic. He later saw Hera's damaged A-wing jump out of hyperspace, and was with the rebels when they discussed their plan for the Mandalorians.

Ambush over Geonosis

The Honorable Ones 02

Rex manning the Nose Gun.

The Ghost crew and Rex jump out of hyperspace over the desert world of Geonosis. They then discussed that the Empire was building something here due to the large construction modules orbiting the surface, Rex orders a sweep of the planet due to his experiences on Geonosis, Chopper's search comes up negative and Rex asks him to do the sweep again, remarking that he may me cross-wired. Ezra then exclaims that they have been all killed while Rex retaliates that there are millions of "bugs" down there. While the rebels fall into the trap set by Kallus, Rex mans the cockpit gun and manages to take down several ties and AT-ST's severely damaging the Empire's forces before Kallus's and Zeb's escape pod falls to Bahryn and the Empire retreats. Rex later participated in the search for Zeb, reciving the signal and landing on Bahyrn.

Finding a New Base

Later, Rex and several other rebels including Commander Sato, the Ghost Crew, and Ketsu Onyo, Sabine's former Imperial Academy classmate, attended a briefing aboard the rebels' captured Imperial Light Carrier to discuss their plans to set up a new rebel base. By cross-referencing several Republic and Lothalian star charts, the rebels had identified the planet Berzite's moon as a prospective candidate. Since the rebels' fighter carrier were low on fuel, Sabine recommended stealing fuel from the Imperial depot at Horizon Base.

As a result of the meeting, Commander Sato sanctioned a mission by the Lothal rebels to steal fuel from Horizon Base. Rex stayed aboard the rebel flagship during the Imperial attack on the Rebel Fleet. After Chopper and the former Imperial inventory droid AP-5 relayed information about an Imperial trap in the Yawst System, Rex accompanied the rest of the Rebel fleet to Atollon; a safe world with no Imperial presence.

Defending Chopper Base

Following the discovery of Atollon, Rex was placed in charge of the establishment of Chopper Base on the planet. From the base's command centre, Rex commanded operations to deliver shipments to the base and to establish Sensor Markers that would serve as warning beacons for intruders. While Rex found the planet hot, dry, and unpleasant, he conceded that there was nothing trying to kill them. Later, he and Sabine venture to the base's northern perimeter to investigate the disappearance of Lieutenant Dicer, who had disappeared after planting her sensor marker.

The Mystery of Chopper Base 18

Rex and Sabine fighting a Krykna Spider.

Under Hera's orders, Rex and Sabine traveled there in the Phantom. Upon arriving, they found Dicer's helmet but saw no sign of the rebel. Shortly later, the two rebels were attacked by several large spidery creatures called Krykna. Sabine managed to hold off the creatures but Rex was taken captive. The Krykna carried him down to their underground lair where he was held in the mandibles of a sleeping Krykna which hung suspended from the top of the cavern. Sabine and the Ghost Crew managed to free him but were pursued back to the surface by the Krykna.

Rex and his companions managed to make it back to the Ghost but the ship was held down by a large web woven by the Krykna. As the rebels fought to break their way out of the web, Rex and Chopper aided in the defense of the ship by fighting off a Krykna intruder trying to breach the rear hatch. While Rex kicked and pushed the creature out, Chopper closed the rear doors. After escaping the Krykna, Rex suggested reporting to Commander Sato that the base was unsafe. However, Hera responded that they had poured much effort into finding the base and should not give up. At Kanan's suggestion, the rebels erected a fence consisting of sensor markers around the base the following day.

Losing a Friend

Rex kept in contact with Ahsoka as she traveled with Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper to Malachor to seek answers on how to defeat the Sith. Holding Ahsoka in high regard, Rex offered to come to her aid since Malachor was only two parsecs away. Ahsoka declined the offer and reiterated that this mission was Jedi business. When Ahsoka joked that she outranked Rex, he replied that experience always outranked everything. Ahsoka then replied that she had more experience than him due to her experiences during the Clone Wars and Jedi Purge. Rex remained at Chopper Base for the duration of the Jedi mission to Malachor.

In Rex's absence, the Jedi and Ahsoka came into conflict with the Inquisitors and forged a tenuous alliance with the former Sith apprentice Maul to obtain a Sith holocron which purportedly contained the knowledge needed to defeat the Sith. After destroying the Inquisitors, Maul turned on the Jedi and blinded Kanan. Later, Darth Vader arrived and the Jedi and Chopper managed to flee but Ahsoka chose to stay behind.

Twilight of the Apprentice 59

Rex realizing Ahsoka didn't return from Malachor.

Following the mission, Rex and the other rebels were later present on the runway when the Phantom landed at Chopper Base. They watched in silence as Kanan and Ezra disembarked from the ship. When Ahsoka did not turn up, he bowed his head in sadness at the thought of having lost a good friend.

A Larger Rebellion

Heist at Reklam Station

After Ezra and his team rescued Hondo from the Imperial prison on Naraka, Rex attended a briefing where Hondo shared information on the Imperial floating junkyard Reklam Station inside the planet Yarma to Phoenix Squadron. After Hondo revealed that the Imperials were dismantling Old Republic Y-Wing Starfighters there, Rex told his fellow rebels that the Y-Wings were reliable combat fighters. In the end, the rebel leadership agreed to dispatch a recon mission to Reklam Station.

Star Wars Rebels Season Three 36

Rex and his team at Reklam Station.

Rex accompanied Ezra's team and Hondo on the Phantom to Reklam Station. On the way, the rebels exited hyperspace at the Sereeda Waypoint where they were intercepted by a Mining Guild patrol. After escaping the Mining Guild patrol, the rebel team continued their journey to Yarma. While traveling inside Yarma's gassy atmosphere, the Phantom was pursued by two Imperial Dismantler Droids. While Chopper shot down one, Rex opened the Phantom's rear hatch and fought with the second Dismantler Droid. He almost fell out but was pulled back into the ship by Zeb. In the end, Rex managed to shoot the droid but the Phantom sustained damage. Fortunately for Rex and his team, Sabine regained control of the ship.

After parking the Phantom beneath the station, Rex and his team managed to convince the local Ugnaught laborers to help them steal the Y-Wings in return for their freedom. After stopping the conveyor belt, Rex and the other rebels began refueling the starfighters. Rex commented that refueling the fighters would not be their first nor last complication. After Brom Titus activated the magnetic locks on the Y-Wings, Rex and Ezra departed to attack the Imperial control tower. Rex was forced to return when a third Dismantler Droid attacked Chopper, Sabine, and Zeb.

Rex used a magnetic crane to trap the Dismantler Droid against a metal container before pushing it down into Yarma's volatile depths. The Dismantler Droid then erupted in flames. After Ezra cut off the station's power, Rex and the other rebels departed on the Y-Wings. Chopper used the relay navigation system to remotely pilot the other craft. Rex then traveled in the same Y-Wing as Chopper and the rebels escaped into the space above Yarma. The rebel Y-Wings were intercepted by an Imperial Star Destroyer commanded by Governor Arihnda Pryce. However, they were saved when the Rebel Fleet arrived with Phoenix Home and evacuated the fleet. Due to the efforts of Rex and his team, the rebels obtained five Y-Wings which were then transferred to General Jan Dodonna's unit.

Making Peace with the Past

Facing a shortage of supplies, Rex, Kanan, Ezra, Chopper and Zeb traveled to Agamar to obtain Proton Bombs from a wrecked Separatist Supply Ship that had crashed on the planet during the Clone Wars. After landing on Agamar, Rex took the opportunity to tell the other rebels about his Clone Wars experiences. When Ezra opined that the B1 Battle Droids did not look dangerous, Rex responded that these droids had killed many of his friends. Rex and the other rebels soon found the munitions depot and discovered that it was full of proton bombs. Before they could proceed further, they were trapped in a ray shield and stunned by several battle droids led by B1-268.

After awakening, Rex and his fellow rebels found themselves prisoners of the Super Tactical Droid Kalani. Kalani informed the rebels that he presumed the shutdown command issued to the Separatist Droid Army at the end of the war to be a Republic trick, and prevented it from disabling his battalion. Despite Rex insisting that the Clone Wars had ended and demanded that he and his friends be released. Kalani refused, stating that he would have one last battle; a victory for the Separatist Alliance. Zeb was the only one excluded from the battle on account that his species had not been involved in the Clone Wars. Though Rex, Kanan, and Zeb expressed their opposition to the war game, Ezra managed to strike a bargain with Kalani. If the rebels managed to make it back to the command center, Zeb would be free and they would take all of the proton bombs in the hangar. Kalani accepted these terms, and the "simulation" began.

Unknown to the rebels or the Separatists, Chopper had evaded the battle droids and sent a distress call through a Sheathipede-class Shuttle. However, the Empire picked up the distress signal, and Governor Pryce gave the order for the nearest Imperial fleet to deploy forces on Agamar to wipe out the rebels. Back outside the supply ship, Rex, Kanan and Ezra began the "simulation" as a large force of battle droids marched on their position. Utilizing a "sword and shield" maneuverer whereby Rex would fire and the Jedi would deflect incoming shots, as well as using two thermal detonators to wipe out large sections of the droid attack wave, the trio made short work of the first group of battle droids. They managed to reach the hangar bay only to find that Kalani had deployed three Droidekas to intercept them.

Unable to breach the Droidekas' deflector shields, Rex and the rebels were forced to retreat. Rex and Kanan then agreed to provide covering fire while Ezra headed into the hangar to collapse a catwalk over the Droidekas. Ezra was delayed by an unexpected reunion with Chopper but still managed to collapse the catwalk with the Force. Meanwhile, Rex was hit in the chest by a blaster bolt from a battle droid but survived due to his Clone Trooper armor. While continuing their mission to the command bridge, they encountered Ezra. Rex chastised Ezra for his tardiness and warned him that one soldier's move affected everyone else in the team. In Rex's view, they needed discipline and strategy to succeed. Kanan counseled Ezra not to take the Clone trooper's words personally because Rex was determined to finish the battle.

The Last Battle 19

Ezra convinces Rex and Kalani to make peace.

After Rex knocked out another Droideka with his helmet, the rebels managed to enter Kalani's command center and declared victory. However, Kalani disagreed on technical grounds and prepared to execute Rex. Before any further violence could break out, Ezra interceded and convinced the two sides to put aside their differences. After Imperial forces landed on Agamar and attacked B1-268 and a battle droid patrol, Ezra managed to win over Kalani to their side by pointing out that the Empire was the successor to the tyranny of the Galactic Republic. Kalani accepted Ezra's logic and agreed to help the rebels formulate an escape plan.

Working together, Kalani, Rex, and the rebels improvised a strategy which involved rolling the proton torpedoes onto the feet of the advancing Imperial AT-AT and AT-DP walkers. When Kalani admitted never attempting such a desperate strategy, Rex responded that was why the Clones won; prompting Kalani to reply "not always." After knocking out one of the AT-AT walkers, the rebels and droids fled aboard three Sheathipede-class Shuttles while under fire from the Imperial walkers. One of the shuttles was shot down but the rebels' and Kalani's shuttles managed to escape into space.

Once in space, Rex and the rebels corresponded with Kalani by hologram. When Kalani opined that their joint effort was a successful strategy but not a victory, Rex opined that it was a victory and thanked Ezra for finding a middle ground that allowed the Clones and droids to end the Clone Wars. Both Rex and Kalani also accepted Ezra's explanation that both sides could not win the Clone Wars. Despite departing on friendly terms, Kalani thought that the Rebellion had a poor chance of success and parted for parts unknown. Rex and the other rebels were later contacted by Hera. Despite not obtaining the proton bombs, they managed to acquire a new transport for the Ghost.

Evacuation of Mykapo

Rex and the Phoenix Squadron took part in a mission to evacuate rebel sympathizers from Mykapo prior to an Imperial crackdown. After the Ghost and a local rebel cell called the Iron Squadron destroyed an Imperial advance patrol, Rex and the crew of a Hammerhead Corvette evacuated the rebel sympathizers to safety. Rex contacted Hera and Kanan to inform them that he would be rendezvousing with the Rebel Fleet. Later, Rex was with Hera and her crew, discussing a plan to rescue the Iron Squadron captain Mart Mattin from Imperial forces. This mission was ultimately successful and Mart managed to reunite with his uncle Sato.

The Spectre of Maul

Rex along with the Ghost Crew and some members of Phoenix Squadron attended a briefing chaired by Hera to discuss a planned strike against the Lothal Imperial Factory. During the meeting, Ezra saw Maul sneak past Rex. Using the Dark side of the Force and Nightsister Magick, Maul haunted Ezra and caused him to faint. As a result, Hera proceeded on the Lothal mission without Ezra.

Mission to Geonosis

Ghosts of Geonosis 4

Rex and members of the Ghost Crew on Geonosis.

Rex later accompanied the Ghost Crew on a mission to find Saw Gerrera and investigate the apparent disappearance of the Geonosians on Geonosis at the request of Senator Bail Organa. Rex explained to the crew that he and Saw had fought as allies during the Clone Wars. He also warned his fellow rebels that Saw was worried about what they didn't find on Geonosis. The rebels landed near the Geonosian structure that Saw had last entered before losing contact with Rebel Command.

While exploring an underground labyrinth, Rex along with Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper found several discarded helmets belonging to Saw's team. Kanan and Chopper wanted to leave but Ezra and Rex were determined to find Saw and to complete their mission. After reaching a dead end, the rebels were cornered by several battle droids. Before the battle droids could finish off the rebels, Saw arrived and eliminated most of them with a grenade.

After greeting his former comrade in arms, Rex and his fellow rebels agreed to help Saw find the lone Geonosian, who had ambushed and killed his group. Saw believed that the Geonosian held the key as to why the Empire had wiped out the entire population of Geonosis. Rex, the rebels, and Saw eventually reached the central air shaft. After Kanan contacted Hera to warn about the operational battle droids, the rebels discovered the lone Geonosian on the other side of the shaft.

While Ezra and Chopper pursued the Geonosian, Kanan used the Force to levitate Rex and Saw on a stone bridge over to the other side. Following a protracted pursuit, Rex and his comrades managed to capture the Geonosian. While Saw was hostile to the Geonosian due to his animosity towards the Separatists, Ezra managed to befriend the Geonosian, who was nicknamed "Klik-Klak". While making their way to an energy reading picked up by Chopper, Rex explained that Saw was still affected by the death of his sister Steela Gerrera at the hands of the Separatists.

The rebels soon discovered that the source of the energy reading was Klik-Klak's Nest, which contained a working transmitter. While Rex and Chopper worked to establish contact with Hera, Saw and Ezra argued about Klik-Klak; who revealed that he was the custodian of the last Geonosian queen's egg. While Saw wanted to interrogate Klik-Klak offworld, Ezra insisted that Klik-Klak belonged on Geonosis since he was one of the few surviving members of his species. When Saw expressed his dislike for the Geonosians, Rex reminded him that his mission was to find out what had happened to the Geonosians. In the end, Kanan brokered a compromise which involved bringing Klik-Klak to Chopper Base for interrogation and returning him to Geonosis once they had finished with him.

After establishing contact with Hera, the rebels arranged to rendezvous with her at the central air shaft. After boarding the Ghost, Rex and the crew became involved in an argument with Saw over the treatment of Klik-Klak. Saw broke his agreement with Kanan and demanded that the rebels let him leave with Klik-Klak and the Geonosian egg. During the argument, Saw electrocuted Klik-Klak with an electro-shock device, which prompted Ezra to lunge at him. Rex tried to restrain Saw but the other rebel knocked him to the ground. When Saw threatened to destroy the Geonosian queen egg, Rex reminded him that doing so would sully the memory of his sister.

The rebels' argument was interrupted by the arrival of a Light Cruiser commanded by Captain Brunson. Rex and his fellow rebels and Saw joined forces to repel a boarding party of Jumptroopers. During the skirmish, Rex used the Ghost's laser turret to blast several of the Jumptroopers. The Ghost then fled into the depths of Geonosis. There, the rebels and Saw discovered several Imperial poison canisters which the Empire had used to exterminate the Geonosians. Having found compelling evidence of the Imperial genocide, Saw experienced a change of heart and let Klik-Klak flee with the Geonosian queen egg into the depths of Geonosis.

The rebels then fought their way out of the air shaft by blasting Brunson's Light Cruiser with proton torpedoes. They then informed Bail and Sato about their successful rescue of Saw, their acquisition of a Deflector Core, and their discovery of the Imperial genocide against the Geonosians.

Mission to Rescue Kallus

After the rebels learned that Grand Admiral Thrawn was monitoring Kallus's Fulcrum transmissions, Rex took part in a rebel mission to rescue Kallus before the Empire captured him. As part of the Mission to rescue Kallus, Ezra, Chopper and AP-5 stole a shuttle from Lothal's Capital City Spaceport and allowed themselves to be captured by Kallus' Imperial Light Cruiser, which was captained by Lieutenant Yogar Lyste. Disguised as Stormtroopers, Rex and Kanan then traveled in the Sentinel-class Shuttle TYA77 to Lyste's light cruiser to facilitate the extraction.

The rebel mission was complicated when Thrawn requested an audience with Kallus and Lyste aboard his Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera. After reaching the Chimaera, Chopper informed Rex and Kanan about the change of plans. While Rex expressed shock, Kanan told Chopper to get them a fresh set of coordinates for the Chimaera since their current coordinates would only work on the light cruiser. Chopper complied and managed to obtain the new set of coordinates with the help of Kallus and Ezra.

After exiting hyperspace, Rex and Kanan discovered Thrawn's Seventh Fleet orbiting Lothal. When Kanan asked which ship, Rex told him to transmit the coordinates at random. TY997 was cleared for landing aboard the Chimaera. However, Thrawn had discovered that rebel infiltrators were aboard the shuttle and sent Pryce to apprehend the intruders. Pryce saw through their Stormtrooper disguises and ordered Rex and Kanan to surrender. When Kanan protested, Pryce stunned him.

Rex then shot one of Pryce's Stormtroopers before fighting hand to hand combat with the Governor. Pryce managed to overpower Rex and knock him to the ground. However, Lyste, mistaking Pryce for Fulcrum, stunned her. Before Lyste could attend to Rex, Kallus tackled him to the ground. Rex and his fellow rebels then fled aboard their shuttle. Kallus opted to stay behind in order to continue helping the Rebellion. He also framed Lyste as Fulcrum in an effort to draw attention away from himself but Thrawn was not fooled.

Mon Mothma's Speech

Later, Rex along with Sato and AP-5 were present at the Chopper Base command center when the former Imperial Senator Mon Mothma gave a live HoloNet News speech denouncing the Empire and urging the galaxy to rise up in Rebellion.

Alliance to Restore the Republic

Ezra's Errant Mission

After Ezra heard Kanans' holocron and the Malachor Sith holocron warning that the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi was in danger, Rex attended a meeting with Ezra, Kanan, Sato, and Hera. During the meeting, Rex expressed sympathy for Ezra's desire to find Kenobi. He however believed that Kenobi had perished, citing a report from Bail. Ezra disagreed and traveled with Chopper on a mission to find Kenobi. Ezra found that Kenobi was indeed alive and that Maul was no longer a problem.

Battle of Atollon

Rex took part in the Battle of Atollon. Before the Phoenix Squadron and Dodonna's Massassi Group could launch a coordinate attack on the Imperial TIE Defender factories on Lothal, Thrawn learned the location of Chopper Base and invaded the Atollon System. In response, Hera devised a plan to sneak Ezra and Chopper out of the system aboard the Gauntlet Fighter Nightbrother while launching a frontal attack on Thrawn's Seventh Fleet. Prior to the battle, Zeb and Rex joked about hunting Joopas with Rex remarking they were hard to hunt but tasty.

During the space battle, Rex and Zeb manned the guns aboard the Ghost. After Sato sacrificed his life and command ship Phoenix Nest by ramming Konstantine's Interdictor Cruiser, Ezra and Chopper were able to escape and seek reinforcements from Clan Wren. However, the rebel forces sustained heavy casualties at the hands of Thrawn's fleet and were forced to retreat to Atollon. Rex and Zeb managed to activate Sabine's prototype deflector shield generator, creating an umbrella above Chopper Base and the remaining rebel ships.

Despite the shield generator taking heavy damage, Rex and Zeb were pleased when the shields appeared to hold up. After Thrawn deployed ground forces, Dodonna theorized that Thrawn would send his forces through the narrow canyon leading to Chopper Base. Rex proposed guarding the passes, which Hera approved. Rex destroyed several of Thrawn's AT-DP walkers with detonators while Zeb destroyed the last one with a rocket launcher. However, the two rebels were forced to retreat when Thrawn deployed several AT-AT walkers, which were protected by shield generators.

After reuniting with Kanan, the three rebels fled into the caves under the Coral Mesa and fought with Thrawn's Death Troopers and Stormtroopers. After reuniting with Hera, Dodonna, and AP-5, they tried to flee to the Ghost but were surrounded by Thrawn and his Death Troopers. Before Thrawn could take them prisoner, Kanan's mysterious friend Bendu, the enigmatic Force-wielder, unleashed a thunder storm which devastated the base. Rex and his rebel comrades fled aboard the Ghost and joined the rebel fleet in space.

By that stage, Ezra had returned with Mandalorian reinforcements led by Sabine and Fenn Rau. The Mandalorians destroyed Thrawn's second Interdictor Cruiser, allowing the rebel remnants to flee into hyperspace. Under the orders of Hera, the rebel convoy set a course for Yavin 4. When AP-5 proposed doing two jumps to cover their tracks, Rex recommended a third jump.

Personality & Traits

Rex lived to serve the Galactic Republic and to protect its citizens. While he was eager to follow orders, Rex became adopted a less rigid approach as the Clone Wars wore on. He was also loyal to his men and refused to believe that his comrade Echo had died or turned traitor.

Rex would develop a friendship with the padawan Ahsoka Tano and became her mentor, offering her advice and valuable leadership experience. He taught her that experience outranked everything. When Ahsoka was framed for murder and treason, Rex doubted she had committed the crimes, but nevertheless followed the order to arrest her. Despite this, the two would maintain a deep respect for each other after the Clone Wars and came to regard each other as friends. During the Age of the Empire, Rex would return a favor to his friend Ahsoka by joining the Rebellion. His knowledge of former Republic military bases, combat skills, and military tactics would help the Rebellion in its fight against the Galactic Empire. He was deeply distraught when he learned about her presumed death on Malachor.

While Rex initially had a difficult relationship with Kanan Jarrus and argued over strategies and Ezra's priorities, the two put aside their differences following a mission to rescue Ezra and Sato from an Imperial Interdictor. Rex was staunchly loyal to the Old Republic and refused to recognize the authority of the Galactic Empire. Rex's fortitude led him to resist torture at the hands of the Imperial officer Brom Titus. He even regarded Imperial Stormtrooper armor as inferior to the Clone Trooper armor he wore during the Clone Wars.

Due to his Clone Wars experiences, Rex harbored a significant antipathy for battle droids. However, he had a respectful relationship with Chopper. His animus towards battle droids led him to reject Kalani's demand that Rex and his Jedi comrades Kanan and Ezra take part in a reenactment of the Clone Wars. As a Clone Trooper, Rex was bred to fight and wanted to finish his mission to destroy his battle droid opponents. However, Ezra managed to convince Rex and Kalani to put aside their past differences in order to fight against the Empire.

Rex harbored considerable respect and loyalty to his former Clone Wars comrade Saw. While Rex was unwilling to abandon his former comrade, he still expressed discomfort with some of Saw's harsh methods including brutalizing the Geonosian captive Klik-Klak and threatening to destroy the last Geonosian queen egg. Still, Rex was empathetic to Saw's pain and realized that his comrade was still grieving the loss of Steela. Rex's belief in the sanctity of life led him to fight with Saw, when the latter threatened to destroy the last Geonosian queen egg.

Rex had a deep respect for Kenobi due to their shared experiences during the Clone Wars. However, he believed that Kenobi had perished. Rex was proven wrong when Ezra encountered Kenobi during an errant mission to Tatooine. Rex and his friend Zeb were known for their sense of humor even during difficult times. During the Battle of Atollon, they traded jokes about Joopa and quipped about Sabine's prototype shield generator.

Skills & abilities

Veteran Soldier

Rex was a war veteran, as he was literally born for war. He spent the first decade of his life training and preparing to become a soldier to fight for the Republic, and quickly became an experienced soldier and leader, rising to the rank of Captain. He could adapt and come up with effective strategies to win many battles, and he was an effective and skilled leader.

Master Marksman

He was skilled in marksmanship, having originally fought with a pair of DC-17 Hand Blasters, and always kept them well oiled and working. besides his favorite hand blasters, Rex was skilled in the use of all kinds of different blasters, from rifles to cannons, and his sniping skills remained sharp into his old age as he was able to shoot down a probe droid trying to escape from a considerable distance without a scope.


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  • He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, voiced all the clone troopers.
  • Dave Filoni has stated that he believes that Rex is the "bearded old guy" on the Rebel strike team on Endor in Return of the Jedi. The character was identified as Nik Sant in Legends continuity, but is currently unnamed canonically. Concept art for Rex's season four design was revealed at the 2017 Star Wars Celebration showing him with a new outfit resembling those of the Endor troopers. In the epilogue of Family Reunion - and Farewell, it was confirmed that Rex did indeed fight in the Battle of Endor.
  • Rex's actual age is around his late twenties or early thirties, though his biological state is likely closer to at least sixty years, due to the accelerated aging that was genetically installed in all Clone Troopers.
  • In the episode Warhead the story was going to be focused on Zeb and Rex, but Rex was changed for Chopper.
  • Season 1 was the only season in which Rex did not appear.
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