Fire Across the Galaxy 21

The rebels infiltrate the Sovereign.

The Rescue at Mustafar was a mission launched by Lothal rebels as a rescue attempt of Jedi padawan Kanan Jarrus, who had been captured by the Inquisitor and taken to Mustafar for interrogation by Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. The rebels launched their own TIE Fighter into Tarkin's Star Destroyer, the Sovereign, which emitted a powerful electromagnetic pulse that disabled all major systems on the ship.

The rebels then boarded the Destroyer with a stolen Imperial Freighter and split up, having Ezra Bridger free Kanan from his cell while Hera Syndulla, Garazeb Orrelios, and Sabine Wren drew the Stormtroopers away. Ezra successfully freed Kanan, but they encountered the Inquisitor in the engine room. Though Ezra was wounded in the duel, Kanan overpowered the Inquisitor and destroyed his lightsaber, inadvertently dropping it into the Sovereign's engines, which crippled the ship.

Hera, Zeb, and Sabine fled the doomed Destroyer in their own TIE while Kanan and Ezra escaped with the Inquisitor's TIE Advanced, and they were pursued by numerous TIE Fighters. They signaled to Chopper aboard the Imperial Freighter to prepare to escape to hyperspace, but the droid fled shortly after Imperial reinforcements arrived.

However, Chopper soon returned with the Freighter, the Ghost, and three Alderaan Cruisers, all of whom fended off the incoming TIEs, allowing the rebels to reconnect with Chopper's transport and escape into hyperspace.


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