Send a message on the Mining Guild channel. The next moron that comes within a kilometer of us gets a turbolaser haircut.
―Rae Sloane, after a near collision[src]

Rae Sloane was an Imperial captain, who served in the Galactic Empire. During her time in the Imperial Navy, she served as the captain of the Star Destroyer, Ultimatum.



Sloane was only thirty years old, when she was assigned as the fill in captain of the Imperial Ultimatum, an infamous Star Destroyer.

A New Dawn

While serving as a fill in for Karlsen, the real captain of the Ultimatum, Sloane was tasked with escorting Count Vidian to the planet Gorse.




  • Rae Sloane is a rare case of a high-ranking female Imperial Officer; in the films all such individuals seen were male. The defunct Expanded Universe/Star Wars Legends canon indicated that a great deal of sexism was prevalent in the Empire; it is unknown whether this still applies, though certainly female officers do appear to remain a rarity.
  • In the Star Wars: Aftermath trilogy, which takes place after the events of The Return of the Jedi, Rae Sloane is revealed to have achieved the rank of Admiral, and eventually leads Imperial remnants into the Unknown Regions where they are reorganized into the First Order.