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Sentients, prepare for takeoff!

RX-24 (nicknamed "Rex") was an RX-Series Pilot Droid, who flew a transport ship on Lothal to Garel.



Rex flew the transport ship ST-45, on the planet Lothal. He took his passengers from Capital City on Lothal to Garel.

Transporting the Rebels

On one such trip to Garel, Rex was unknowingly among the company of rebels, in addition Lothal's Prime Minister Maketh Tua. Soon after the voyage began, the rebels' astromech droid, known by the crew as "Chopper", started to get rowdy. The rebels' leader, known as Kanan Jarrus, then asked RX-24 if the droid was allowed to stay in the cockpit. Rex then informed Kanan about the Imperial's droid-flight policy, which required all droids to remain in the back of the ship.


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  • He is voiced by Paul Reubens.
  • The character originated from the "Star Tours" attraction at Disney Parks, where he was also voiced by Reubens.
  • The name "Rex" is not used on the show for the droid, this is presumably done to avoid confusion with the Clone Trooper of the same name.


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