Phoenix Nest, also known as Phoenix Home, was an Imperial Light Carrier that was originally used by the Galactic Empire to launch TIE Bombers to attack the resistance fighters of the Free Ryloth Movement, until it was stolen by the Rebellion for use as their command ship and to house their fighters.


Imperial Service

This light carrier was stationed at Ryloth. There it was used by the Galactic Empire to house the TIE bombers that bombarded Ryloth's surface.

Rebel Hijacking

The Imperial Light Carrier that would become known as Phoenix Nest was positioned over Ryloth to bomb the Twi'lek resistance on the planet. With the help of resistance leader Cham Syndulla, the Ghost Crew launched an attack on the carrier.

Though Syndulla wanted to destroy it was a symbol for his people to rally behind, his daughter Hera Syndulla convinced him to allow the Rebellion to steal the carrier so that they could use it to land the A-Wing Starfighters of their fleet. It was then named Phoenix Home and became the new Capital Ship of Phoenix Squadron. The carrier was placed under the command of Jun Sato, effectively replacing his previous command ship and christening it the Phoenix Nest.

Final Missions

After the successful aquisition of the Phoenix Nest ; it and the Ghost then went to Yarma. There, they were able to pick up several Y-Wing Starfighters awaiting Imperial decommission and scrapping and then make their escape back to Chopper Base. It would later be part of the Rebel Fleet group that was to take part in the attack on Lothal, only to be prevented from leaving the Atollon System by the Seventh Fleet via an Imperial Interdictor. In order to enable Ezra to escape aboard the Nightbrother and call for reinforcements, Commander Sato evacuated Phoenix Nest, with only himself and two other crewmen remaining aboard. They then moved as if attempting escape only to turn and ram an Imperial Interdictor, resulting in the destruction of both ships but killing Konstantine as well as his crew, and enabling Ezra's escape.


  • Up until "Secret Cargo", the Phoenix Nest was the largest ship in the Rebel Fleet.
  • The carrier had some notable changes administered to it by Sabine after its theft, such as the orange and yellow streaks painted on the sides.
  • The carrier went by the name Phoenix Home for most of its appearances. It was identified as Phoenix Nest in "Zero Hour".


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