The Phantom II was a Sheathipede-class Shuttle that was originally used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems on Agamar. Years after the Clone Wars, it was comandeered by the Ghost Crew to replace their original shuttle, the Phantom, which was destroyed at Reklam Station.


The Phantom II was originally in service to the Separatist navy on Agamar during the Clone Wars. It was part of a force led by Super Tactical Droid Kalani, which remained active almost twenty years after the Clone Wars. When the Ghost crew came to Agamar in search of Proton Bombs for their fleet, they were ambushed by the remaining Separatist forces. After droid Chopper evaded them, he found the shuttle and told Ezra Bridger, who decided to steal the ship for their escape. When Imperial forces arrived on the planet to destroy both the rebels and the droids, both sides joined together and used the shuttle to flee the Imperial assault. When they returned to the Ghost, the rebels named their shuttle the Phantom II, replacing the original Phantom after its destruction at Reklam Station.

Sabine Wren customized and modified the shuttle with laser turrets, an astromech socket, and a smaller dorsal fin. The shuttle was then capable of docking Ghost as the original Phantom could do. The Phantom II's first mission was to investigate lost contact with The Protectors of Concord Dawn, carrying Sabine, Ezra, Fenn Rau, and Chopper. En route to Concord Dawn's Third Moon, Rau incapacitated Sabine and Ezra and commandeered the shuttle to his camp, only to find it overrun by Imperial Super Commandos led by Gar Saxon. Ezra was captured and Sabine attempted to work with Rau in order to rescue him. In the attempt, Rau stole the Phantom II and almost fled Concord Dawn System. However, feeling indebted to Sabine for her honor and dedication to Mandalorian culture, he returned to rescue the rebels and they escaped aboard the shuttle. Rau formally joined the Rebellion after this.


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