"Path of the Jedi" is the tenth episode of the first season of Star Wars Rebels. It is the tenth episode of the series overall. It was released on December 29, 2014 on WatchDisneyXD.com, before making its television debut on January 5, 2015 on Disney XD.


Kanan and Ezra venture into a hidden Jedi Temple, where they both face new trials -- and encounter one of the greatest Jedi the galaxy has ever known.


Following the aftermath of the confrontation with The Inquisitor on Fort Anaxes, Kanan became worried about his Padawan, after he had tapped into the dark side of the Force. After consideration, he decided he needed to know whether Ezra was ready to face a test that would determine whether the boy was meant to become a Jedi. Ezra was surprised, as he believed he was a Jedi, but Kanan reminded him that he only had the potential to become one. He still lacked discipline and focus, something that Ezra did not disagree with, as he grew up as an orphan without rules or structure. Nonetheless, Ezra wanted to become the Jedi that Kanan believed he could be. Regardless of his mistakes, Kanan was ready to give him a second chance and ordered his apprentice to prep the Phantom for departure.

Shortly after departing from the Ghost, both master and apprentice sit in the back of the Phantom to talk. Kanan explained to Ezra that during the final days of the Jedi Order, when there were once ten thousand Jedi Knights defending the galaxy until the Empire killed them all, that there were outposts and temples throughout the galaxy. Though most of them were destroyed by the Empire, Kanan believed that there were still some left and told Ezra to meditate and allow the Force to guide him to one of them. Ezra began to meditate and, through the Force, saw a massive stone, a tunnel and a bright star inside of it, realizing there was a Jedi Temple on Lothal. Although the boy didn't have the coordinates, he knew he could direct them to the temple.

Kanan and Ezra fly to a cold, snowy region of Lothal where they find the Jedi Temple Ezra saw in his visions. After disengaging the autopilot ―the older Jedi had checked ahead of time using his holocron if there was a temple on Lothal or not and copied the coordinates― Kanan sent Ezra to find an entrance. He is unable to find one until he used the Force to search for it, at which point he discovered that the Force wanted both master and apprentice to enter the temple. In order to do so, the two used the Force to open the temple, causing it to rise out of the ground and reveal a hidden entrance.

An illusion of Kanan fighting the Inquisitor.

The two enter the temple, with Kanan telling his apprentice to keep focused, or else the temple could crash down upon them. Once inside, however, Ezra quickly loses focus after being spooked by the corpses of two dead Jedi. As a result, the temple lowered back down again, closing off the entrance. Kanan explained to Ezra the corpses are Jedi Masters whose Padawans also took test within the temple but never returned. Ezra had faith that he would complete his test with Kanan's guidance. To his surprise and alarm, Kanan explains that Ezra would be taking this test alone while his master remained behind with the fallen masters. Ezra entered the passage as the door closed behind him and encountered a fork in his path. He began to randomly choose which corridor to go down, when Kanan appeared behind him. Little did Ezra know that the Kanan with him was a vision conjured by the Force as part of his test. He followed the vision down one of the tunnels where a vision of the Inquisitor engaged Kanan in a lightsaber duel on the edge of a large ravine. The vision of Kanan put up a fight against the Inquisitor only to be stabbed and kicked off the ravine, leaving Ezra devastated over what he thought was the loss of his master. Vowing to avenge his death, Ezra called Kanan's lightsaber into his hand to fight the Inquisitor, only to have the weapon fail to ignite then break in two. In trying to evade the Inquisitor, Ezra also fell off the side of the ravine into the abyss below.

Rather than falling to his death, Ezra found himself inside the Ghost, where he overheard a vision of the other rebels talking about his test. The visions of Chopper and Hera started saying they did not think Ezra was ready for the test and Hera did not believe they will ever see him again. Rather than expressing sentiment, the vision of Hera regrets losing him because of the skills he brought to the team. The vision of Sabine showed pity for him and called him a scared and abandoned kid. The visions soon spot Ezra, who realized that what he was seeing was not real. Suddenly without warning, the vision of the Inquisitor returned and slaughtered the crew of the Ghost. With the crew lying dead, the Inquisitor approached the boy, and Ezra fell through an open doorway into another abyss.

The vision next shifted to the halls of the Jedi Temple, where Ezra believed he was trapped and alone, unable to open the door to the temple again even if he does manage to pass his test. He expressed a feeling of abandonment, causing him to remember that this was not the first time he had been alone; he grew up by himself, without his parents. He quickly regained his confidence and believed he could find a way to survive again. As he began to head towards another doorway, the door opened revealing the Inquisitor. The vision of the Jedi hunter approached him, but Ezra couldn't be sure if the Inquisitor was an illusion or real. Ezra believed he could still find a way to escape if he followed his training, and showing that he was not afraid, the Inquisitor swung his lightsaber at him only for the blade to pass right through him, revealing itself as an illusion. With the vision of the Inquisitor gone, Ezra heard a disembodied voice speaking to him. He told Ezra that he had faced great fears and asks if the boy was ready for what was to come. Ezra said he was ready and when he asked who he was speaking to, the voice told him that he was simply a guide. As he does so, lights appeared to help guide Ezra on the rest of his path through the Jedi Temple.

As Ezra is guided through the temple, Kanan remains in the entrance, beginning to worry about the time his Padawan is taking. To Kanan's surprise, the voice speaks, telling him to be patient and reminding him of his own training. Recognizing it immediately as the voice ofJedi Master Yoda, who he had believed to be dead. At first, Kanan believes he's imagining it, but Yoda convinces him otherwise. Yoda explains that he can speak to him at the moment because of Kanan's current location, and notes that he can see Kanan in the Force again, when he couldn't before. He notes that something has changed about Kanan recently. Kanan tells him that he has taken on his own apprentice, to Yoda's surprise. He encourages Kanan to be honest with himself about whether he is ready or not to assume the role of a master.

Ezra following the lights.

He continued to follow the lights through the Temple when he again approached the fork in his path. Following Yoda’s wisdom and instructions, Ezra chose the path ahead and continued his way through the temple where he found himself inside a large hall with inscriptions throughout the walls.

Back at the entrance, Yoda comments on how it is a dangerous time for both of them. Kanan senses this as well and tells Yoda about how he believes Ezra's abilitites are growing faster than he can be taught to control them, and remembers how he himself had gone through something similar and had lost his way for a long time. Kanan admits to Yoda that he's unsure whether he can teach Ezra, but vows to use this second, last chance to train the boy and to not let Ezra fall from his path as Kanan had after the fall of the Order.

As Ezra comes to the final chamber in the temple, Yoda asks him why Ezra should become a Jedi. Ezra believes that it would allow him to become powerful, which would allow him to no longer be helpless and make the Empire suffer for everything it had done to him and his parents. Yoda wondered if Kanan taught Ezra that revenge was the way of the Jedi, but Ezra refuses this, as he believed Kanan was a great master. He swore that he was not seeking revenge, but Yoda could see much anger and fear within him. Ezra realizes that he wanted to be a Jedi to protect himself and his friends, and explains to a patient Yoda that before meeting the Ghost crew he never cared about helping others until he saw how their good deeds made people feel. A now-excited Yoda tells him to elaborate on this, and Ezra finally says that saw that the people they helped felt alive― as he now did, too. Yoda explains to him that though there is a difficult path ahead of him, Ezra may yet be a Jedi. The hall began to disappear and was replaced by a vision of countless stars as a kyber crystal appeared and landed in Ezra's hands.

Having passed his test, Ezra returned to the entrance and found Kanan, alive and well. After showing the crystal to him, He explained to Ezra that it was a kyber crystal, and further tells him ―as Ezra doesn't know what a kyber crystal is― that he has received a lightsaber crystal, which represented a big step in the boy’s Jedi training. The two returned to the Phantom, and as the entrance to the temple sank back down into the ground, Ezra questioned whether they could use it as a base. Kanan disagreed, telling him that what lay inside the temple was part of the past, and needs to remain that way. They then return to the Ghost, where Ezra spent several weeks building his own lightsaber using the kyber crystal and spare parts donated from the crew. After finishing it, he presented the weapon to Kanan, who admited that it looked different compared to a traditional lightsaber, but it suited Ezra well. With all of the crew assembled, Ezra ignited his lightsaber for the first time.






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  • The episode's title is a reference to Return of the Jedi.
  • Master Yoda makes a vocal appearance in this episode, voiced by Original Trilogy actor and puppeteer Frank Oz.
  • Supervising Director and Executive Producer Dave Filoni directed this episode.
  • This episode introduces Ezra's Lightsaber for the first time.
  • This is the second episode where the Stormtroopers do not appear, the first was in "Out of Darkness".
  • The working title for this episode was "Enlightenment".
  • What Ezra was off doing with Sabine at the start of the episode was detailed in earlier versions of the script before being cut out for time.
  • An early version of the story included Old Jho and Cikatro Vizago being involved in Ezra's search of a Kyber Crystal, but as the spiritual core of the episode expanded, the script was streamlined to focus on the events within the temple.
  • When Ezra comes across the three passages for the first time, he chooses with a Star Wars version of the children's counting rhyme, "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" which is pronounced as "Loth-rat, Loth-cat, Loth-wolf, run. Pick a path and all is done".


  • Near the end of the episode when Kanan and Ezra re-board the Phantom, there's a large patch of snow right behind it, but when the Phantom takes off, the snow patch is gone.
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