Ghosts of Geonosis 27

The helmet of a fallen Partisan.

The Partisans, also referred to as Saw Gerrera's Militia, and Saw Gerrera's Rebels, were a militant insurgent group and rebel cell who enacted armed campaigns against the Galactic Empire. Led and founded by Saw Gerrera, the Partisans played a part in destabilizing Saw's homeworld of Onderon from the Empire's occupying forces and eventually became allied with the Rebellion.


Saw Gerrerra formed the Partisans after the rise of the Empire, eventually gaining the reputation for his extreme methods. Among such methods was the employment of a Lasat mercenary who ambushed and slaughtered a group of Imperial soldiers, with future Imperial Security Bureau agent Kallus being the only survivor. Years later, Saw led a group of Partisans to Geonosis to investigate the disappearance of its populace, only for the entirety of the squad-except Saw himself-to be killed by Klik-Klak's defensive Battle Droid and Droideka forces.



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