Old Jho's Pit Stop was a cantina, located in the center of Jhothal. It was owned by a Ithorian named Jho.

The cantina recycled a lot of Clone Wars-era junk, most notably the nose of an old Republic "Crumb Bomber" gunship, which Jho claimed to have been authentic.

The cantina's owner held a neutral relationship with the rebel crew of the Ghost, who would often visit the bar.


Empire Day

The rebels were present in the bar when group of Imperials landed in Jhothal and entered the bar, looking for a Rodian, Tseebo. A pilot confronted Jho and forced him to put on the HoloNet News channel, per Imperial regulations. While the channel was on, one of Gall Trayvis's unsanctioned transmissions urging citizens to boycott Empire Day. The disgruntled Imperials subsequently left the bar.

Idiot's Array


Zeb playing Sabacc in Old Jho's Pit Stop.

Zeb, Kanan, and Chopper went to Jho's shop seeking extra credits from a mission provided by Jho. Since Jho was unable to provide the crew with any missions, Zeb engaged a gambler known as Lando Calrissian in a game of Sabacc, in which he bet Chopper. Though Zeb was confident that he would win, Lando played an Idiot's Array, which trumped Zeb's hand. Lando then claimed Chopper.

Call to Action

The new Lothal Rebels later gahtered in Old Jho's Pit Stop to watch a broadcast of Mon Mothma's invitation to rebels across the galaxy to join her at Dantooine.


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  • The Republic gunship set atop the cantina is the Crumb Bomber, the lead gunship of Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Clone Wars.


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