These are two of my finest warriors, Numa and Gobi.
―Cham Syndulla introducing Numa.[src]

Numa was a female Twi'lek member of the Ryloth rebel cell. Cham Syndulla considered her one of his finest warriors.



At the age of five, Numa's home planet of Ryloth came under attack by the Separatists during the Clone Wars. During this, her village of Nabat was attacked and most of the occupants were killed, including her parents. While the rest of the surviving villagers were rounded up and taken hostage, Numa managed to avoid capture using the tunnel system underneath her home.

One day she encountered and befriended clone troopers Waxer and Boil during their reconnaissance of Nabat, and after surviving a gutkurr attack, the two brought her back to their squad. Numa became instrumental in the freeing of Nabat by showing the squad's Jedi General, Obi-Wan Kenobi, the tunnel system; who quickly discovered that they could use them to outflank and defeat the droids. After the villagers were freed, Numa was reunited with her uncle and aunt Nilim Bril and Nabat was soon liberated from the Separatists.

At some point after the rise of the Empire, Numa joined the Ryloth rebel cell, led by the Twi'lek Resistance and Free Ryloth movement's leader, Cham Syndulla. She also trained to become a Rebel warrior at one point, with Cham considering her one of the cell's finest.

Taking the Carrier

The Twi'lek resistance cell to which Numa belonged was contacted by Hera Syndulla, who requested the cell's help in capturing an Imperial Light Carrier that was being used to deploy TIE Bombers to attack the Twi'lek resistance. Numa traveled with Cham and Gobi to The Ghost for a briefing on Hera's plan to capture the light carrier. Cham, Gobi, and Numa, however, only wanted to destroy the light carrier, but they eventually relented and agreed to capture the light carrier. During the mission, it is revealed that the Twi'leks never intended to capture the light carrier and planned to destroy it despite the plan, when the contents of Numa's bag spilled, showing it to contain explosives.

After stunning them, Numa and Gobi proceed to set the explosives on the munitions rack until the rebels, Sabine and Zeb, arrive to stop them. After a standoff, Sabine captures a mouse droid and sets a proton bomb on it, sets the droid loose, and knocks Numa and Gobi out. After agreeing to help the rebels take the carrier, Numa fends off the bombers in a turret. After Cham and Sabine destroy the light cruiser, Numa is seen leaving with Cham and Gobi.

Recovering the Kalikori

A new Imperial commander named Grand Admiral Thrawn took charge of the Imperial counterinsurgency campaign against the Free Ryloth movement. By studying Twi'lek culture, art, philosophy, and history, Thrawn was able to devise tactics which led to the capture of Tann province; the home of Syndulla clan. While Numa and Cham were riding their blurrg mounts to rendezvous with Hera's crew and Gobi, they were pursued by several Imperial scout troopers and an Imperial Troop Transport. Numa and Cham managed to fight off their pursuers long enough for the Ghost to come and pick them up.

Once aboard, Numa along with Cham and Zeb knocked out a scout trooper who had climbed aboard the vessel. Later, Numa attended a briefing where Cham outlined the recent events to Hera and her crew. When Ezra asked what a kalikori was, Numa explained that it was a Twi'lek heirloom that was valuable to Hera's family. Numa, Gobi, Cham, and the other rebels volunteered to take part in a mission to recover Hera's Kalikori from the Syndulla residence, which had become the new Imperial headquarters.

For the mission, Numa and the other rebels staged a diversionary attack on an Imperial patrol in the Tulara Ravine while Hera, Ezra, and Chopper went to recover the Kalikori. After destroying a troop transport and an AT-DP walker, the rebels fled into the wilderness but were pursued by a second walker. Following a gun battle, Thrawn's second in command Captain Slavin contacted the two rebel cells to inform them that he had captured Hera and Ezra. He threatened to execute the prisoners if Cham failed to surrender by dawn.

After Cham agreed to surrender in return for his daughter and Ezra's lives, Numa and the other rebels traveled to the Syndulla residence in the Ghost. Cham was about to proceed with the exchange when Hera ordered Chopper to detonate several explosives. This knocked out the Imperial forces and allowed all of the rebels to escape. However, they failed to recover the Kalikori which was taken by Thrawn to add to his art collection. Numa and Gobi later mingled with the other Lothal rebels while Hera reaffirmed her love for her father, Kanan, and her crew.


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  • She is voiced by Catherine Taber who also voiced her in Star Wars: The Clone Wars when she was a little girl.
    • Taber also voiced Padme Amidala in The Clone Wars.
  • By the time of the series, she is in her early 20s.
  • On Numa's upper left arm plate, the word "BOIL" is written in Aurebesh as well as the crest from Boil's helmet, in reference to the Clone Trooper under Commander Cody's command that rescued her in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. She also has a faded Tooka illustration on her tunic, a nod to the stuffed tooka toy she had as a child. In the Clone Wars 'Battle of Umbara' arc, Waxer had a drawing of her in his helmet by the time of his death, as a remembrance of his friend.


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