The Nightsister Lair was located on Dathomir and served as the lair for the Force-sensitive Nightsisters.


The lair of the Nightsisters served as the home of the Nightsister coven for an unknown amount of time prior to the Clone Wars. After the Nightsisters backed several plots to eliminate Count Dooku, he dispatched the Separatist Droid Army under General Grievous to attack the lair and eliminate the Nightsisters, an effort that killed all of them except Mother Talzin and Dooku's renegade apprentice Asajj Ventress. Savage Opress, a Nightbrother, later returned to the lair with his maddened brother Maul, and Talzin used her magic to restore Maul's sanity and convert Super Battle Droid components into a new pair of legs for the former Sith. Talzin then disappeared once again into her lair, while Maul and Savage departed in search of vengeance.

Years later, following the deaths of Talzin and Savage, Maul would return to Dathomir and establish a base of sorts in the Nightsister lair, depositing various artifacts from his brief time as ruler of Mandalore such as the Darksaber. He later brought Ezra Bridger there to perform a ritual using Nightsister magic to allow them to access knowledge they had previously attempted to obtain by merging a pair of Holocrons. They were successful, but the spirits of the Nightsisters emerged from their ancient altar seeking to possess them in payment, and ended up taking over the forms of Kanan Jarrus and Sabine Wren when they arrived in search of Ezra. Maul later departed Dathomir after escaping the Nightsister lair, which the spirits could not leave, and Ezra subsequently used the Darksaber and his own lightsaber to destroy the altar, freeing his friends.


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