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Taskmaster Myles Grint was an Imperial Officer who served the Galactic Empire.


Encountering the Lothal Rebels

Myles Grint spent much of his time on Lothal alongside his commander, Cumberlayne Aresko. Together, the two helped bring oppression to the planet's people, often charging Capital City's citizens for minor incidents.

One such incident happened when a merchant was caught selling unregistered food. Cumberlayne had the man arrested, while Myles ate some of his fruit. The man was spared, however, when an "Imperial" broadcast ordered all officers to report, this broadcast turned out to be the doing of a young orphan and master thief named Ezra Bridger.

Tutoring at the Imperial Academy

Grint assisted Cumberlayne Aresko at the Imperial Academy on Lothal, notably taking charge of cadets who failed to pass an exam such as Nazhros Oleg.

Incident on Empire Day

Grint forced three citizens to call to Minister Tua's speech. After that, him and Cumberlayne Aresko created a blockade to stop the rebels escaping the city.

Final Failure and Execution

After failing in one final attempt to trap the Rebels, Grint along with Aresko were called in to a briefing by Governor Tarkin, only to be executed by the Inquisitor for their failure. Their deaths served as a grim warning to Agent Kallus, Minister Tua, and even the Inquisitor that Tarkin would similarly punish any further failures.


Grint exhibited a thuggish and brutish personality. He rarely spoke and typically let his partner Commandant Aresko speak for him as his mere physical stature and rank was typically enough to put down Lothal citizens, who he enjoyed bullying. Grint carried out his duties to the Empire with considerable enjoyment as it afforded him a chance to abuse what authority he had. After having a merchant arrested for "treason" he personally confiscated his goods, in this case Jogan Fruit, and proceeded to eat it while mocking passersby for their inability to stop him/the Empire. During the Empire Day celebration he threateningly encouraged citizens to show their enthusiasm and patriotism for the Empire. He was considered to be the brawn to Aresko's brains, though neither of them were particularly competent. His bungling eventually led to his execution on Grand Moff Tarkin's orders.


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  • He was voiced by David Shaughnessy, who also voices Cumberlayne Aresko.
  • According to the visual guide, he was described as a "big bully".


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