Melch, designated "Laborer 429". was a male Ugnaught laborer who worked on Reclem Station, an Imperial-controlled junkyard which recycled old Y-Wing Starfighters that was located in the planet Yarma. He aided members of Phoenix Squadron as well as Hondo Ohnaka in capturing some of the Y-Wings to be used by the Rebellion. In turn, 429–including two other Ugnaught workers–were allowed to escape the station with Hondo.


Escaping Reklam Station

Melch was a male Ugnaught who lived during the Age of the Empire. Melch was a slave laborer who worked on Reklam Station on Yarma. Reklam Station was commanded by Commander Brom Titus, a former Admiral who had been relieved of his position for losing an experimental Imperial Interdictor. There, he was given the call number "Laborer 429" and was part of an Ugnaught work gang tasked with dismantling decommissioned Old Republic Y-Wing Starfighters. Melch was an acquaintance of Terba, an Ugnaught who attempted to escape Reklam Station but was imprisoned on Naraka.

Prior to his death, Terba informed the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka about the Imperial dismantling operations at Reklam Station. Melch and his fellow laborers were working at the orbital dismantling space station when Hondo and the rebels infiltrated the station. Hondo, who could speak Ugnaught, managed to convince Melch and his fellow laborers to help the rebels in return for their liberation. Melch agreed to shut down the furnace conveyor belt. When Commander Brom Titus inquired what was going on, Melch claimed that the conveyor belt had malfunctioned. Titus then threatened to execute the Ugnaught if he did not repair it.

Melch and the Ugnaughts then helped the rebels refuel the Y-Wings. Before they could leave, the rebels were spotted by Commander Titus who activated the magnetic locks. Melch and several Ugnaughts then followed Hondo into the command tower in order to free the starfighters. There, Hondo and his Ugnaughts spotted an Imperial Sentinel-class Shuttle and offered to guard it. While the rebels dealt with Titus and his Dismantler Droids and Stormtroopers, Melch, his Ugnaught comrades and Hondo escaped aboard the shuttle and headed into space. The rebels managed to escape on the Y-Wings and with the help of their Phoenix Squadron allies.

Mission to Wynkahthu

Later, Melch and his fellow Ugnaught crew took part in a mission to raid an Imperial Cargo Ship under the leadership of Hondo and his new business partner Azmorigan, a crime lord. Working together, Hondo and Azmorigan disabled the cargo ship with ion mines. However, the ship drifted into Wynkahthu and was trapped in an atmospheric storm. Melch and his fellow Ugnaught crew then tried to board the ship. However, his comrades were lost due to the dangerous atmospheric conditions and only Melch survived. Hondo then abandoned him and fled offworld.

Melch was bitter that Hondo had left him to die and hid within the Imperial Cargo Ship, whose power plant had been knocked out. Later, Hondo and Azmorigan returned with Ezra Bridger and Garazeb Orrelios, two members of the Ghost Crew. Upon seeing Hondo, Melch attacked his boss and punched him several times before being restrained by Ezra. Ezra quickly recognized him as one of Hondo's Ugnaught crew he had encountered at Reklam Station. At Zeb's insistence, Hondo told Zeb and Ezra that he had made an earlier attempt to raid the Imperial ship and had abandoned his Ugnaught crew. Hondo managed to win back Melch's loyalty by offering him a two percent share of the treasure.

After the rebels reached the cargo bay and reactivated the ship's power, Melch helped Hondo to carry some pieces of crates containing treasure. The rebels insisted on loading their cargo of Proton Bombs first in return for helping Hondo and Azmorigan. When the rebels and their confederates came under attack from Imperial Sentry Droids, Melch hid inside Hondo's treasure box. He realized that Hondo only cared for himself despite his rhetoric about regarded his crew as his "sweet, fragrant family." This allowed him to survive the destruction of the Imperial Cargo Ship, which crashed into a vortex.

Once aboard the rebels' ship Ghost, Melch surprised Hondo and Azmorigan by revealing that he had hidden himself inside the chest. While Hondo was disappointed, he remarked that friendship was the treasure he had discovered that day. Hondo then hugged Melch but the Ugnaught punched him, indicating that he did not believe the Weequay pirate's words. Despite his mistrust of Hondo, he accompanied his captain and Azmorigan back aboard their ship.

Personality and Traits

As an enslaved laborer, Melch had little love for the Empire and was willing to help Hondo and his rebel allies steal Y-Wings in return for his freedom. Melch squealed when he talked. He was infuriated when Hondo abandoned him and his crew and left them to die. However, he easily forgave his master when Hondo offered him a two percent share of the treasure.

Despite Hondo's rhetoric about loving his crew like his family, Melch did not believe Hondo. On one occasion, he smuggled himself inside a cargo chest to preempt Hondo leaving him behind. On another occasion, he punched Hondo in the chest when the Weequay pirate boasted about valuing friendship. At times, Melch was prepared to use violence to display his anger and disagreement with Hondo.


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