The Sith Temple on Malachor was an ancient temple/super-weapon that once belonged to the Sith.


The temple was first constructed by the Sith as a super-weapon powered by a giant Kyber crystal. The knowledge to use it was sealed in a holocron and placed in the temple. Before its completion, Jedi attacked the temple and damaged the weapon, turning both the Jedi and Sith on the planet to stone. As a result, the planet was declared forbidden by the Jedi Order, and became a place of fear in the legends of the Jedi. However, Maul later sought the Sith Temple out, only to find himself unable to get inside alone.

Maul later received the help he needed in the form of Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger, with the pair of them working in sequence to lift stone blocks in the corridor leading into the temple, with one holding a block above them while the other dropped the one behind them and lifted the one in front. Entering the Holocron Chamber, they found it to contain a large pillar surrounded by a seemingly endless abyss, but were able to reach it by Ezra jumping and combining his Force power with Maul's to get over the gap. After escaping the temple using the Holocron as a key, the pair found Ezra's allies Kanan Jarrus and Ahsoka Tano facing a trio of Inquisitors: the Fifth Brother, Seventh Sister, and Maul's longtime pursuer the Eighth Brother. After driving them off, the Jedi and their ex-Sith ally made their way towards the top of the temple, where Maul claimed they would find knowledge to help them overcome their Sith foes.

After battling and defeating the Inquisitors, Maul sent Ezra to the top of the temple alone while he played his true hand and attacked the others, revealing that he intended to use the temple to destroy his enemies and take Ezra as his apprentice. However, he was defeated, while Darth Vader arrived to claim the temple for the Empire. A battle then ensued between Vader and Ahsoka, during which Kanan and Ezra retrieved the holocron, triggering the temple's collapse. The two Jedi then left the planet with the Holocron, while Vader emerged from the ruins alone. Meanwhile, Ahsoka returned to the ruins of the temple.

Ezra later opened the Sith Holocron that he had discovered on Malachor. This strained his relationship with Kanan until The Bendu managed to repair the relationship.


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