Astrographical information
Region: Outer Rim
Moons: At least 2
Physical information
Climate: Breathable
Primary Terrain: Rocky
Places of interest: Malachor Sith Temple
Societal information
Inhabitants: Maul (Formerly)
Population: At least 1 (Formerly)
Affiliations: Sith
Malachor isn't a person. It's a place.
Ahsoka Tano[src]

Malachor was a wasteland planet that once was affiliated with the Sith. Due to this, a Sith Temple was located on the planet.


Long ago, a temple was built on the planet by a female Sith Lord. It doubled as a place of worship, and a super-weapon powered by a giant Kyber crystal. Jedi Knights, having heard of the weapon, advanced to the planet and attacked it. It malfunctioned and turned the combatants to stone, making them frozen in time for thousands of years.

Shroud of Darkness

After returning to the Jedi Temple on Lothal with Kanan Jarrus, Ahsoka Tano and Ezra Bridger was instructed to go to the planet by Yoda.

Twilight of the Apprentice

Upon their arrival, Ezra, Kanan and Ahsoka picked up the signal of a ship. They almost immediately came across a set of pillars with ancient writing on them, and Ahsoka began to translate it. Before she could complete it, Ezra instinctively touched the pillar, which caused the ground to collapse around them.

Upon reaching the bottom, the three realized that they were at an ancient Sith temple. When approaching the temple through an ancient battlefield, they were ambushed by the Eighth Brother. The Inquisitor quickly threw explosives at the Jedi, and fled. The resulting explosion caused Ezra to fall deeper into the temple. In the meantime, Kanan and Ahsoka pursued the Inquisitor.

While separated from the others, Ezra was approched by Maul, and the two decide to work together to steal the holocron inside the temple. Along the way, Ezra tapped into his anger and hatred to make his way through the temple with Maul by his side. Once they had reached the center of the temple, the two noticed the Sith holocron, and subsequently retrieved it.

Meanwhile, Kanan and Ahsoka chase the Inquisitor throughout the battlefield. During the chase, the two learn that Chopper had found the Inquisitor's ship. Chopper then hijacked the ship and pinned the Inquisitor with laser fire, allowing Kanan and Ahsoka to capture him. During their interrogation, the two notice a light coming from the temple. The Eighth Brother siezed the distraction and contacted the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister. The two Inquisitors soon arrive and free the Eighth Brother. The three Inquisitors then fought against the two Jedi.

Later on, Maul and Ezra entered the duel and caused the Inquisitors to retreat. Maul sent Ezra to the top of the temple. As he neared the top with Kanan, they were attacked by Eighth Brother, who knocked Kanan down and attempted to take the holocron from Ezra. Maul and Ahsoka soon arrived at the scene and pushed the Inquisitor away from Ezra. Maul and Ezra subsequently travelled towards the top, but were attacked by the Seventh Sister and her probes. Maul choked the Inquisitor and urged Ezra to kill her. However, he refused and Maul killed her himself.

Meanwhile, Kanan and Ahsoka were attacked by the Fifth Brother and the Eighth Brother. Maul quickly arrived and killed the remaining Inquisitors. and Ahsoka fight the remaining Inquisitors. Afterwards, Maul attempted to kill both of the Jedi. During the fight, he blinded Kanan and promptly dueled Ahsoka. However, she went onward toward the top, and allowed Kanan to throw Maul off the edge of the temple.

At the top, Ezra activated the holocron and quickly realized that he was tricked into turning on the weapon. Vader soon arrived to confront Ezra, as he was contacted by the Inquisitors. having been contacted by the Inquisitors. After a short duel, Ahsoka arrived and began to fight Vader. In the meantime, Ezra and a blinded Kanan removed the holocron, which caused the temple to begin to collapse. Vader, having thrown Ahsoka, pursued the Jedi as they left. Ahsoka returned to stop him, and sliced off a part of Vader's mask. After she recognized her former master, Vader attempted to finish Ahsoka while the temple collapsed on them.

Afterwards, the Jedi returned to Atollon.


  • Malachor is based off of the planet Malachor V in Star Wars Legends, which was first mentioned in the 2003 video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and first appeared in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2. Like in the TV series, Malachor was a Sith world, although it was destroyed at the end of the game.


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