Minister Maketh Tua was an Imperial graduate who served under the Galactic Empire as Prime Minister of Lothal.



Tua was born on Lothal. At some point, Tua left Lothal to join the Imperial academy. After graduating, she was elected as minister of Lothal.

As Lothal's minister, Tua played a key role in the planet's affiliation with the Empire. One of her initial actions as minister was bringing new government-sponsored housing to Lothal. These homes were reasonably affordable, and helped the growing population. In the absence of Governor Pryce, she had been tasked with protecting the Empire's industrial interests.

Spark of Rebellion

Encountering the Lothal Rebels

Maketh was once on her way to the planet Garel, accompanied by Amda Wabo, a weapons manufacturer, and two droids, known as R2-D2 and C-3PO. She had been tasked with picking up some some T-7 Ion Disruptors, which, following their involvement with the destruction of Lasan, had been banned throughout the galaxy.

Since Tua wasn't fluent in Aqualish, she had brought C-3PO along, due to his vast knowledge of languages. Unfortunately, her shuttle's pilot, RX-24, requested her droids be sent to the back of the ship. Without her Protocol Droid to translate, Tua was incapable of communicating with her business partner. It was then that a rebel named Sabine Wren, undercover as a "level five Imperial Academy student", convinced Tua to allow her to translate for Wabo. In typical rebel fashion, Sabine used Wabo's information for her crews' own gain, tricking Tua into heading to the location.

After realizing Sabine's true intentions, Tua ordered all her men to the rebels' location. There, a firefight ensued between the two factions, until the rebels made off with the T-7's in their ship, the Ghost.

Soon after this event, Tua contacted the Imperial Star Destroyer, the Lawbringer, and told ISB Agent Kallus about the rebels. The rebels' were eventually confirmed to be the same that Kallus has faced not long ago, on the planet Kessel.

Hosting Empire Day

Minister Tua hosting Empire Day

Maketh Tua, Cumberlayne Aresko, and Valen Rudor during Empire Day.

Minister Tua was present at the Empire Day parade where she stood in for Governor Arihnda Pryce. She introduced the citizens to the new TIE Advanced prototype which was to be piloted by Baron Valen Rudor, until it was destroyed by the rebels. Tua was angered by this and wanted the rebels to be punished.

Kallus' Trap

When Agent Kallus engineered a plan to trap the Rebels Tua suggested following the Inquisitor's Tua worked closely with Agent Kallus during the course of the operation but was subdued by stun gas. She urged Agent Kallus not to let the rebels escape.

Arrival of Grand Moff Tarkin

Following the latest failed attempt to stop the rebel cell, Grand Moff Tarkin arrived on Lothal to take charge. Tua personally greeted the governor in the hangar of the Imperial Headquarters, nervously expressing her pleasure and surprise to have him on Lothal. Tarkin quickly admonished her for failing in her task to protect the Empire's industrial interest and allowing the rebels to flourish under her nose. Tua couldn't manage a retort and merely choked out an awkward cough of agreement. She was not alone in this humiliation as Tarkin proceeded to mock Kallus and the Inquisitor as well.

Some time later she, Kallus and the Inquisitor were summoned to Tarkin's office and stood at attention behind him as Commandant Aresko and Taskmaster Grint arrived. Tarkin questioned the two on their ineffective methods and consistent lack of results, going so far as to suggest their failures could inspire hope in the public and undermine the security of the entire Empire. Tua looked on in horror and disgust as Tarkin had Grint and Aresko executed to serve as a warning to her and the others.

The Siege of Lothal

Defecting to the Rebellion


When Minister Tua requested Rebel aid instead of taking the blame for the Empire’s loss at Mustafar, she was sent by Darth Vader to see Wilhuff Tarkin off-planet. She secretly had the rebels infiltrate the Imperial command center in Capital City while she was away. Kanan Jarrus disguised himself as a Stormtrooper Commander to get past security, but was caught by Agent Kallus. Their cover blown, Tua fled to her escape shuttle, which had been rigged by Vader to explode. Tua was killed in the blast, and the Empire blamed the rebels for her death.


Having studied abroad on worlds more cosmopolitan than her native Lothal, Tua considered herself above the people of a "barely civilized Outer Rim world." She enjoyed the refined conversation of fellow intellectuals, and resented having to deal with unsavory types in her imperial duties. Despite her devotion to the Empire and to increasing her own standing, Tua displayed some degree of care for the citizens of Lothal, and appeared completely sincere in her beliefs that the Empire was doing good for the people. She displayed genuine gratitude and identified with Sabine Wren as a former Imperial Academy student, encouraging her to study hard. She generally tried to appear polite and dignified but was easily annoyed and could turn angry in the blink of an eye, typically with the likes of Commandant Aresko.

Though not a soldier herself she often found herself at the center of conflict and rarely displayed any weakness, even in the intimidating presence of The Inquisitor. Her confident bravado was only diminished by Grand Moff Tarkin who not only reprimanded her for her failures but threatened her life. Genuinely believing that the Empire was a force for good and order, she at first did not understand that Tarkin was going to execute Aresko and Grint, shaking her head in confusion - then gasping in horror when she realized what was going to happen, a split second before they were both decapitated.

Tua would realize the true tyranny and oppression that was the Empire, causing her to have a change of heart and even aid the Rebels. Alas, it would also cost her her life.


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