An Inside Man 13

The Lothal Resistance were a small Rebellion cell formed by former Lothal Governor Ryder Azadi following his escape from Imperial custody. Ryder had to rebuild the rebel presence on Lothal from scratch after the Ghost Crew was forced to flee the system when it was put under lockdown.



Though few in numbers, the Lothal Resistance were firm in their resistance of the Galactic Empire, infiltrating the Imperial Armory Complex in order to sabotage equipment they were forced to produce. They later made contact with the larger Rebellion through Phoenix Squadron representatives Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus, who they helped to infiltrate the factory as well. With the aid of a Fulcrum agent, the two Jedi succeeded in securing plans for a new TIE Fighter model, though Morad Sumar perished in their infiltration efforts. The Lothal Rebels launched an attack on the factory to enable the escape of the two Jedi; some time later, they would gather in Old Jho's Pit Stop to watch Mon Mothma's message to the various rebel cells across the galaxy.



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