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The Jedi Temple on Lothal was a location in a snowy region of the planet that was one of many outposts and temples the Jedi established throughout the galaxy. It was one of the few surviving temples that wasn't destroyed when the Galactic Empire came into power.


The Trials

After tapping into the Dark Side, Ezra was brought to this temple by his Jedi teacher, Kanan to test if he was truly meant to be a Jedi. Right before entering the inner recesses of the temple, Kanan told him to look for "nothing and everything".

Ezra's doubts and fears manifested as Kanan appearing to scold him and lead him towards a conflict with the Inquisitor, where Ezra watched his master die, and he fell into another of his fears, whereupon he overheard the rest of the Ghost crew expressing doubts in Ezra and Kanan's death a waste. Though initially fooled, Ezra began to doubt what he was seeing was real when the Inquisitor appeared again and slaughtered the crew, and Ezra found himself back in the temple, where he was again confronted by the Inquisitor. He then began to realize everything he'd seen was his fears, and was able to dispel the illusion by facing it.

Meanwhile, Kanan had been waiting, hoping that Ezra would come back, but expressing doubts himself, but more in his ability to teach his apprentice and prepare him. Then a familiar voice called to him through the Force, and Kanan was able to find faith.

Ezra found a chamber and heard this same voice, asking him why he had to become a Jedi. At first, Ezra wanted power to make those who'd wronged him suffer, but the voice asked if vengeance and power was what his teacher had taught him, which helped Ezra calm down and defend his master's honor. He realized why he really wished to be a Jedi: To help and protect those who cannot help themselves.

Satisfied with this answer, the Voice wished Ezra well and awarded him with a Kyber Crystal, which Ezra took back to his master, and stated he felt "different yet the same", and Kanan informed him the crystal was necessary for building a lightsaber, and weeks later, that's just what Ezra did.

Before leaving the temple, Ezra expressed an interest in making it a base, and finding what else it contained. Kanan turned the idea down, stating only the past could be found in the temple.

Visions of Time

Sometime later, in need of guidance and hoping to contact Master Yoda, Ezra, Kanan, Chopper, as well as Ahsoka Tano, journeyed to Lothal to the temple again, only for it to open a new door.

While Chopper remained outside to keep watch, the three entered and concluded they needed to meditate to to hopefully make contact with Yoda. Kanan was led into a chamber where he was met by a Jedi Temple Guard, who informed him that fighting would doom their cause and that Ezra was in danger of falling to the Dark Side. When the Guard intended to eliminate Ezra, Kanan ignited his lightsaber and they clashed. Before long, Kanan was dealing with three guards and was overwhelmed. He submitted, admitting he could not protect his student forever, not even from himself, that all he could do was train and prepare him to the best of his abilities.

The Guard raised his lightsaber, not to strike Kanan down, but to knight him, and then revealed himself to have been the previous identity of the Grand Inquisitor.

Ezra found himself in the same place where he'd received his lightsaber crystal and then met Yoda, this time face to face. Yoda explained the Jedi, in their arrogance, took part in the Clone Wars, unknowingly sowing anger, fear, and hate, and in the end they were doomed to fall to the Dark Side, purely because their solution had been to fight. Stating to the young padawan his growing powers would bring danger, Yoda tried to impress into Ezra there were other ways to win besides fighting and how Jedi choose to win was the question. When Ezra insisted on a solution to help them fight, Yoda sighed and instructed him to find Malachor.

Alone, Ahsoka began to hear the voice of her former master, expressing his disapproval and disappointment in her leaving him. As tears of grief ran down her face, Ahsoka heard her master call her selfish, that she'd abandoned him, and left him to a fate far worse than death. Ahsoka screamed as she igntied her lightsaber and lashed out, only to find no one there. Disengaging her blade, she wept in grief as she now knew the truth - Her former master had become Darth Vader.

Meanwhile, outside, Chopper detected incoming vessels and quickly took the Phantom to hide it. Arriving were the Inquisitors, the Fifth Brother believing their quarry had already left but the Seventh Sister sensed they were still about. Sending one of her parrot droids to investigate, they were intrigued to find they had stumbled upon a Jedi Temple. Using their own powers, the Inquisitors managed to open the temple and enter.

Thankfully, Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka managed to find each other and flee out another way. But just before she left the temple forever, Ahsoka paused, sensing something, and turned around to see Yoda, smiling at her and waving. The sight of one of her old teachers made Ahsoka smile and she rejoined her friends outside where Chopper brought the Phantom, allowing them all to escape.

The Inquisitors entered the temple and soon found themselves facing what appeared to be the Grand Inquisitor, and surrounded by the Jedi Temple Guard with whom they quickly crossed lightsabers.

Darth Vader arrived, along with a Stormtrooper squad, and stated his master would be pleased with the discovery of this temple. When the Fifth Brother informed the Sith Lord the Jedi were growing in their power, Vader calmly remarked, "It will be their undoing..."


Season One

Season Two


  • It was previously shown that only master and apprentice can access the temple, but the events of "Shroud of Darkness" prove otherwise. More accurately, it takes two Force-users at once to access it.
  • It was also shown that it can be opened by wielders of the dark side, but it clearly doesn't like it; the ground shakes, the Jedi symbols turn red and it clearly takes them more effort to open it.