The Communication Tower on Lothal was one of the Galactic Empire's communication centers located somewhere in Capital City. It was able to send messages to all of Lothal, and planets off-world within other systems.


During the reign of the Galactic Empire, this communication tower was meant to send messages to other planets on the planet of Lothal.

It was used for various purposes, such as sending information or messages off-world. In one incident, it was targeted by the Lothal rebels, to gain control of the tower so they could broadcast speaking against the Empire.

The rebels attacked the tower, in order to send their message, but were trapped by Agent Kallus and The Inquisitor, where the Inquisitor defeated Kanan Jarrus, subsequently capturing him, but Ezra, Sabine, Zeb, and Chopper escaped after Hera saved them via the Phantom. The rebels still managed to send out their message, but the tower was destroyed by the Empire.


Season One

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