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"Legacy of Mandalore" is the sixteenth episode of the third season of Star Wars Rebels. It is the fifty-third episode of the series overall. It was released on February 18, 2017 on Disney XD.


Sabine brings the Darksaber to her mother, hoping to recruit Clan Wren to the rebel cause and unite Mandalore.


Taking the Phantom, Sabine, Ezra, Kanan, Fenn and Chopper arrived at Krownest where the stronghold of Sabine's Clan was. Sabine was going to face her family in hopes of convincing them and the other Mandalorians to fight alongside the Rebellion against the Empire. Despite everyone's supporting assurance, Sabine remained uneasy about seeing her family again. Upon entering the atmosphere, Sabine tried to make contact only for her fellow Mandalorians to jam their transmissions and launch an attack. Four incoming Mandalorians all fired rockets at the Phantom. Sabine, who was behind the controls, took evasive menuvers to dodge them. The Mandalorians then started firing with their blasters, and took out the Phantom's main thrusters. The Phantom was going to crash, but Sabine managed to get them down safely with minor damage. All in one piece, Kanan, Ezra and Sabine departed from the Phantom, while Fenn and Chopper stayed with the ship in case of an emergency. The four Mandalorians that shot them down arrived, accompanied by a Super Commando. The moment Ezra saw him, he drew his Lightsaber starting off a gunfight. However, the fight was short lived when the Super Commando recognized Sabine, and was revealed to be Sabine's brother, Tristan Wren. Their reunion was shallow, because much to Sabine's disgust her brother was wearing the armor of an Imperial Super Commando. Following Tristan, Sabine, Ezra and Kanan arrived at the stronghold of Clan Wren, where waiting for them was Sabine's mother, Ursa Wren. She was about to have her daughter taken into custody and be held for trial until Sabine presented the Darksaber to her.

Sabine with her mother.

Upon entering the stronghold, Sabine was already unwelcome by her family, as they were still disgust by her treachery, as well as the rest of her people. No matter what Sabine tried to say Ursa would not listen, and only cared about keeping her people safe from the Empire's wrath. Then she took Sabine outside for a private conversation. She admitted to her daughter that she too tried to stop the Empire, but failed and were given no choice to surrender or die. She also told Sabine that her father was now a prisoner on Mandalore, and if Clan Wren tried to act against the Empire he would be executed. Sabine also learnt that the reason her mother did not come looking for her was because she felt it was for the best. To Ursa running away saved her, and coming back had put her in danger. When Ursa asked Sabine about the Darksaber, and how she got it, she showed more disappointment. She did not win it in battle and nor did she believe that Sabine could wield it. As their argument went, Ursa called Sabine immature and selfish, only for Sabine to say back that her mother was the selfish one as well. To her she put power and politics before family. For a while it was all silence, until Sabine brought up the Rebellion's plan to attack the Empire. She tried to convince her mother in joining the fight, but Ursa was not so sure about it. Just then, Tristan came in to tell Ursa that she had an incoming transmission. She left to take it, leaving Sabine with Tristan. Watching from afar, Fenn spied on Ursa and listened to her talking to Gar Saxon. He heard her saying that she was willing to hand over the Jedi as long as Gar spared her daughter.

Later, Ursa was called to talk with Kanan. He tried to convince her to see the potential her daughter had, but again Ursa did not listen. The matter also got worse when Ursa learnt from Ezra that Sabine fought Gar Saxon, ordering her men to hold the two Jedi at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Sabine and Tristan were having a round of sparring. As they battled against one another, she heard of how distraught he was about the dishonor she brought to their family. He also revealed that he joined Saxon's side for the sake of their father's life. Sabine pointed out that Saxon could not be trusted, only for Tristan to say that their mother trusted him enough to trade the Jedi for her safety. When she heard that and the approach of a ship, Sabine feared what her mother had done. She arrived at the throne room to find Ezra and Kanan still held at gunpoint, just as Gar Saxon showed up.

Sabine against Gar Saxon.

Ursa gave Gar the Darksaber, and hoped he would take the Jedi and spare Sabine. Unfortunately, he went back on his word and planned to eliminate not just Sabine but also Clan Wren as he now considered them a threat to the Empire. Tristan tried to reason with the Governor, but Gar gave him a choice to stand by his side or die with his family. Without hesitation, he aimed his blaster at Sabine, much to the despair of his sister and mother, but to the pleasure of Gar. Then he unexpectedly turned his weapon at Gar, choosing family over him. Gar and his men were prepared to kill, when suddenly Fenn entered the scene and gave Ezra and Kanan their lightsabers after they were confiscated earlier. Soon a firefight began. Gar tried to strike Ursa down with the Darksaber, only for Sabine to intervene with Ezra's lightsaber. The two mandelorians engaged one another in a lightsaber duel that led them outside and onto the frozen lake. Gar was shown to be the more superior opponent, but Sabine eventually managed to overpower him and had him on his knees with the two sabers against his neck. However, even though tempted, Sabine choose to spare him rather than kill him. As she walked away, Gar attempted to kill her only to be shot by Ursa. With Gar Saxon's death, it was guaranteed that there would be chaos once the whole of Mandalore found out, to which Ursa believed was what they needed to become strong again and find a leader worthy of their people.

Later, Chopper arrived with the Phantom to take Ezra and Kanan back to base. Apparently Sabine and Fenn had chosen to stay behind to help Mandalore and perhaps someday join the Rebellion's fight against the Empire. Ezra, Kanan and Chopper were sad that Sabine would not be coming back with them, but were happy for her. They bid each other farewell, and Sabine looked on as her friends flew away with determination in finding the true leader of Mandalore.






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  • Gar Saxon is killed off in this episode.
  • Sabine's mother (Ursa) and brother (Tristan) are introduced in this episode.
  • Sabine leaves the Rebellion to stay on Mandalore and unite the clans against the Empire.
  • The mural of Ursa Wren on the wall above her throne seems to be done in the style of real life painter Gustav Klimt.
  • When Sabine defeats Saxon, she holds both lightsabers in a scissor-like pose against his neck, similar to what Anakin Skywalker did when he defeated Count Dooku in Revenge of the Sith. However, unlike Anakin, who executed Dooku by beheading (albeit at the insistence of Palpatine), Sabine chooses to spare Saxon.
  • This is the second episode that Hera Syndulla and Garazeb Orrelios haven't appeared in.
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