Lasats were tall, hairy, proud creatures, who were native to the planet Lasan. They were ruled by a royal family protected by the Lasan Honor Guard.


Following the rise of the Galactic Empire, many Lasats were killed in an attack on their home planet, for their short-lived rebellion, with only a few surviving. 

Lasat culture believes in a "Spirit of the Galaxy" called the Ashla - Kanan Jarrus said that many species have many different names for The Force, and this is what the Lasat call it; it was later revealed that Ashla is their name for the light side of the force, while the dark side is called the Bogan.

On Lasan, they believed in a prophecy that one day disaster would strike, but the Ashla would lead them to a new home, a hidden planet called Lirasan. In truth, the prophecy was half-correct: Lira San did indeed exist, far out in Wild Space beyond the Outer Rim, but Lirasan was actually the original Lasat homeworld. Lasan was colonized from Lirasan, but the Lasats living there subsequently forgot their origins, except as scraps of half-remembered legends. The prophecy was therefore corrupted over the centuries: the Lasat would not find a new homeworld, but return to their original homeworld.

In the episode The Honorable Ones, it was revealed by Kallus that he was not responsible for the destruction of the Lasat, he simply took credit for it. Kallus was also under the impression that a massacre was never intended to take place; Lasan was instead to be disciplined as an example to those who would dare to stand up against the Empire.

Notable Traits

  • Wide eyes
  • Long, nimble legs
  • Pronounced facial hair
  • Unpleasant body odor (to humans)

Notable Lasats


The Lasats are known as a proud warrior race, with a code-the Boosahn Keeraw-that includes surrendering one's weapon to a "superior opponent" after losing to them. There is also a spiritual side to their people, such as a belief in the "spirit of the galaxy," which is their interpretation of The Force.


  • The look of Lasats are based largely on the original concept art for Chewbacca. 
  • A Lasat's facial hair is considered a symbol of status.
  • In "Spark of Rebellion", Zeb attempting to pass off as a "rare hairless Wookiee" is a reference to the fact that his species, the Lasats, are based on the concept art for Wookiees.


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