Astrographical information
Region: Outer Rim
Physical information
Class: Terrestrial
Primary Terrain:
Places of interest:
Societal information
Population: Lasat (Formerly)
Affiliations: Lasat (Formerly)

Lasan was the adopted homeworld of the Lasat species within the known regions of space.


The Lasats were one of the first species to rise up against the Galactic Empire, but for this the Imperials not only crushed the revolt but chose to make an example of them. The Imperial attack on Lasan utilized T-7 Ion Disruptors - weapons which even the Empire officially banned due to the horrific effects they have on living beings when they kill them. The Empire's crushing of the revolt on Lasan resulted in the near-genocide of the entire Lasat race, with only handful of survivors scattered across the galaxy. The officer who gave the order for these actions was Agent Kallus of the Imperial Security Bureau.

Lasan didn't fight for either side during the Clone Wars, but remained neutral throughout the conflict.[1]


Little is known about Lasan's former government or culture. It was once home to a respected unit known as the Lasan Honor Guard, who wielded the multifunctional AB-75 Bo-Rifle as their signature weapon. They are known to have adhered to a warrior's code known as the Boosahn Keeraw, which included such tenants as the surrender of their weapon to a superior adversary. They also believe in and have their own method of connecting with The Force, referring to its light side as the Ashla and it's dark side as the Bogan.


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